Passed Part 3

Kristee received her part 3 board scores this past week and she passed. It isn’t fun to have to wait for several months just to find out whether or not you passed. Although I am 100% confident that she passes them all she still wonders after taking them. She has spent this entire paster week including last weekend and this weekend studying for part 4 boards. They are coming up in November, but it has been a long week just spending time studying for them. It was good news to hear that she passed her part 3 boards after such a long week.

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Kristee had her part 3 boards today and she feels like they went well for her. It was definitely the shorts of the boards to date. The first 2 took 2 days each to complete. I know that she is relieved to have this part over. Now she just has one more board to take to be done with all the boards. She will be taking part 4 in December. It is definitely exciting to see the end of school coming, it is just so hard to believe how fast her schooling has gone by. It is unbelievable to think that she is starting her last trimester on Wednesday.

Update on our clinic situation: I had mentioned that I found a previous property that we really liked had come available, but looking further into it the 2 parties a still working out the details and look as if they are going to close the deal. So we went back to looking into other properties. We are looking at a couple out in East Wichita, but have also started looking at a couple of properties in Valley Center (just outside of Wichita). Please continue to pray for us as we continue to look for the ideal location for our future practice.

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Family Update

Things are going well for us. The kids and I just got back from visiting my family in Mississippi. Unfortunately Kristee was not able to go with us since she has started seeing patients she has to spend her time off up at the school seeing them. We decided to go down there while she was taking her finals so that we would not be bothering her while she studied. She did extremely well in all her classes and his excited to be done with the school work at least for a little while even though she still has to see patients. It is an exciting time for her since she is going to be starting her last trimester of school and almost all of it is going to be working in the clinic.

We had an awesome time in Mississippi and it was a blast getting to spend time with my family. The kids had fun swimming and spending time with everyone. Unfortunately there was several days that Gavin wasn’t feeling the greatest and he was a little more of a Daddy’s boy than usual. I got a chance to go on many motorcycle rides and experience everything from highway riding to traffic, twisties, and night time riding. It was a blast. I just recently went through a motorcycle safety course that was a lot of fun. I can’t explain the absolute enjoyment of riding a motorcycle.

We ended up driving down there instead of flying since it is getting too expensive to fly now that we have to pay for both kids. Believe it or not I was looking forward to the road trip with the kids. We made it in about 13 hours of driving in 1 day. The trip back was a little faster due to not stopping for meals, we just had some good snacks that we ate while we drove. (Gavin had the runs and I didn’t think that it would be good to eat at fast food restaurants with his stomach situation.) We made it in 11 hours and were able to beat Kristee home from school and surprise her. While we had a lot of fun there in Mississippi it was very nice to be back home with Kristee, I really missed her a lot.

Now that we are back we are really going to need to buckle down and get serious about finding a place to open our practice. Today I was browsing the net looking at properties and discovered that the place we were really interested in before was back on the market. It was the original place that we really wanted but decided it was time for us to make a deal on due to our time frame. It went under a lease contract pretty soon after we decided not to do anything about it. When we made the decision, we said that if it was meant to be God’s will in our life to practice at that location then it would be available when we were ready to start a contract. Sure enough it went back on the market just recently. We can really only see this as sort of a sign. We are extremely excited about this particular property because we haven’t found another place that we have been as excited about. We really hope that this is the location of our future clinic. Please Pray with with us as we start the process on this property.

We are also going to start the process of putting our home on the market. There is a chance that we can move back to Wichita in November sometime and really need to get this home sold. Pray that we can find the right real estate agent to help sell the home and also that we can sell it within a good time frame of when we need to move.

We are extremely excited about this time in our lives, but also a little nervous due to the life changing experiences that we are about ready to go through. Please keep our family in your prayers during this time of transition.

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Kristee has started her finals as of yesterday. And as usual they last a week long, her first final was yesterday and has one today. The first one went really well and she felt like she did well on it, so that was a big relief. I know that she is ready for this semester to finish so that she can have a little break from school. It will be nice having her home for a couple of weeks. This semester has definitely been one, if not her busiest semesters yet. She started seeing student patients this past semester, leading to longer hours at school and at the student clinic. She is really enjoying getting to do some more hands on stuff and next semester I know that she will being doing a lot more. Just a little update, please pray for her that she can have a clear head during the next week for studying. So that she can really focus on finishing the semester out, we all know that getting towards the end you are just ready to finish and it can be hard to concentrate. Keep her in your prayers.

