Posting from iPhone

We are up in Kansas City right now. I finally got my iPhone replaced and have been wanting to try out the wordpress app for the iPhone. It us one of the reasons that I decided to go to wordpress from blogger. You can’t beat blogging on the go. So far I am really impressed with the app and am excited about what I will be able to do with it.

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Site Revamp

The other day after putting together the video from Halee & Kristee on Kansas City Live and trying to add it to our site I realized just how long it took for me to post a quick video to the site. It took way to long. The main problem being that I don’t have a .mac account in which I use to host our website which would make it faster to post items through iWeb. I love using iWeb for building the site, but for posting quick photos and videos is way too time consuming. Hence my recent decision to post all photos to Picasa Web Albums. But going to .mac isn’t something that I want to pay for since I already have awesome hosting from

I found, some may have heard of them before or maybe not. In a since it is like youtube, but way better. First off it is completely free and they look at everything in terms of being a tv show. Naturally our tv show is called JoshandKristee TV. They offer free hosting of your videos that you want to share along with the ability to offer alternative versions for viewing on their site. Such as the original quicktime file that I upload to the site. Everything is converted to flash for use, but the original copy is kept for viewing on the site and even for download. They also integrate with iTunes podcast, which means that those who are subscribed through iTunes will need to subscribe to the new feed in iTunes. They also provide a regular RSS feed for any news reader. I can also simultaneously post a video to and our blog at the same time which is awesome. (Which is what I did with the Halee & Kristee on TV video.) All of our videos are available through one player and all videos load extremely fast. One other big benefit is that the size of the player is bigger than any other video hosting site that I have seen. There video quality is awesome. All videos that I post from now on are going to be higher quality which you will be able to view if you would rather not view the flash version. I am going to go into greater detail about all the features on my blog in a day or two.

If you go to our video page on our site you will see one video player there, but you have access to all of our videos from that one player. Right now they are not in order and I don’t think I can rearrange them, but the newest video added to our tv show will be the first video that pops up. (That isn’t the case right now, but will be in the future.) You will see at the bottom of the player a guide button click on it and it will bring up a 3 tab guide menu. The first thing that shows is the description for the current video playing, at the bottom you will see 3 tabs. An about tab, episodes, and hot episodes. Click the episodes tab and you will see all of our episodes, click the more button to get more older videos. It is very slick. The hot episodes are just videos that are getting a lot of hits on right now. Next to the guide button on the bottom of the player are share and then full screen view, this allows you to blow the video up to your full computer screen. The quality isn’t the greatest, but it is full screen. In the future when I produce more content at a higher quality I would imagine that the full screen will be better quality.

Click on the J&K TV on the bottom of the player and it will take you to all of our video post. From there you can click on an individual video and get access to the alternative video source, download the quicktime version, the subscription buttons, tags and this also where you can leave a comment on any particular video. There is a lot that we can do with

I am very impressed with their service and very excited about what I can do in the future. As said early I am going to do a fuller review about everything you can do with on my blog, joshmetts. There is just so much to talk about, but feel this blog isn’t the place for it. (This post is getting long as it is and some may be bored already.)

I also changed the photos page. I have broken down the old photos into 3 different categories so it doesn’t take so long to load the albums. But again there will be no more photos or video added directly to our site, but you can still get to all the videos and photos through our site. Having a quick and easy way to add photos and videos to our site is important and Picasa Web Albums and are by far the easiest and fastest way to share new content. As for our rss feeds you will need to update your readers, if you subscribe, and below are the new feed links along with a direct link to the JoshandKristee Show.

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New Blog

I started another blog, I know I have several places I post things, but I am no long publishing any blog posts on iMeem. I will continue to use imeem for videos, photos, music and music video playlist, but I will be making all my blog posts that aren’t associated with the family at this new blog. For those that don’t know or don’t keep up with what I blog about at imeem. It is pretty much anything that I want to talk about that isn’t family related. I really want to keep this blog dedicated to our family and what is going on in our lives. On the other blog I talk about things like the web, news, tech stuff, sports etc… I will sometimes write a review or give an opinion about something I read or saw on the web, it may be an application or a gadget that I use. I have really enjoyed blogging and think it is a neat way for one to express themselves and share with others. If any of those things that I talk about interest you check it out and see what my view is. I will talk about anything that comes to mind and I am interested in a lot of different subjects so it will be very random stuff. I hope that more people will check it out and see what I talk about, I know of at least 2 people, lol, that keep up with my imeem page, but I wouldn’t mnd having more. As I encourage on this blog I love to hear comments and your opinions.

