Kids Camp

Last week both Halee and Gavin got to go to Kids Camp. This was Halee’s 2nd year and Gavin’s 1st year. They both had a blast and really enjoyed the week. I used my phone to shoot some photos and videos of activities while we were there. Doing it this way Google took all the footage and photos and made a “story” about the trip.

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Site Revamp

The other day after putting together the video from Halee & Kristee on Kansas City Live and trying to add it to our site I realized just how long it took for me to post a quick video to the site. It took way to long. The main problem being that I don’t have a .mac account in which I use to host our website which would make it faster to post items through iWeb. I love using iWeb for building the site, but for posting quick photos and videos is way too time consuming. Hence my recent decision to post all photos to Picasa Web Albums. But going to .mac isn’t something that I want to pay for since I already have awesome hosting from

I found, some may have heard of them before or maybe not. In a since it is like youtube, but way better. First off it is completely free and they look at everything in terms of being a tv show. Naturally our tv show is called JoshandKristee TV. They offer free hosting of your videos that you want to share along with the ability to offer alternative versions for viewing on their site. Such as the original quicktime file that I upload to the site. Everything is converted to flash for use, but the original copy is kept for viewing on the site and even for download. They also integrate with iTunes podcast, which means that those who are subscribed through iTunes will need to subscribe to the new feed in iTunes. They also provide a regular RSS feed for any news reader. I can also simultaneously post a video to and our blog at the same time which is awesome. (Which is what I did with the Halee & Kristee on TV video.) All of our videos are available through one player and all videos load extremely fast. One other big benefit is that the size of the player is bigger than any other video hosting site that I have seen. There video quality is awesome. All videos that I post from now on are going to be higher quality which you will be able to view if you would rather not view the flash version. I am going to go into greater detail about all the features on my blog in a day or two.

If you go to our video page on our site you will see one video player there, but you have access to all of our videos from that one player. Right now they are not in order and I don’t think I can rearrange them, but the newest video added to our tv show will be the first video that pops up. (That isn’t the case right now, but will be in the future.) You will see at the bottom of the player a guide button click on it and it will bring up a 3 tab guide menu. The first thing that shows is the description for the current video playing, at the bottom you will see 3 tabs. An about tab, episodes, and hot episodes. Click the episodes tab and you will see all of our episodes, click the more button to get more older videos. It is very slick. The hot episodes are just videos that are getting a lot of hits on right now. Next to the guide button on the bottom of the player are share and then full screen view, this allows you to blow the video up to your full computer screen. The quality isn’t the greatest, but it is full screen. In the future when I produce more content at a higher quality I would imagine that the full screen will be better quality.

Click on the J&K TV on the bottom of the player and it will take you to all of our video post. From there you can click on an individual video and get access to the alternative video source, download the quicktime version, the subscription buttons, tags and this also where you can leave a comment on any particular video. There is a lot that we can do with

I am very impressed with their service and very excited about what I can do in the future. As said early I am going to do a fuller review about everything you can do with on my blog, joshmetts. There is just so much to talk about, but feel this blog isn’t the place for it. (This post is getting long as it is and some may be bored already.)

I also changed the photos page. I have broken down the old photos into 3 different categories so it doesn’t take so long to load the albums. But again there will be no more photos or video added directly to our site, but you can still get to all the videos and photos through our site. Having a quick and easy way to add photos and videos to our site is important and Picasa Web Albums and are by far the easiest and fastest way to share new content. As for our rss feeds you will need to update your readers, if you subscribe, and below are the new feed links along with a direct link to the JoshandKristee Show.

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Kristee & Halee on TV

Halee & Kristee got the chance to go on Kansas City Live this morning and demonstrate some exercises from the Straighten Up America program. Kansas City Live is kind of like a Live with Regis and Kelly. They both did an excellent job and wanted to share it with everyone.

The funny thing about this is that afterwards we all met at Chick-Fil-A to eat lunch and the kids were playing on the playground. A lady walked in with her kid to play and she asked me, “Was she on TV this morning?” It was funny that someone recognized her just a couple of hours later.

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American Idol Video

After writing the last post I thought I would try to get Gavin to recreate what he did the other night. Halee decided that she wanted to be a part of it too. I didn’t tell them what to sing or what to do, they just went and did their own thing. And yes that is exactly what Gavin was doing the other night, not singing anything, but mumbling his own song. Halee did and awesome job with actually singing songs she knew. Personally I don’t think they should be doing duets, weren’t singing or even attempting to sing the same song.

American Idol Video

Continue Reading – Created by a youth group, enjoy this parody of the popular rap song, "Baby Got Back." – Created by a youth group, enjoy this parody of the popular rap song, “Baby Got Back.”

