Spring Break!

Well it is Kristee’s spring break this week. She is really enjoying being off of school and being able to just relax around the house and with the kids. It is a well deserved and needed break. We are really excited and looking forward to this weekend, we will be heading down to Wichita either tomorrow or Thursday. On Saturday we will be picking up my sister and brother-in-law and my brother at the airport in Wichita. They are coming up to spend next week with us. Sarah’s spring break falls next week rather than this week. We are excited to have them all coming up to spend some time up here in Kansas City with us. We will have to make sure that we show them a good time up here. Just a little note to let everyone know what we are all up to.

For those that left comments on the videos, I am sorry that I did not see the comments sooner. I didn’t set the email notification so I didn’t know that there were comments. I have fixed the problem and will now know when you post comments on either the photos and videos. I have responded to the comments now. We really enjoy any comments that are left in the blog, videos or photos.

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Congratulations Kristee

Kristee has officially finished her 1st year of school, she passed all of her classes this semester and did very well. She is excited to be done with 1 year and now only has 2 more years to complete her degree. I must say that I am very proud of her and really appreciate everything that she is doing and has done. I realize that she is really doing all of this for our family and it can be difficult at times with all of the studying and test that she has to do week in and week out. I just wanted to write a post to show how much I appreciate her and that I am so proud of her and what she has accomplished in completing her 1st year. I love you Kristee, and once again Congratulations on your 1st year of school.

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A Year Ago, Today!

It is hard to believe it, but a year ago today we closed on our house up here in Lee’s Summit. We moved all of our stuff up here during last Thanksgiving weekend with the help of Jon, Kamra, Ian, and Nancee. As I think back to what we were going through a year ago it is really incredible to see just how far we have come. We were also in the process of getting our house in Wichita sold. We were both still working at our jobs in Wichita and planning of Kristee quitting in December and not really knowing when I was going to quit UPS and move up here. We really had a lot going on in our lives and bringing along 2 small kids during the whole process. It was a real life decision and change that we were about to venture into really just following what we felt was right for us to do as a family. Looking back at how everything just fell into place we just know that it was the right decision and God put all of the pieces in place for it to happen. I must say that Kristee and I both are a lot happier with what we are doing in our lives now compared to what we were doing a year ago. Kristee is extremely happy with what she is learning in school and is really looking forward to the future of being a Chiropractor and I am excited about being able to work with her at the clinic. I am so much happier being able to stay at home with the kids and watch them grow up and be there for them, rather than having to take them to a babysitter for the day. I fell like the kids are really enjoying being able to get into a real routine. We are truly blest and it is really amazing just how much things have changed from just a year ago.

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Back to Test

Kristee is taking her 1st test today and usually once they start they don’t end until the end of the semester. I know that next week she has 5 test and a quiz, so I just wanted to let everyone to know so that we could pray for her and hope that she does well on her test and all goes smooth. The bad thing is that she has a cold right now so we know it is no fun taking any kind of test when you are feeling the greatest, but hopefully she will get over it this weekend so that she is ready to tackle all of the test coming her way next week. I just ask that you pray for her to have a clear mind and to be able to focus and study and as usual pray that I can keep the kids out of her way during her time of studying.

Another thing I just noticed as I was getting ready to write this post is that this is my 100th post to the blog. I would say that I can’t believe I already have 100 post but I knew that I would easily get to 100. I really enjoy writing these post and I think it is a wonderful way to document our lives to share it with all our friends and family and I know one day that he kids will enjoy reading about what they were doing at different times throughout their young lives. I hope that all the people that read our blog enjoys reading it and I know there are a few people out there that actually read it after each post. I hope to continue this for many years to come. I guess I should say onto 1000!