The 2 that keep up with my imeem page please continue I will still be putting videos and such on but would love it if you guys and anyone else would subscribe to my “new” blog titled JOSHMETTS, I know really original. The layout is much like this one, hey I like to keep things very clean and simple. I am really excited about it and plan on posting a lot more on it than I did with imeem. It is a lot easier now. Look forward to hearing from you.

If you want to just subscribe with your rss reader just click here.

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Yahoo Pipes

I did some messing around with Yahoo Pipes that was just released a week ago or so. I have made a couple of pipes one of just Apple news and I think it works pretty well. I got to thinking about how many feeds we have for our website and decided that I would make 1 feed by combining them all with Yahoo Pipes. So I have and I have added a link to the right column above the others called Combined Feed. It is a combination of our Blog, Photos, Videos, Comments and my iMeem feed into 1 feed, it just simplifies everything if you do subscribe to our feeds. Hopefully it will be reliable since it is fairly new I will keep and eye on it to make sure it is working properly.

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Opera 9 Review

For anyone interested I just added a little review of Opera 9 (latest release) over on my imeem blog. I have made the switch to using Opera as my primary browser and am really excited about it.

Opera 9 Review

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New Tools

I have added a couple of new features to the website today that I find cool, but some may not care. I have added a comments section to both the photos and videos sections of the website. I know I don’t get a whole lot of comments on our blog, but thought it was a pretty cool addition to both areas of the site. Since they are both setup in a blog style format with post about any new content it will allow the few that do comment to give me your comments on the photos or video that you are looking at. And for those that read these and don’t comment we welcome all comments and look forward to hearing from our readers. I hope that some of you do take advantage of the comments section and leave an occasional comment. I have actually just added the comment feature to the last 2 photo albums and last 2 videos, didn’t see much on going back to the beginning. It will be added on all new photo albums and videos from now on.

I have also finally figured out how to add a search box to the blog and am excited about using it myself. It is up and running and hopefully working decently, this one is probably more for my use than others, but who knows. I just think it is really handy to have on a blog with a lot of post. It doesn’t just search the blog, but our entire site, which is pretty cool. I am going to try to look into a way to get it on the main page of the site which will also be pretty handy. I hope that these new tools will help with navigation on our site and communication between you and us.

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iTunes Video Feed

Well as discovered by my bro our home video podcast is legit, we are listed in the podcast directory. Now you can simply go into iTunes Music Store and search in the Podcast section for Metts, Josh, Kristee, Halee, Gavin, or home videos and you will see listed in the results our joshandkristeevideo podcast. All you have to do is click subscribe and then it will be added to your podcast and will download all movies put online automatically. I am really excited about it and am anxious to get some more videos up online to fill up those ipods. Haha. As my mom said, “This is everyone’s nightmare to be able to take your home videos with you and force your friends to stop and watch your videos of the kids and family.” I must say that I try my best to make the videos fun and entertaining so that people don’t get bored watching, plus I try to keep the time frame down by editing out boring sections. I know that attention spans only go so far, so I hope that I am keeping them in a good time frame. Jon I must say that you may have stumbled onto something with this sharing home videos via iTunes. It really isn’t hard to setup at all and is a very, very convenient way to get your videos onto family and friends computers automatically. So for those that haven’t subscribed yet please do so and if you put it in manually, delete that and then go in and subscribe to joshandkristeevideo podcast in the iTunes directory. THIS IS SO COOL!!!

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Home Video Podcast

After reading a comment from my brother and reading his latest post at, I began to look into the possibility of putting my videos into iTunes as a video podcast. I thought this is brilliant, it is a way for me to upload my videos to the website but also for those that are interested have the videos download to your computer automatically. I will still have the videos up on the website in the same manner as before, but in addition those that are into podcast and using iTunes as a podcast client can subscribe to JoshandKristee’s Video podcast and the videos will download to your computer anytime I put a new one online. Anyone who is clueless to what I am talking about, and are interested, I will explain exactly how to get the videos to automatically downloaded. This will be extremely handy for the Video iPod owners because it will automatically sync with the ipod and you will have the latest and greatest videos to take with you. I must really thank Jon for giving me the idea it doesn’t look like there are a whole lot of people if any using iTunes podcast feature for home videos. I have submitted my Video Podcast to iTunes and will hopefully be in iTunes within the next few days or so and at that time you will be able to search for our video through the podcast section of iTunes by searching for Halee, Gavin, Kristee, Josh, Metts or home videos. At least this is what I am hoping will happen.