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Taking Boards

Right now Kristee is at school taking her boards that she has spent all week long (spring break) studying for. She has 5 sections that she has to take today from 7am to 6pm, talking about a long day of taking test. She has 2 sections that she will have to take tomorrow. Just a quick update and asking for you guys to pray that she can have a clear head to focus on her test, we all know how tough it is to take any test, but to take them all day long is a whole other story.

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Spring Break

Kristee is currently on Spring Break. You would think that she would be happy to be on break relaxing away from school, don’t get me wrong she is. But she has her 2nd Part and PT Boards coming up on Friday and Saturday. So guess what she has been doing all week since last Friday, studying. Not exactly a person’s ideal “break”. She has enjoyed the aspect of not having to get up super early in the morning and going to school, but she has pretty much had her notebook attached to her hands. We really hope that she gets to study enough to feel comfortable going into her boards on Friday.

As for the weather we have had incredible weather in the mid 70’s. So the kids are excited to be able to go outside and play for long periods of time. We are suppose to have 1 more day of 70’s then it is going to drop to the 50’s. I guess 50’s aren’t really that bad, but everyone can agree that the 70’s are quite nice with the wind that we can have. The kids are doing really good and have been riding their tricycle and bicycle around. Gavin really amazed me when he hopped on the tricycle and started peddling, his legs are long enough to reach the peddles. He is even able to get on the little bicycle and peddle it. The only problem is his ability to steer, he tends to focus so much on peddling that he forgets that he needs to turn and avoid running into obsticles.

I couldn’t believe how tall Halee has gotten, or so it seemed. She stood next to the kid’s basketball goal and was able to just put it in by reaching straight up. I will have to look at some old video to do a comparison when she is standing next to the goal. They both have gotten pretty good at making shots. I do make Halee back up since the goal is lower for her and she still is very capapble of making them. Anyways, that is just a quick little update to what we are doing over Kristee’s Spring Break.

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She Passed!!!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Kristee received her chiropractor Board scores today and she passed them. She was so excited and relieved to finally know. There was about a month wait to find out. Now she has 3 more parts and a PT exam to take during her last year of school. I know that it is an awesome feeling for her to be done with the 1st one.

Congrats Babe!!!

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Kristee has been in the process of studying for her first boards that are coming up this weekend. She has to take a total of four before she graduates and must pass to get her license to practice. The boards are over a 2 day span and each taking just about all day long with separate parts. She is pretty nervous about them and has been studying A LOT!! over the past week and half. I am sure that she will do fine, but can see how the test can be a little intimidating because of how big it is and how important it is to her future. I just ask that you pray for her and pray that she can keep a clear head while studying and also a clear head when taking the tests. Pray that God will comfort her nerves and keep her relaxed and I know she will do fine. I thank you for your prayers for her during this time.

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Way to Go!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Kristee just finished her finals today and passed all of her classes. I know that she is excited to be done with this semester and looks forward to having a couple of weeks off. She will be starting her board reviews coming up on Sat. and goes through Tues., then she can officially start her break. I just wanted congratulate her on finishing this semester.

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Just A Little Update

I thought it has been a while since I made my last post and thought I would give a little update about what is going on in our lives. Right now Kristee is the the middle of her week long of finals. It is hard to believe that another semester has passed and that she is more than half way done with school. We thought that school would go by fast, but it is going by a lot faster than I could have ever imagined in my life. By the end of this next semester we will start needing to look into where we are going to set up our clinic and start thinking about getting together a plan for our practice. It is exciting to be getting so close to finishing school, but it also makes Kristee and I little nervous about starting our own business. We look forward to starting and know that as long as we put our business in God’s hands that he will lead us in the right direction. We must make sure that we keep our focus on Him and it won’t be too overwhelming.

Halee and Gavin are still growing up at an incredible speed, it is really hard to believe just how big they are getting. Gavin is kind of in the process of potty training. We have gotten him to go pee-pee in the potty, but he often wants to go after he has gone in his pull-up. Since he can now open all the doors in the house I have now found him fully stripped sitting on the toilet going potty. (Yes he likes to use the bathroom in the nude!!) Hopefully we can get him to start telling us when he needs to go to the bathroom. Halee has also taken on the responsibility of wanting to potty train him. She is more excited about it than he is, needless to say he doesn’t always like her involvement.