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Getting Back in Routine

Well, it has been an interesting break for Kristee to say the least, and now is coming to an end as of tomorrow when Kristee goes back to school. We had a really good weekend this past weekend despite a few minor change in plans. It really all started with Hurricane Katrina, my mom was scheduled to come and visit us this past Labor day weekend and we were excited and ready then Katrina came. For those that don’t know my whole family lives in Mississippi and Alabama, my parents and brother live about 3 hours north of the Gulf Coast where Katrina made land fall. We really thought up till the evening before she was to come that her flight was still on time for departure, but I checked the evening before and discovered that her flight was cancelled. I was the one that actually had to inform mom because they were without electricity and cellphone use was a little spotty. I called and told her and we thought of a few different things that she could do to come, but all involved driving which was not worth the risk due to the fact that they might not have any gas between their house and Atlanta where the next leg of her flight was going to take off. Anyways she was able to get there flight miles back that were used for the purchase of the ticket and will be visiting at a later time, once things settle down a little more down south.

Since mom wasn’t coming we decided that we would go back down to Wichita to spend some time with Kristee’s family. We had a really good time, Ian (brother-in-law) and I went down to Little Sahara in Oklahoma to ride ATV’s on the sand dunes down there and I had a blast. It was unreal, I couldn’t have imagined what the dunes would be like, but they are huge. You get a real adreniline rush when going up and down the dunes, not to mention we started riding at midnight. We had a blast and rode also on Saturday while we were waiting for the rest of the family to come and meet up with us. I got to take Kristee out on the dunes to show her what it was like and she was amazed herself. I scared her a little, but overall she had fun riding on the back of the ATV. I also got to take Nancee out there to show her what it was like and she also thought it was an incredible sight to see. I will without a doubt be making a few more trips to Little Sahara, I had a blast. Also down in Oklahoma Bill & Nancee have a farm that we stopped by to show Ian and the kids. We were thinking about swimming in the river, but it was way down and there wouldn’t have been very much swimming. We returned to Wichita on Saturday night and all of us were exhausted.

I got a chance to drive Ian’s Lamborghini, wow that was incredible. (It was a blast Jon, maybe you will get the opportunity sometime. I wanted to make sure that I got a chance to drive it before you did, haha!!) We also rode the horses and Halee got to ride the pony again and she loves it. She pretty much laughed the entire time she was riding especially when he decided to started going a little faster. We had a really good weekend despite the slight change in plans, now back to normal life with Kristee attending school tomorrow.

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On Break!

We got back from Wichita on Sunday night really late. Kristee is really enjoying her time on break and being able to relax and not think about having to get up and go to school. We had a really good time in Wichita, I would say that we spent the majority of the time on Saturday at a horse auction. I wasn’t even planning on going, but the women wanted Ian and I to come up to the auction to see the horses. I think that mainly wanted Ian, but I went along with him to go look. Needless to say they walked out of there with 2 horses, a pony for Ian named Matt. (I love the name) And a horse for Nancee named lightning. Halee loved the pony and kept calling it her pony, which is fine, I don’t think that Ian minds. We spent the rest of the day watching the horses.

We went to Metro (our old church), I went up to the sound booth and finally got to see the Macs that they have been using for the worship service. I think that is awesome!!! After church we went over to Kamra and Ian’s place to ride the horses and pony. Halee was so excited they bought her new cowboy boots and she loves them and she was ready to ride her pony. Kristee was the 1st to ride with Kamra and Nancee and she was little nervous because it had been awhile since she had been on a horse, she did just fine and had a great time. Believe it or not I was actually excited about riding the horses myself. I was a little scared, it had been about 10 years since my last horseback ride. Once I was up on the horse all the fears that I had were gone. It was a blast and I look forward to doing it some more. Then once we were done we got out Matt and let Halee get on him with me walking beside her holding her so that she didn’t fall off. She had a great time and loved it, on Monday she was wanting to go back and ride her pony.

Now we are back in Lee’s Summit just relaxing around the house. It is actually kind of nice not to have to go anywhere, we can just hang out and enjoy each other. I also found out last week that Mom is going to be making a trip up here over Labor day weekend and we really look forward to her coming up to see the kids. It is enjoyable having people come and visit us just because the kids sleep better and enjoy being in their own environment. We are excited about Mom coming and I am sure that Halee and Gavin will really enjoy having her up here.