I know this isn’t family related, but God is a part of our family and so is the Bible. It is one of the funniest parodies I have ever seen in my life, plus has a good message. I also posted this on my tumblelog, but I wanted to share it with those that don’t follow my tumblelog.

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2 New Videos

I have added 2 new videos to the website today. I forgot about the video that we took back in December when we got quite a bit of snow in our area. We had a really fun time sledding down our little hill in our front yard. Kristee, the kids and I were all out there having a blast. I added music from Fall Out Boy “Dance, Dance” to the video. I have also uploaded video we took from Halee’s 4th birthday this past weekend. It is video of her opening her presents and blowing out the candles on her Princess ice cream cake. Hope you all enjoy!!!
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Halee Tying Her Shoe

We also showed off Halee’s new haircut in the video, yes she finally got a professional haircut. Hopefully her bangs will start to grow out some time soon. At least it isn’t a mullet. (No offense to anyone who has or likes the mullet look, but it just wasn’t for Halee, lol!!!)

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Gavin’s ABC’s

This is video of Gavin saying his ABC’s, he does a pretty good job, but sometimes he likes to goof around a little bit. It turned up the goofing around for the camera and didn’t clearly say them. He is doing a really good job at learning his ABC’s, it must be to keep up with his sister. Enjoy!!!

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Halee’s ABC’s

I have been meaning to get video of this for the past few weeks and finally got around to it. She does fumble through LMNO, a little, but I am working on trying to get her to slow down so that we can clearly hear her say those letters. Here she is saying her ABC’s.

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I just found this fairly new site, imeem, that I believe really has something going for itself and see an incredible potential for it to be extremely successful. I know that there are other site that are similar and off the same style of space on the web for your content such as, MySpace. Which are known as networking site that you build for yourself to make friends. I have not been the biggest fan of MySpace due to the fact that some site can be extremely over baring and tough to read. iMeem really has a very clean interface and doesn’t seem to have as much big advertising as MySpace does. What impressed me about it was that it was first and foremost free. But it really seems to have a lot going for it. I really look at it like a place for you and your friends to truly share your content with anyone you want. It has built IM support for all the major IM clients which is really cool. It has a lot of the same functionalities of flickr, youtube, MySpace, AIM, MSN Messenger, etc… all built into one site and one app for your computer if you want to use the app. They have an application for both Windows and Mac which is really awesome. I don’t always like going to a website to upload new content to my sites and this application really allows you to add photos, blog post, etc… without the browser open. I have really just found this new social networking site really attractive and simple with an extremely easy to use interface. As of right now there is no limit on how much content you put on your page which is incredible and I hope doesn’t change!!! If you find yourself using several different sites like flickr, youtube and blogger or myspace to share your photos, videos, thoughts with friends and family I would highly recommend signing up for an imeem account. I have never been one for these social networking site, but this one just has so many extras that I couldn’t help to sign up and create my own imeem site.

As you can tell I have added a link to our website to my imeem site so you can check it out. I added a photo album and video to test it out and see what it would look like and came away impressed. I will being using it on a regular basis as I do the rest of the site, but I will mainly post content that is of interest to me and about me. Please check it out and see what I am talking about I am sure that some of you will be impressed with what you see. Sign up for an account, it is really easy to do, create your own imeem site. Let me know what your page address is and I will link to you. I am really excited about this and hope that at least a few of you get an imeem account.

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Video Feeds Work

I just added a new video to the website and can now verify that all of the video feeds do work. Make sure that you subscribe to the photo and video feeds including the iTunes video feed then you will be able to watch the video at your desired size. I encoded this video different than the recent ones, my movie application added some new features and I thought I would test them out. I am not sure that it is compatible with the video iPod, so those people who own one please test the new video with it and let me know, I think it will work. Also if it doesn’t and you want to watch, or any video that you have, it on the video ipod the latest version of iTunes allows you to convert any video and make it compatible with the ipod. I am so excited about the recent upgrade to my software, it makes everything so much easier to add content to the website. I must add that if you subscribe to the rss feed you must click the read more.. link in order to watch the video if you are using Safari, Firefox doesn’t have a problem with the video in its own window, but Safari (Apple only) does. You can test it and see, but this has been an issue with any of the videos that are compatible with the video ipod.