Halee is without a doubt just like Kristee in her bossiness. She likes to boss both Gavin and I around all the time. She is really like Gavin’s second mother. She loves to pick his clothes out in the morning and get him dressed and believe it or not he lets her most of the time. We may have a little battle ahead when he decides that he wants to pick out is own clothes. We have also discovered that she is most likely going to be an extremely messy girl. She likes to change clothes 100 times a day and in the process she leaves clothes laying all over her floor. We have tried to emphasize and show her how to put her clothes back in the drawers and try to keep a clean room. She claims that she likes the mess and enjoys living in the mess. (Sometime when it gets out of hand again I need to take a picture and post it online, hopefully it won’t get to that point. She has also started to really enjoy wearing pony tails a lot. The funny thing is that she has actually gotten really good at putting them in herself. She doesn’t have the thickest hair to work with, but she does and excellent job at putting them in herself.

As you can see we are doing just fine, the kids are doing great. We look forward to Kristee’s break that is coming up next week and look forward to having her home for a much deserved break!!

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First Day

Well I picked up the kids after they attended their first day of school and they had a blast. They were all sitting around in a circle reading a book when I got there. They both were hot as if they had just finished playing outside. They both got to color some pictures, play inside and outside, and have story time. I am not sure what else they did, I can’t get Halee to quite tell me the truth about what they all did. The first thing she said was that they didn’t get to play with playdough. (They play with playdough during Sunday school) Then later on she said that she did get to play with playdough outside, so go figure. She did get a little scratch on her knee and she said that she fell while she was running. She also told me that she raced this other big girl and she won, she said that the other girl was slow and she was fast. So whether or not that really happened I do not know, but at least they came back with lots of fun things to tell me. Gavin just kept saying that they had fun, and both of them are excited to go back next week. I have video of them before and after school, and plan on putting it together soon, so it should be up in a day or two.

On another note I also got Gavin to show everyone how to say night-night prayers and the one will soon be up also.

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Going to School

Our church has started a parent’s day out program that runs like school and they hope to continue it in the fall if there is enough interest. Kristee and I have decided to enroll both Halee and Gavin so that they can have the opportunity to play with some other kids more than once a week at church. I will be taking them up there on Thursdays and they will attend what we are calling school once a week. They are both really excited about it and can’t wait to go. I know that they will both have a lot of fun playing with the other kids, doing crafts, having story time, and music time. We were looking to enroll Halee in preschool this fall, but really hope that the church will continue their program through the fall. It is great hours from 10 to 2, meaning we won’t have to wake up and rush around all morning trying to get them ready to go.

Although I am excited for them and know that it will be a lot of fun for them I must say that I will actually be sad on the first day. I know that it will give me the opportunity to get some things done that either need to be done or that I want to do. I just know that it will be hard for me to come back home and have an empty home, I have just gotten to use to having them around that it is hard to imagine them being gone for 4 hours when I know that I can be taking care of them. I know that they are both really excited about it and they will have an absolute blast going and playing with other kids their ages. It is just hard for me to believe that they are growing up so fast and are no longer babies and they will actually be attend pre-school (in a sense). I will be interested to see how they do and what they will say about going once they have been one day.

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Been Awhile!!!

Man it seems like it has been an eternity since I posted anything on our blog. Just to let you know what is going on in our lives, Kristee just started back to school last week after a 2.5 week break, so we are getting back into our school routine. She did awesome in all of her classes and was glad to see that semester come to an end. She was glad to have a break but was ready to get back to it so that she can finish school and we can move onto the next chapter of our lives. She has a lot longer days this semester and won’t be done with classes till around 4:30 each day, where as before it was no longer than 3:30 and sometimes earlier depending on the day.

We had a great time having her home over the break, one of the first things that we did after she finished her finals was go to the zoo. We had never taken the kids to the zoo here in Kansas City and decided that we want to go and check it out. We didn’t get to see the whole zoo just because with smaller kids they tend to want to take a nap so we thought we would leave around 1 and see the rest of the zoo on another day. We also went down to Wichita to visit Nana & Papa, and Kami & Ian, we pretty much just hung out with everyone for 3 or 4 days, it was enjoyable and relaxing. After Wichita we came back to Lees Summit and spent the rest of her break hanging out around the house, it was kind of bad because the entire rest of her break it was cold and rainy the entire week. We had planned on going back to the zoo before she went back, but it was just plain yucky outside.