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I must say congrats before I go to bed tonight to 2 people. 1st and foremost I would like to congratulate Kristee on finishing her finals and passing all of her classes this past semester, I know that she is extremely excited to be done. Now she can relax for the next several weeks without having to think about studying for her classes. She did very well this semester and I know that is was difficult at times and having a family makes things even harder at times. Anyways, Congrats to my incredible wife for completing another semester and hopefully I can help you to relax during your break.

I also want say Happy Birthday to Dad, I guess technically it was yesterday. Don’t worry I called him yesterday and wished him a happy birthday and this isn’t a late attempt. I hope that he had a good day and enjoyed his birthday. Happy Birthday and We Love You, Gramps!!!

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Kristee has started her week of finals as of today, one teacher gave his final early, so technically she starts her finals on Thursday and they run through next Thursday. I know she doesn’t like taking Finals, but she knows that a break comes at the end them so she is ready to get them down and over with. We don’t really plan on going anywhere this break, other than to Wichita for a few days. We’ll be able to just hang around the house and enjoy each other and not have to deal with any school work. We will probably take the kids to the zoo or something of that nature. It has been a pretty tough semester for Kristee with many test keeping her busy studying. I think that one of her toughest classes has been in the lab identifying different parts of the human body on cadavers. She has had to learn so much about the human body this semester. I am glad for her to be able to take at least a couple weeks off from school. Pray for her during this upcoming week of Finals.

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Quizzes, Test and……More Test

Kristee is getting down to the last 2 days of this week with 2 test left, she has had a total of 5 test this week. She has entered into the on going test part of the semester, meaning she will constantly be taking test from her till the end of the semester. Last week she had 2 test and 2 quizzes, her school reminds me of what it was like both in high school and college during finals week. I had test just about everyday, except the difference is that it only lasted 1 week she will be taking test like this till the end of August early September. She has had to do a lot of studying this week and I know she is looking forward to the weekend so she can just relax a little on Saturday. Although she may have to study then to because she has a least 3 test next week that I know of, at least it won’t be the next day. I want to ask everyone reading this to pray for her to help her keep her mind clear during her testing time so that she can focus on that particular subject. I also ask that you pray to help her in studying that she can take in all the information that she is learning and really be able to process it. Pray that she can keep focused on her school work when she needs to, but to also relax when she has the opportunity. (She sometimes struggles with completely relaxing) I know I am not gifted or do not have any knowledge about all the sciences and ologies (made that up) that she is studying, but it amazes me that one can keep all of it straight, I myself would be getting some of the classes mixed up. I cannot believe some of the detail that she is required to learn, trust me I have seen some of the books, study guides, old test, and DVD’s. None of it is interesting to me, but Kristee does enjoying learning about some, not all, of the subjects they are studying. Anyways, more than anything I just wanted to ask for everyone to pray for her during all these weeks of taking one test right after another.

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I’m Impressed…

We had something bad that happened to Halee yesterday. Kristee was dancing around with her pulling her arms back and forth doing a little boogie. Then all the sudden Halee said OUCH! So they stop and Halee said that her arm was hurting. We asked where and she told us that it was her belbow (that’s her elbow). We did not have a clue as to what was wrong, but she pretty much quit using that whole arm and did not want us to touch it. We just tried to work with it to see what was wrong, but couldn’t figure it out. We thought maybe it would just go away after a few hours, so I took both kids on a walk for about a hour. In the mean time Kristee was looking stuff up on the internet dealing with elbow injuries in kids. She remember last semester that a professor of hers had said that dislocation of the elbow in toddlers under the age of 4 was common due to the fact that parents will lift their kids up by their arms causing dislocating the elbow. Her professor had said that it happened to his daughter at a day care and that he knew what had happened and fixed it immediately by putting it back into place.

After we got back from the walk her elbow was still bothering her a lot, she was still holding it like it was in a sling and did not want to move it from that position. Kristee looked at it some more and had found a website that gave an exact description as to what Halee was experiencing with her elbow. The website also described what to do if this has happened. I must say that my lack of knowledge about the human body did not understand any of the directions. Since Kristee was in school and was learning about all the different bones, muscles, and ligaments she knew exactly what the directions were saying. So, I held Halee in my lap real tight not letting her move and Kristee held her arm and followed the directions on the website and sure enough Kristee felt her elbow pop. She had pop her elbow back into place and immediately Halee lifted her arm up higher than she had since the injury occurred.

