Halee’s Field Trip

Today I got to join Halee’s class and go see Jack and the Beanstalk at the Wichita Children’s Theater.  It was really a fun time to go and spend it with Halee.  One thing I realize at this age is that both kids really like having their parents come to events/ field trips that they go on.  I know in the not too distant future there will come a time when mom and dad will be an embarrassment.  I have learned to really cherish these times when they are all excited about me being able to be there with them.  It is a good feeling to know that she really enjoyed having me there, she sat in my lap the entire show and I loved every minute of it.

I also got to watch her class participate in PE before we headed out for the theater.  They were doing different types of races.  Some of them were running, some were running on their toes, skipping, hopping.  She was the fastest kid in her class. (14 kids)  She even held up once for one of the boys to catch up to her before beating him.  There were times that she didn’t “win”, but a couple of times she wasn’t paying attention and got off the line late, but by the time she was back at the starting line she would just about pass everyone, but a couple of kids.  She had told us that she was the fastest runner in her class, but I have never gotten a chance to see her run in her class.  She has those long legs that give her an extremely long stride compared to most of her friends.

I am extremely proud of her and how well she gets along with her friends at school.  She really loves going to school and I know that I couldn’t ask for anything better.

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Learning to Read

Halee has really started to pick up on reading.  She has been learning to pronounce a lot of words at school.  Today I sat down with her and went through some of her words that she is suppose to learn as her homework.  We also read about 10 pages of “The World of Dick and Jane”. I had her try to pronounce a lot of the words and sound the words out with what she has been learning in school.  I was extremely impressed with how she sounded out the words.  It is so hard for me to look at the words and help her sound them out the way they have been teaching her.  They are using the phonics and I just don’t get a lot of it.  She is doing extremely well and impressed me with how she sounds out each letter of the words.  The biggest word in the pages that we read that she figured out was “something”.  It is really exciting to see her get excited about learning to read.  I can’t wait for the day that she discovers the joy of reading.

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Our Soloist; “Amazing Grace”

Gavin and Halee both love singing ‘Amazing Grace’ the Chris Tomlin version of the song.  They are really cute when they do it.  I have shot some video of them singing it, but I want to get some extra footage before I post a video, so that will be coming soon.

If you are not familiar with the the version that Chris Tomlin does he breaks off after the part that everyone knows and starts with:

My chains are gone
I’ve been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy rains
Unending love, Amazing grace

Which both Halee and Gavin know and love singing.

At the kid’s school they attend chapel every Wednesday.  I am not sure how it goes, but I am guessing that individual classes may lead the singing or something to that effect.  Gavin’s class must have been leading the singing or something up in front of the entire school.  They were singing Amazing Grace, when they finished the regular part Gavin all by himself continue by singing the words above.  He finished singing the song while everyone in attendance listened.  The teachers all said that is was an incredible sight to see and hear, some hadn’t even heard that version of the song.  Halee’s teacher even made a comment this morning and made a big deal about it when he walked in the room by saying, “Well there is Gavin our soloist” and said to Kristee that it was so precious to see him singing it up there and it brought all the teachers to tears. Definitely one of the moments I wish I could have been there for.

Gavin says that the teacher knew he was going to do it, but I wonder if he didn’t just continue after everyone else finished.  Because in his mind where they finished, that is not the end of the song.

I can’t wait to get them both singing it on video and share it with everyone because it is really awesome and brings a huge smile to my face every time they break out into ‘Amazing Grace’.

This is the video of Chris Tomlin singing it just in case you aren’t familiar with this version.

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Loving School

I got to take the kids to school today.  I have several Mondays since I don’t work the night before.  But they really are both doing well in school and really enjoying it a lot.  It feels so good to have your kids happy to go to school.  I dropped Halee off first this morning and walked her in and helped put her stuff away and then to her seat she gave me a big hug and then sat down.  I gave her a big smile and blew her a kiss as I walked out the door and she smiled and then looked like she was going to start talking to one of her friends.  Man, it is awesome to see that. 

After dropping Halee off I took Gavin to his room and we had to do his routine of going to the bathroom, but when I left I was able to give him a hug and kiss and left.  They have a camera at the door that the kids can look at and I waved as I walked out and then he can run to the window and watch me walk down the side walk to the car.  I really think he likes being able to do that and wave to me as I am walking away. 

Both Kristee and I are extremely happy with the school that they are in and are really glad we made the decision to put the kids in school there.  Whether or not they stay there another year hasn’t been decided, but I know Kristee and I would like to put them in the public school, when they can both go all day. 

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2008 Flood Photos and Others

Here are photos that I took outside of the flood creek behind our house.  It gave me a chance to mess around with my new camera, bought a Canon 870 IS, I nice pocket camera to take more photos of the kids. I know that I miss out on quite a few since we quit using our old one. Anyways most of the photos are of the flooded area, but I also took some shots of Halee outside. Some pretty good ones if you ask me.

Below the main slideshow, (which is also a link to the actual photos on picasa) is more links to other photos that I found on Kristee’s phone. Some are from Gavin’s class events at Discovery Place and the most recent is from his trip to see Veggie Tales with his class.