The kids are doing great, they are growing up so dang fast it just amazes me. Not to mention we have Gavin’s birthday coming up in 2 days he is going to be 2 that is incredible. Gavin is talking a lot, I just call him Jaba Jaws, and a lot of what he is saying is very understandable, at least to me. He does like to repeat himself a lot just to make sure that you get what he is telling you, but it is funny to look at his face when he is really trying to tell you something important he is soooo serious looking. He is really at that age in which he copies what he hears others say and both him and Halee will repeat each other a lot. It is great to see them both interact with one another because they really do get a long very well and enjoy having each other around. We are still taking potty training at his own pace meaning we aren’t pushing him, but just encouraging him whenever he needs to go. Halee is a really big help and really looks out for Gavin acting more like his mother than his sister. She is really learning a lot more words and becoming easier for people to understand and putting together multiple sentence when explaining something to you. If I hadn’t mentioned it yet she is obsessed with wearing this one outfit and she will literally wear it all week long if you don’t make her take it off and put it in the dirty clothes and even then she has been known to go and take it out. It is a Juicy t-shirt and a pair of Gap jeans, and they are by far her favorite outfit that she owns. The funny thing is when we are washing them she keeps a very close eye on where they are at in the washing process so that she can get them out as soon as they are dry. (She has attempted to take them out when they were still wet and try to wear the outfit) And for and update on sleeping in our bed she has occasionally gone to our bed and fallen asleep, I wouldn’t say it was an every night thing, but here and there, it is really quite cute, but we try to prevent it from happening. Both kids have done great in going to Sunday School the past 2 Sundays they both walked in and didn’t look back. Previously we went through a couple of weeks of Gavin not wanting to go and would cry when we left him in the nursery. All in all they are both doing great we have really enjoy the past couple of days, the weather has been really nice and we have gotten to play outside a lot and of course ride the hummer and 4 wheeler.

As for me I am doing great I am still enjoying being at home with the kids and watching them grow up right before my eyes. I am a big kid myself so any opportunity to play I am all for it and that is what kids really like to do. I have also taken up a new hobby of sorts: reading. During Kristee’s break I decided that I want to read a book, sometime last year I had read A Million Little Pieces by James Frey, (I found it because of Oprah’s book club, I know I am turning into a house wife, trust me I don’t watch Oprah on a regular basis, but just happened to be watching when she suggested this book, and NO I AM NOT A MEMBER OF HER BOOK CLUB!!!) With all of the hype around The DaVinci Code, I decided that I wanted to read it and find out with all the controversy was about. I must say I see the controversy, but I really enjoyed the book as a fiction novel and it really sparked my interest for reading, since then I have read House by 2 Christian authors. I am picking book that are really that thriller type book that won’t let you put it down. I have also set out on a goal of reading the Bible from cover to cover straight through. For any of those that knew me back in high school or even college would think that someone has come and taken Josh and replace him with some other dude. I was the type in high school and college and even after college that hated reading, and I mean hated it. I always looked for the Cliffs Notes or a movie about any book that I needed to read, and I wasn’t the type that wanted to spend my time reading a book. I must say that I am still the same Josh, but have really discovered the joys of reading, I never in my life thought that I would enjoy reading as much as I am now.

Anyways that is what is going on in our lives, now that we are getting back into our normal routine I should be back to posting a little more often.

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One More Down!!

Kristee has just finished her last day of finals, so now she will get about a 2 week break. After this past week of studying extremely hard for her finals, she is excited about having a break from it all. We are glad that she finished her classes and are looking forward to having her home all day with us. This past semester was one of her hardest that she has had due to the classes and the amount of classes that she had to take. I just wanted to send out a congratulations to my incredible wife for the great semester and all the hard work that she has had to do, I hope to make this break a relaxing one for you!!!

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Final Exams

Kristee has her finals starting tomorrow and ending next Wednesday. She is looking forward to ending another semester of her school and will be close to half way done after this semester. She is doing well in all of her classes and doesn’t have much to worry about in terms of passing her classes. She is definitely ready to have a short break from school. Since her finals fall during Easter weekend we will not be able to go back to Wichita to spend it with family.

We went to Wichita this past weekend and celebrated Easter with Nana & PaPa, Kami & Ian. The Easter bunny came to see the kids while we were there and they got all kinds of candy and toys, both were very excited. The day before we had taken Halee and Gavin to the mall to see about seeing the Easter bunny, but once again Halee would have nothing to do with him. We have come to realize that she refuses to see anything that is dressed up like that, whether it be Santa, Easter Bunny, or Disney characters. She has a tremendous fear of any of them, so we might as well give up trying to get her to see any of them. Gavin on the other hand still gets a kick out of seeing them and smiles real big when he sees them, not sure what he would do with them if he was to sit in their lap. Oh well she will come around someday, maybe.

We also filled some Easter eggs with some candy and hid them up at Kami & Ian’s house. We had a blast and so did the kids. The kids also got a chance to spend some time with Kami & Ian’s dogs and loved playing with them. We had a really good weekend and enjoyed spending time with family and we know the kids really had fun spending time with everyone. I took plenty of photos and videos of this past weekend and hope to get them up on the website later this week. Keep a look out!

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