Halee was feeling 100%, she was able to do anything that she wanted with that arm. Kristee and I both needless to say were extremely relieved that she was back to normal. I know that I probably contributed to the injury due to fact that sometimes when I am carrying Gavin I will lift Halee up by her arms to lift her up over the child gate. I have decided that it is not a good idea and will not be doing that ever again. I know we will both be extremely careful when pulling on the kids arms. I am impressed with what Kristee has been learning in school and the fact that she was able to figure out what was wrong with Halee and that she was able to fix the problem. I must say that I am extremely proud of Kristee and what she is doing in school, she is going to be an incredible chiropractor one day…

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Back to School

Well, Kristee went back to school today and man does she have quite a load. She has a total of 9 classes that she will be taking this semester and from the onset can look overwhelming. She is excited about getting back into the routine of going to school and learning more stuff, but she also knows just how much work she has ahead. Of course we all know that she will be successful, but I know she is going to need my help in making sure that she has time to study without a lot of distraction, especially once all her test start stacking up. (Trust me they will!) I just ask that everyone would pray for her as she sets into her next semester of school, pray that she keeps a clear head and really focuses on her school and pray that she will really look at things one day at a time rather than looking at the entire semester as a whole causing her to stress out about the amount of work that she has ahead. Also pray that I will be of help to her from getting to distracted with the kids and things around the house during the hours that she will set aside for studying. Thank you for thinking about her and praying for us, but mainly Kristee.


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Well, Kristee is done with all of her classes this semester and she passed all of them doing very well on her finals. I know that she is so excited to be done with her 1st semester of school and now she can just relax for the next 3 weeks. We are packing up today and tomorrow getting ready to head to the big Mississippi to visit my parents. We will be leaving for Wichita tomorrow sometime then heading out from there on Saturday to go to Miss. We are looking forward to seeing everyone, but Kristee and I both know who they are all looking forward to seeing. (Definitely not Kristee or I) I would say that the kids are excited to, but Gavin doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on and Halee just thinks she knows where we are going. She is just ready to go and I really don’t think she cares where, she just likes to go go go.

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the last few movies that I have added to the website. I truly love doing this website stuff and now that it is up and going it makes it so easy for me to share all that is going on in our lives. As you can tell in some of the videos I just really like playing with the kids toys just as much as they do. If the Hummer would carry me you would see me in it driving the kids around and don’t think that I haven’t tried getting in and driving it, I have, it doesn’t perform well. Anyways as many of you know I am just a big kid at heart and really enjoy having all the fun that I can and the kids give me an excuse to play with their toys and not look funny. Well I am off to bed, I have a lot of work to do tomorrow before we leave. By the way I have still been getting wonderful sleep Gavin is still sleeping through the night, oh it is wonderful.

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Ending 1st Semester

Well, it is hard to believe that Kristee is about to end her 1st semester of Chriropractic School. She has her first finals starting tomorrow and she has 2 tomorrow. She as a least one final each day until next Thursday which is her last day of finals and she sure is excited about finishing her classes. I think more than anything she is excited about getting to have almost 3 weeks off of school and not have to think about school. She is really looking forward to being able to just focus on spending time with the kids and me hopefully. All in all it does not seem like it has been to bad this 1st semester, other than the fact that it seems like she is constently taking one test right after another. Kristee has really enjoyed getting back into school and learning again, I think that she likes learning new things. As for our family, this change has definitely been a good change for all of us. First and foremost, we are both getting to spend a lot more time with the kids and watching them grow without having to send them to day-care. Kristee and I are able to spend a lot more time together than ever before and we are both loving it. The most important thing is that we are able to do a lot more things together as a family, like going on walks and bike rides or playing outside with the kids. We are extremely happy that things are going well, and we are happy that Kristee’s 1st semester went well and can’t wait for a little break for school. We are going to Mississippi for a little over a week to spend sometime with my side of the family and are looking forward to a little vacation…

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