Veggie Tales

Gavin’s 4th Birthday @ Discovery Place

Parent’s Day w/ Gavin @ Discovery Place

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Kid’s Surprises

Even though I don’t get to see the kids much during the week, I do get to see what they “leave behind”. It does put a smile on my face, even though much of it is a mess. Today I was making myself a peanut butter and banana sandwich for work and I opened the jar of peanut butter and there was Gavin’s spoon stuck down in the peanut butter covered. I just had to laugh, but it is little things like that, that put a smile on my face and makes me think of what he was doing when he did it, funny stuff!!!

Gavin is getting to go on a field trip with his school tomorrow and go see Vegetales. Kristee is going to get to go and help take the kids in his class, so that will be exciting for her and him. I look forward to hearing about it tomorrow.

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1st Full Week of School

This kids had their first full week of school this past week. From what I have gotten them to tell me about school, they are really enjoying their new school. They both have said that they have made several new friends and are loving their teachers. They are both doing good being dropped off according to Kristee. They did have a couple of crying times last week, but I think they have been fine being dropped off this entire week.

Halee has memorized her first Bible verse this week and does and awesome job of saying it. Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” It is really exciting to hear her say it. She has also continued learning her letters.

Gavin has been doing little projects and learning his numbers. He made a “wave in a bottle”. He was pretty proud of it. When I say he has been learning his numbers I mean that he has been learning to write his numbers. He says that he has had a fun time playing with his friends.

It hasn’t been the greatest for me, because I really don’t get to see the kids till the weekends. I do talk to them on the phone over lunch at work, but it is pretty quick since they are headed to bed. Plus talking to them on the phone is just not the same was seeing them. Eventually I hope that this changes, but we will make do for now.

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Back to School

The kids have returned to school as of yesterday. They were both excited about going back to school. We decided to have them go to a different school this year. Location and cost were the deciding factors. They both did pretty good yesterday when we dropped them off. Halee cried a little bit, but Gavin went in and started playing right away. They both said they had a really good time and made some new friends which is really exciting to hear.

Today when they were dropped off at school it was opposite reaction. Halee went in fine, but Gavin cried.  Hopefully before too long they will both be back in the swing of things and going to school fine.  It is crazy to think that Halee has officially started going to school.  She is in Kindergarten this year and it blows my mind.

For me it has been a little rough to see them go off to school, just because of my schedule.  Since I work 2nd shift, I only get to see them a little in the morning, if I am awake and on the weekends.  It is kind of sad sitting here without any noise in the house.  I miss having them around before I head off to work and now that they aren’t here I don’t have anyone to tell goodbye when I go off to work.  Hopefully within a year or so I can transfer to 1st shift and it won’t be a problem.

I took some photos that I will get posted asap.

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School & Choir

Gavin has really become quite the patience tester. I consider myself to be very patient with most things, but Gavin as of late has really tested it at times. I don’t know what it is, but he still gets in these fussy moods where he just whines about things rather than just telling us. This morning was one of those examples before school. We could do nothing right for him and he just gets frustrated and whines about whatever it may be such as his outfit, what he wanted for breakfast, where he sits for breakfast there just always seems to be something so minor that causes him to start his whining spells. It is not all the time, but enough to drive you nuts.

On a much better note both kids are doing great with school and church. Last week Gavin brought home a friend from school his name was Joe Bob. (He was a stuffed frog.) They have a pretty neat activity that they have the kids do and it involves Joe Bob. Gavin brought home a duffel bag that Joe Bob traveled in along with 5 froggy books and a journal. The whole point of the activity is for the families to welcome Joe Bob into the family for the weekend and include him in activities that we did. In the journal the families write about their weekend with Joe Bob along with posting photos of the different activities with Joe Bob. These are what are in the new photo album.

They are both really enjoying school and making some good friends which is a huge relief for us. We have also had them start going back to choir at church and they are doing wonderful there also. Kristee and I got a chance to go and visit during their choir class last week and got to see some of the different things that they are doing in class. They were learning some songs, but also playing different instruments along with learning how to keep a beat. It was really neat seeing them involved with activities in the kids choir.

We are really excited to see how much they are have learned over the past few months, but it is also nice to see the kids are having fun with all their activities.

Weekend with Joe Bob
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1st Parent Teacher Conference

Man I am feeling old after attending our first parent teacher conference for Halee. Needless to say everything was wonderful. A big part of the conference was to discuss her readiness for Kindergarten. They think that she is more than ready for Kindergarten and is also excelling in her classroom. She was the only one in her class that passed all 20 questions on an assessment test that they took. There were a few confusing questions that she had no problems answering at all. The teacher was just thrilled about having her in the class and thought that she was getting along great. There is one little girl name Talia that Halee has really become good friends with and thoroughly enjoys playing with in class. It was exciting to hear that she is doing so well and learning quite a bit, we are both so very proud of her.

