Back to School

The kids have returned to school as of yesterday. They were both excited about going back to school. We decided to have them go to a different school this year. Location and cost were the deciding factors. They both did pretty good yesterday when we dropped them off. Halee cried a little bit, but Gavin went in and started playing right away. They both said they had a really good time and made some new friends which is really exciting to hear.

Today when they were dropped off at school it was opposite reaction. Halee went in fine, but Gavin cried.  Hopefully before too long they will both be back in the swing of things and going to school fine.  It is crazy to think that Halee has officially started going to school.  She is in Kindergarten this year and it blows my mind.

For me it has been a little rough to see them go off to school, just because of my schedule.  Since I work 2nd shift, I only get to see them a little in the morning, if I am awake and on the weekends.  It is kind of sad sitting here without any noise in the house.  I miss having them around before I head off to work and now that they aren’t here I don’t have anyone to tell goodbye when I go off to work.  Hopefully within a year or so I can transfer to 1st shift and it won’t be a problem.

I took some photos that I will get posted asap.

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Night time Potty Training

We started 2 days ago to try to get Gavin potty trained at night, so he doesn’t have to wear night-night diapers. Since it has only been a couple of nights he hasn’t had a dry night yet. But the good thing is that he is waking up once he feels wet so hopefully before long he might start waking up to the feeling of needing to go. He is definitely ready and wants to wear underwear to bed. Hopefully it won’t take him too long, but we have heard it takes longer with boys. I know Halee learned at a very young age and it was pretty quick for her to start waking up to go to the bathroom.

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Way Too Long!!

It seems like it has been a really long time since I have posted anything on the blog. There is a good reason for that. For those that do not know, Cessna switched me to 1st shift (temporarily unfortunately). So my hours have been messed up just a little bit, but is a lot better than 2nd shift since I can spend time with the kids in the afternoon after they get home from school. Therefore I haven’t had any time to update the blog with anything. I do have some photos that I need to get up on the web.

Things are going great for us. The only thing that isn’t is the fact that our house has still not sold. As a matter of fact we have still yet to receive any offers on the house. We really would love to get it off our hands. The kids are doing wonderful at school, they are both getting ready to finish up later this month. They are having fun at school, but both seem to be looking forward to the end of school.

Kristee is doing awesome. She has been really busy the past few weeks. She had her biggest week last week with 39 patients. If she can average 40 patients a week then they will hire someone to help her around the clinic. She is definitely getting to that point where she is going to need someone soon. It is really cool to see the clinic growing and getting new patients each week.

I have been doing well at Cessna. I am enjoying my job (as much as you can enjoy sheetmetal), I am definitely learning quite a bit. My job entails mating the upper and lower tailcone. There is a lot that goes into the job and a lot to learn. I am slowly but surely learning new stuff everyday. It does feel good to be working again,(not better than being a stay at home dad) mainly because it is providing us with much needed extra income and awesome insurance. I really like the guys that I am working with and get along well with them.

As soon as I get the photos uploaded to Picasa I will make another post. Hope all is going well with everyone!!

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I can finally say that I am employed. Yesterday I went to Cessna to do an interview for a job and I ended up getting the job. I am going to be Sheetmetal Assembler. Although it isn’t using my degree, it will be a way to a least get my foot in the door. I am actually very excited about the job just because it is honestly more up my alley. The idea of going into work dressing nice and shaving everyday doesn’t appeal to me. I guess you could say that I am a little more of the casual dresser and I hate shaving everyday, it hurts!!

I will start going through the classes on the 31st of March and will be in training for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks are up and I pass the classes I will become a Cessna employee, it should be on the 21st of April. At that point I will start getting the good pay and awesome benefits. While I am in training I will be employed by manpower and not make as much plus not receive benefits. I am really excited about the opportunity to work in the aircraft industry. I would like to get my private pilot’s license eventually and Cessna has a program that greatly reduces the cost for an employee to get their license.