iTunes is free for Windows or Mac and as long as you download the latest you will be able to subscribe to our video podcast. I personally think it is the best music jukebox out there and recommend everyone to use it for music and now videos. Once downloaded you will see a Podcast section on the left side of the window, you can click this and then click podcast directory at the bottom of the page and this will allow you to do a search for our video podcast. (I will let everyone know when the podcast is up and running within iTunes.) Also within iTunes there is a feature that lets you manually subscribe to podcast under the Advanced menu at the top. Under the Advanced menu you will see Subscribe to Podcast… click on it and it will ask you for a url in the box you put feed:// in the box and click ok and now you will see a new podcast added to your podcasts section. It will automatically go out and check for any new videos and will download them for you. As I put new videos up on the site you will automatically receive the new videos. I currently have 2 movies on there and I am hoping that they will work with the new ipod, I think they should, but have no way of testing it. Jon, Dad, and Andrew or anyone else who has a new iPod please let me know if it works, these movies are different than the ones on the website. I want to encourage everyone to at least give it a shot just to see what it is like, I think it is going to be awesome.

Anyone who has problems please leave comment or e-mail I would love to help anyone out!! I hope this will be a convenient way for us to share our videos with everyone. Again I want to thank Jon big time for the idea, I am not sure that many have thought about podcasting in this way. It is a great way to distribute your own media to friends and family.

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iPod Video

Well it looks like the video that is embedded can be downloaded and placed into itunes and viewed on an ipod without any kind of change. This will help a lot so that I won’t have to put 2 different file on the website. I will go ahead and leave the iPod Video link on since it is already on there. I plan on making all my videos compatible with ipods from here on out and maybe one day I will be fortunate enough to get a new ipod that plays videos so that I can carry around videos of my kids and show them off to everyone. Also the file size was pleasantly small compared to the way that I was previously encoding the video so that is a big plus. I have some more footage of the kids playing in the leaves and I hope to have time to put a new movie together soon. The wheelie just couldn’t wait I thought it was awesome and I hope that all enjoy!!!

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Cellphones, Computers!!!

I must say I know that we are raising our kids to be productive people in society when I was playing with them in Gavin’s room and Gavin has a cellphone and is riding his rocking dog. We let the kids play with old cellphones that don’t work, they really like the real looking phones and are not as excited about the fake kid phones. Anyways Gavin is rocking on the dog and talking to “someone” on his cellphone. Like I said I think he is already learning to multi-task. The same goes for Halee, you can frequently see her taking care of he baby and talking on the cellphone and she actually carries what sounds like a real phone conversation. She pauses to let the other person say something and then responds to whatever the “other person” has said. I must say that it is very cute.

As some of you know we do a lot of video chats with family and friends on our computer. I must say that it is one of the best ways to keep in touch with both friends and family. Last night I came into the living room after putting Gavin down for the night and I see Halee jump down from the computer chair and run to the couch. Halee knows that she is not allowed to mess with my computer, but of course that doesn’t stop her from trying to mess with it. Both kids have actually messed a few things up on the computer such as renaming the Hard Drive to ++++3334 and moving my documents folder around. I must say now more that ever I consider backups to be extremely important. Back to the story, I look at the computer and she has managed to invite a friend of mine Andrew to a video conference and he is in the process of accepting it so needless to say I told Andrew that Halee had invited him to video chat and he got a kick out of it. I really don’t think that is was an act of randomly clicking the mouse, but she was clicking in the right area to invite a video chat. The reason I think that she has an idea as to where to do the video chat is because I caught her today and she was moving the mouse right inside my buddy box clicking as she moved within the box. I know she pays a lot of attention to the video chatting because she is always involved with the video chat and really enjoys it. It really amazes me what our kids are growing up to see as normal and talking to friends and family in our kids minds is having the ability to see who they are talking and not just a picture but real time video. I actually can’t wait till the day that this is just the norm for every household. Of course some people might not be comfortable with the fact that they might have to look in the mirror before they give someone a call. I think that it is awesome and also a little crazy that our kids will grow up with all this incredible technology and will learn to use it a such a young age, Halee and Gavin are well on their way!

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It’s Here!