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Best School Day Yet

Today I took the kids to school and things were awesome for them. As you know they are been going through crying spells once they arrive at school. They would both start at different times during the dropping off process. Halee would start as soon as we stopped the car and would say that she didn’t want to go to school. Gavin would be perfectly fine up till we crossed the entry way in to his room.

Today was different. Halee did say that she didn’t want to go to school once I stopped the car, but she was just pouting not crying. We walked to Halee’s class 1st and she had a sad look on her face, but not crying. I told her bye and she went to her teacher and started talking to her. Gavin needed to go to the restroom (school ritual) and then we walked to his room and I was bracing myself for the crying to start once we crossed the entry. Nothing happened, I looked down to make sure that he was alright and he was just looking around. I hung up his coat and backpack and he was still fine. The teacher came over and should us some photos they took of the kids with their friends and Gavin was standing there hugging his friend Michael. (very cute) I told him that Nana & Papa would pick him up today and said that I would see him this afternoon gave him a hug and stood up to leave. He stood there with a smile on his face and waved to me. Then he looked at his teacher and walked off.

It was a really good thing to see this happen today. I can tell that they are really starting to have a blast at school and are at that point in which they are starting to look forward to going each day. It is one of those things that I didn’t think I would see with the way things started out this year. But they are enjoying it and I am glad to see the tears start to fade in the morning time.

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Not the Best Start

Well unfortunately for our kids their first start to school hasn’t been the best experience for them. It is really hard to get into a routine when you go a few days and then get sick and have to miss several more days. (or a week and 2 days for Halee) It was pretty rough for the kids going back to school today after missing all that time being sick. Halee actually did pretty well today once we got to school, but getting her ready to go was another story. Gavin on the other hand was opposite, he was easy to get ready for school, but once we got to school he broke down into his crying when we got to his room.

I hope and pray that they aren’t sick any more for at least a while so they can get into the routine of going to school. I know that over time they will get use to it and it will be easier on them and us, but we need for them to be healthy. Hopefully all the sickness is gone. All 3 of us had the same exact thing and it seemed that we went through all the same symptoms, but in different order. Kristee diagnosed us as all having the adino virus. But we are all in the clear now, minus a little cough the kids have right now which is the way that mine ended.

Pray for the kids to get back into the routine of school and start getting excited about going. I am looking into getting a job at the Independent school as a Computer Lab Teacher and should know something about the job by next week sometime. I will keep everyone posted on our progress.

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From the Mouth of a 3 Year Old

“I want my life back!” That is what Gavin said to Kristee while they were on their way to school this morning. As you know the kids have started going to preschool since returning to Wichita. They are both enrolled into their respective age groups. Gavin missed 3 days last week and Halee has now missed 4 days of school due to sickness. This week has been extremely tough for Gavin in the morning, he acts excited for the most part while on his way to school, but then when we are dropping him off in the class he starts crying. It really is hard for both Kristee and I and we know it will eventually get better. No one likes to see their children upset and each morning this week we have left Gavin at school crying. We do know this is the best thing for him right now and can’t wait for it to get better but it is rough.

One other possibility is the fact that he knows that Halee has been staying home all this week while he is at school by himself. We are both hoping that when Halee gets to start going again he might do a little better knowing that his big sister is there at the school with him.

I couldn’t get over the comment that Gavin said this morning, it really sounds so grown up. When you really think about what he has gone through recently with us moving back new home, Sunday School, church activities and preschool, it is easy to understand. But for him to come up with that phrase all on his own is very funny, but yet sad in a sense. He realizes that it is tough right now and it use to be so much easier when he got to stay home with his dad everyday.

Please pray for both the kids as they are going through these tough transitions in their young lives. Pray that Kristee and I can say and do the right things to help them both cope with the new things that are happening in their lives.

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Halee’s 1st Day at School

Here are photo taken before Halee headed off for her 1st day of school. Gavin was suppose to go, but got my pink eye, so he had to stay home. He was dying to go, and hopefully he will be better in the next few days.

Halee had an awesome time at school, she came home all excited about school and looked forward to going again today. She didn’t cry or anything when Kristee dropped her off. Kristee on the other hand did cry after she left Halee, kind of funny. I am just glad that she had such a fun time at school, I hope she gets to make lots of good friends and learns a lot of new fun and exciting stuff. The only thing that she doesn’t like about school so far is the fact that she has to get up so early to go.

I can’t wait for Gavin to be able to go and see what it is like, they are both definitely ready for school and it is exciting to see them looking forward to going. I will post photos of Gavin when he finally gets to go.

Halee's 1st Day of School
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Final Day

Kristee just checked out this morning, meaning she is completely done with school. She now only has graduation coming up on the 14th. She is glad to be done with all the work and is excited about moving on to a clinic situation. But, she is also sad about this part of her life coming to an end. She has made some good friends and I know she will miss them for a while.

I am extremely excited for her to have completed Chiropractic school it doesn’t seem like it has been 3 years. We are both excited about getting back to Wichita and starting the next phase of our lives. Now only if we could get our house sold. We have had several showings recently which is a lot better than during the first month, but no one interested in making an offer yet.

Pray for our whole family as we make this next transition in our lives.

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