God definitely had his hand in me getting this job. My brother in law and sister in law knew a guy that works at Cessna who got me the job. He submitted it on Tuesday morning and they called me by 10 am same day and had me come in and interview the following day. The guy that works there said it was the fastest that he has seen any one get hired after submitting a resume. It is such a relief to finally have a job that pays well and has good benefits after the past few months of getting no response.

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I don’t know what happened but I was going to update the site and I went to open iWeb and it acts like the file is non existent. I still have all the content and the site works fine right now, but I can no longer update iWeb without recreating the site. I am going to look at the option and it looks like I will be rebuilding the site one way or another. Fortunately most of our content is hosted via other sources so I may not go back and redo all the old photo pages since we can still via all the photos on picasa and same with videos on

I will be interested to see what my options are and what route I decide to take, but look for a change in the site some how some way.

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1st Parent Teacher Conference

Man I am feeling old after attending our first parent teacher conference for Halee. Needless to say everything was wonderful. A big part of the conference was to discuss her readiness for Kindergarten. They think that she is more than ready for Kindergarten and is also excelling in her classroom. She was the only one in her class that passed all 20 questions on an assessment test that they took. There were a few confusing questions that she had no problems answering at all. The teacher was just thrilled about having her in the class and thought that she was getting along great. There is one little girl name Talia that Halee has really become good friends with and thoroughly enjoys playing with in class. It was exciting to hear that she is doing so well and learning quite a bit, we are both so very proud of her.

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Best School Day Yet

Today I took the kids to school and things were awesome for them. As you know they are been going through crying spells once they arrive at school. They would both start at different times during the dropping off process. Halee would start as soon as we stopped the car and would say that she didn’t want to go to school. Gavin would be perfectly fine up till we crossed the entry way in to his room.

Today was different. Halee did say that she didn’t want to go to school once I stopped the car, but she was just pouting not crying. We walked to Halee’s class 1st and she had a sad look on her face, but not crying. I told her bye and she went to her teacher and started talking to her. Gavin needed to go to the restroom (school ritual) and then we walked to his room and I was bracing myself for the crying to start once we crossed the entry. Nothing happened, I looked down to make sure that he was alright and he was just looking around. I hung up his coat and backpack and he was still fine. The teacher came over and should us some photos they took of the kids with their friends and Gavin was standing there hugging his friend Michael. (very cute) I told him that Nana & Papa would pick him up today and said that I would see him this afternoon gave him a hug and stood up to leave. He stood there with a smile on his face and waved to me. Then he looked at his teacher and walked off.

It was a really good thing to see this happen today. I can tell that they are really starting to have a blast at school and are at that point in which they are starting to look forward to going each day. It is one of those things that I didn’t think I would see with the way things started out this year. But they are enjoying it and I am glad to see the tears start to fade in the morning time.

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Not the Best Start

Well unfortunately for our kids their first start to school hasn’t been the best experience for them. It is really hard to get into a routine when you go a few days and then get sick and have to miss several more days. (or a week and 2 days for Halee) It was pretty rough for the kids going back to school today after missing all that time being sick. Halee actually did pretty well today once we got to school, but getting her ready to go was another story. Gavin on the other hand was opposite, he was easy to get ready for school, but once we got to school he broke down into his crying when we got to his room.

I hope and pray that they aren’t sick any more for at least a while so they can get into the routine of going to school. I know that over time they will get use to it and it will be easier on them and us, but we need for them to be healthy. Hopefully all the sickness is gone. All 3 of us had the same exact thing and it seemed that we went through all the same symptoms, but in different order. Kristee diagnosed us as all having the adino virus. But we are all in the clear now, minus a little cough the kids have right now which is the way that mine ended.

Pray for the kids to get back into the routine of school and start getting excited about going. I am looking into getting a job at the Independent school as a Computer Lab Teacher and should know something about the job by next week sometime. I will keep everyone posted on our progress.

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Passed Part 3

Kristee received her part 3 board scores this past week and she passed. It isn’t fun to have to wait for several months just to find out whether or not you passed. Although I am 100% confident that she passes them all she still wonders after taking them. She has spent this entire paster week including last weekend and this weekend studying for part 4 boards. They are coming up in November, but it has been a long week just spending time studying for them. It was good news to hear that she passed her part 3 boards after such a long week.