Yes this is my 1st official post from my new iMac G5. It arrived yesterday just before we left to come to Wichita to see Bill, Nancee, Kamra and Ian. Since I didn’t have a chance to open it up there I decided that I would just bring it along to show off and setup. I must say it is the most portable desktop computer that I have ever used. This is one amazing computer in it’s all in one design. For those of you who do not know what an iMac G5 is, it is a computer that is built into the monitor, so you don’t have a big tower setting next to the monitor. I have a 400 Gig hard drive which is nice because I was running out of space on my iBook G4. I will take some pics soon and post them to the blog. (At least it is a computer and not a chair, Jon)

Onto more important things, we arrived yesterday at about 5:30pm, and of course everyone was excited to see Halee and Gavin. Not as much to see Kristee and I, but we are use to it by now. The kids were both really excited to see everyone also, they were running around checking things out and having a blast. I have told Kristee recently that I thought Gavin was on the verge of saying many different words, and he really kicked it into gear yesterday evening, which really made the grandparents happy and very, very proud. He has been saying everything from diaper to Thank-you, No-No, ball of course. I honestly felt like I needed a note pad to keep track of all the things that he was saying. I wanted to get on and post it all last night, but after a busy day of mowing the grass then driving down here and spending time with family I was exhausted. He said even more little words here and there and is starting to get to the point in which he tries to mimic what he hears others say. I must say it is very cute. Halee is still developing her words into sentences and in my opinion getting easier to understand, but I’ll admit me being around her all the time I probably understand her the best. So someone else, who isn’t around as much, would have to be the judge. She still likes to be the center of attention, because whenever someone makes a comment about what Gavin was doing she jumps right in there and tries to take the spotlight away from him.

I would like to say one more thing. As any proud father wanting his son to grow up to be a professional athlete, Gavin sure has a very natural golf swing. (Ok, it wasn’t exactly a “natural golf swing”, rather a hammering swing. (they have got to start somewhere, right?) You should have seen the way he was beating on Kristee last night, it was hilarious!!!)

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2 Brothers Talk Tech Website

Well, I think that we have a tentative website for my brother and my podcast called 2 Brothers Talk Tech. I have been working on it for the past few days, I found a template online and tweaked it to my liking. It is not set in stone yet and the address will change sometime soon, maybe this weekend. We are hoping to do a few test runs with recording and we will also discuss the website a little more. Once it is finalized I will put a link in the blog to the website but for now if you want to check it out and tell us what you think just click here. The first 2 post there a just little test post and will be deleted upon the actual release of the website.

I am excited to get the website up and running just because it will give us a place to put a feed to the actual podcast and allow us to voice our opinions on the topics we discuss in the podcast and anything extra that we want to voice our opinions about. One of our biggest issues is coming up with a way to distinguish ourselves from other tech podcast and to have quality podcast that people would want to come back to week after week. Please feel free to check it out and tell us what problems you see, just remember it is a tentative site for now.

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Firefox Browser

I just found this out about Firefox Browser, I have been a Firefox user since just about the beginning of its mainstream existence. I discovered this neat feature from and its is a feature that is very useful for our website with all of the embedded media, you can use it on any given website. What it does is allow you to save those embedded media files to your computer which then allows you to do what you want with a media file. I find it useful if you see a video or see an image that you want to save to your computer and you can do it with the Firefox browser. I really think that this feature is a little known feature. I hope that anyone reading this post or viewing this our website is using Firefox (if you are using Windows), even though I am a Mac user I still have the Firefox browser on my machine that I do use occasionally. I also have a Windows machine that I do use every once in awhile and without a doubt I use Firefox all the time on it.

Anyways on to how to do it, you are viewing one of our movies that is embedded like the Dump Truck movie. Right click on your mouse and a little pop up menu gives you several different options, one of the last ones is “View Page Info”, not “View Page Source”, select the View Page Info option and a window pops up with all of the page info. One of the tabs is named media tab, it then list all of the media such as movies, images, or music that is contained within that page. So you select the image or movie in the Dump Truck case and it is highlighted and then you can select “Save As…” near the bottom of the page. It will pop up another menu that will ask you where you want to save the file to be downloaded. Name it what you want or keep it the same and save it wherever you want to on your computer. Now you can do what you want with any of the media files that you have downloaded. With the movies you can now watch them with your own media player such as QuickTime and resize it to your liking. (Resizing will most likely reduce that quality of the video or image, but you can resize within reason) I really think this is another awesome reason to use the Firefox browser.

One thing that I would recommend people doing is to upgrade to the latest release of Firefox which it 1.0.4, you can get it at the links in the post. I tried it using 1.0.2 and the option was there, but it wouldn’t work properly. I know there have been several times when I have seen a movie or image that I wanted to save and use, but couldn’t because it was embedded in the web page, now I have a way to save these media files and use them that way I want to.

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Podcast Update

Just a quick update on the podcast, Jon and I are getting closer and closer to starting 2 brothers talk tech podcast. Last night we discovered a way to get both of our voices recorded into the garageband mixer. Now we will be working out the rough edges to get the best quality sound that we can to produce a quality sounding podcast. We are both excited about it and can’t wait to get the first episode out.

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