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New Videos & Photos

I have added 4 (yes 4) more videos to the website and also added 1 photo album. The 4 videos are of us playing in the snow doing different activities and the photo album is pictures of the kids playing in the snow. One of the videos, Sledding, is of the kids sledding out in the front yard, we have a small hill that drops into our drive way and is the perfect size for the kids to go down. The hill is slightly steeper in person than it appears on the video. Halee was the main one that was going down the hill on the sled, Gavin still just couldn’t hold on to the handles. As you can tell in the video he was kind of limited in his movement of his arms. His first ride on the sled (which wasn’t on the video) he slid of the sled and fell face first in the snow and then that is where the video picks up. The top of the sled was pretty slippery and he just couldn’t quite manage to stay on, but Halee got the hang of it and loved every minute of it. She really didn’t want to stop at all, even though it was a nice warm temperature of 8 degrees F.

The second video is of us playing in the fresh powder in our backyard. We just had fun running around and throwing snow at each other and playing with a few balls in the yard. As you can see in the Playing in the Snow video Gavin didn’t do just a whole lot of moving in the snow at all. I don’t think that he was sure about walking quite yet, but he didn’t want to go inside he was much happier just standing there watching Halee and I play in the snow. I would just move him when Halee and I went somewhere else in the yard to play and then he would just stand there. Then in the 4th video Gavin Walking in the Snow, he finally decided that he wanted to try out walking around in the snow and really had a great time doing it. I didn’t have the big camcorder out there, but did have the digital camera and wanted to get video of him taking his first steps in the snow. The quality isn’t the greatest, but it is video of him walking through the fresh snow. I also took a lot of photos of the kids while they were playing out back and that is what is in the photo album, Snow Dec. 2005.

The other video is of me trying to have a little fun myself,Front Yard Snowboarding. I decided rather than clearing off the stairs, to pack the stairs and make a drop in for my snowboard and then built a little ramp on the other side of the driveway to jump. I had made a bigger ramp, but wasn’t going fast enough off the drop in to really get any distance off the ramp, I would actually stop at the top of the bigger ramp, so I decided to make it smaller. Even though it doesn’t look like much, I still had a really fun time riding my snowboard in the front yard. The day before I actually rode my snowboard from the top of our yard down the hill into the street and then down the street a little ways and that was also a lot of fun. I know that while I was doing it people that drove by would slow down to see what in the world I was doing with a snowboard on in the front yard, but it was a lot of fun. I am sure that some were laughing at me and I am sure that some of you that watch the video and read this will laugh, but you all do have to remember when watching it that I am really just a big kid!!! I hope everyone enjoys watching the videos and I had a lot of fun playing with the kids in the snow. Today I got out the sled and took Gavin out and set him between my legs and we went sledding down the stairs and her really had a blast and kept saying, “More, More!” So he got a chance to really enjoy going sledding like Halee did, I never sent him down on his own he really can’t hold onto the handles quite yet, but maybe next year. We might see Halee flying down the stairs and over the ramp next year on a snowboard or skis!!!

Those subscribed to our video feed will probably already have them downloaded on your computer, they were put on earlier today.

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Gavin Singing

I have added video of Gavin singing to the website and also have it in iTunes for automatic download. If you are subscribed, and I hope that everyone is, to our podcast then it has probably already downloaded through itunes. He started singing to Christmas music a few weeks ago in the car when Kristee was listening to Christmas music. He will all the sudden just break into song when he hears the music. The funny thing is that he likes certain songs more than others, but it is hilarious to see in person. I am glad that I could catch it on tape to share with everyone else. I would definitely like to get more video of him doing it because it is a blast to watch and listen to him, because he is so into the music. Maybe he has the gift of music, I guess we will just have to wait and see!

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iTunes Video Feed

Well as discovered by my bro our home video podcast is legit, we are listed in the podcast directory. Now you can simply go into iTunes Music Store and search in the Podcast section for Metts, Josh, Kristee, Halee, Gavin, or home videos and you will see listed in the results our joshandkristeevideo podcast. All you have to do is click subscribe and then it will be added to your podcast and will download all movies put online automatically. I am really excited about it and am anxious to get some more videos up online to fill up those ipods. Haha. As my mom said, “This is everyone’s nightmare to be able to take your home videos with you and force your friends to stop and watch your videos of the kids and family.” I must say that I try my best to make the videos fun and entertaining so that people don’t get bored watching, plus I try to keep the time frame down by editing out boring sections. I know that attention spans only go so far, so I hope that I am keeping them in a good time frame. Jon I must say that you may have stumbled onto something with this sharing home videos via iTunes. It really isn’t hard to setup at all and is a very, very convenient way to get your videos onto family and friends computers automatically. So for those that haven’t subscribed yet please do so and if you put it in manually, delete that and then go in and subscribe to joshandkristeevideo podcast in the iTunes directory. THIS IS SO COOL!!!

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