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Site Revamp

The other day after putting together the video from Halee & Kristee on Kansas City Live and trying to add it to our site I realized just how long it took for me to post a quick video to the site. It took way to long. The main problem being that I don’t have a .mac account in which I use to host our website which would make it faster to post items through iWeb. I love using iWeb for building the site, but for posting quick photos and videos is way too time consuming. Hence my recent decision to post all photos to Picasa Web Albums. But going to .mac isn’t something that I want to pay for since I already have awesome hosting from

I found, some may have heard of them before or maybe not. In a since it is like youtube, but way better. First off it is completely free and they look at everything in terms of being a tv show. Naturally our tv show is called JoshandKristee TV. They offer free hosting of your videos that you want to share along with the ability to offer alternative versions for viewing on their site. Such as the original quicktime file that I upload to the site. Everything is converted to flash for use, but the original copy is kept for viewing on the site and even for download. They also integrate with iTunes podcast, which means that those who are subscribed through iTunes will need to subscribe to the new feed in iTunes. They also provide a regular RSS feed for any news reader. I can also simultaneously post a video to and our blog at the same time which is awesome. (Which is what I did with the Halee & Kristee on TV video.) All of our videos are available through one player and all videos load extremely fast. One other big benefit is that the size of the player is bigger than any other video hosting site that I have seen. There video quality is awesome. All videos that I post from now on are going to be higher quality which you will be able to view if you would rather not view the flash version. I am going to go into greater detail about all the features on my blog in a day or two.

If you go to our video page on our site you will see one video player there, but you have access to all of our videos from that one player. Right now they are not in order and I don’t think I can rearrange them, but the newest video added to our tv show will be the first video that pops up. (That isn’t the case right now, but will be in the future.) You will see at the bottom of the player a guide button click on it and it will bring up a 3 tab guide menu. The first thing that shows is the description for the current video playing, at the bottom you will see 3 tabs. An about tab, episodes, and hot episodes. Click the episodes tab and you will see all of our episodes, click the more button to get more older videos. It is very slick. The hot episodes are just videos that are getting a lot of hits on right now. Next to the guide button on the bottom of the player are share and then full screen view, this allows you to blow the video up to your full computer screen. The quality isn’t the greatest, but it is full screen. In the future when I produce more content at a higher quality I would imagine that the full screen will be better quality.

Click on the J&K TV on the bottom of the player and it will take you to all of our video post. From there you can click on an individual video and get access to the alternative video source, download the quicktime version, the subscription buttons, tags and this also where you can leave a comment on any particular video. There is a lot that we can do with

I am very impressed with their service and very excited about what I can do in the future. As said early I am going to do a fuller review about everything you can do with on my blog, joshmetts. There is just so much to talk about, but feel this blog isn’t the place for it. (This post is getting long as it is and some may be bored already.)

I also changed the photos page. I have broken down the old photos into 3 different categories so it doesn’t take so long to load the albums. But again there will be no more photos or video added directly to our site, but you can still get to all the videos and photos through our site. Having a quick and easy way to add photos and videos to our site is important and Picasa Web Albums and are by far the easiest and fastest way to share new content. As for our rss feeds you will need to update your readers, if you subscribe, and below are the new feed links along with a direct link to the JoshandKristee Show.

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Clinic Update

I guess I can go ahead and expand on a earlier post. We have been offered a chance to work at Kamra & Ian’s clinic in Haysville. We are really excited about this opportunity, it will really give us a chance to learn the inner workings of the Chiropractic office without having to find a place to practice and then go through the process of getting a loan. We are really excited about it and the other benefit is that Kristee will be able to start practicing a couple of months earlier since she will be allowed to practice under a licensed Chiropractor. So tentatively she could be practicing by December. We are both excited about this opportunity and look forward to moving into the next phase of this change in our lives. We appreciate all the prayers and please continue to pray for us in hopes that we can get our house sold.

Again Thank You!

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