2nd Day of School Photos

I figured that everyone does 1st day of school photos, so I decided to do 2nd day photos. Actually I forgot to take first day, but that is besides the point. Halee headed to middle school and Gavin in the 5th grade. It’s hard to believe they are getting this old. To think that they will both be in middle school next year is crazy.





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Want to be Like Gavin

I went with Gavin to a birthday party today and one of the moms of a girl in his class came up and told me that her daughter made the comment that out of all the kids in their class she wanted to be a friend of Gavin and be like Gavin. Anytime he gets hurt or someone gets hurt he immediately prays to God and ask for Him to help make them better.

It is really awesome to see Gavin’s friends recognizing his tremendous faith in God. Gavin always talks about trying to help his friends know and love Jesus. One thing that I have always tried to do his get both of our kids to be kind and friendly to all kids in their class. It is really neat to see other kids his age making comments like that, it kind of reassures what we are doing in raising both Halee and Gavin.

The faith that he has in God is amazing and I can only hope that we can all have that same type of faith in our creator. The faith of a child is powerful!!!

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Slumber Party

Gavin is going to have his first slumber party tonight at one of his friends house for his birthday. Gavin is really excited about getting to the chance to go and spend the night at his friend’s house. I will be interested to see how he does. He has already been told that he is going to get to watch a movie with them tonight, which makes him even more excited. I hope that it is a good experience for him and he enjoys it. I would rather not get that call in the middle of the night saying that he wants to come home, but it’ll be alright if it does happen.

He keeps asking if it’s time to go yet, so I know he is ready!!

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Fiber One Bars & Toots

Yesterday Gaivn had 2 fiber one bars for a snack, Kristee told him that he was going to have the toots tomorrow, but they actually started last night. He had it pretty bad last night, but even woke up this morning with more.

I asked him how things went today at school and asked him if he had any toots. He told me that he had only one toot today. I asked, “Was it loud did anyone hear?” He told me that yes someone heard, but I tricked them. I told them did you hear that my stomach is starving!!!

He is way too funny!!!

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Halee & Gavin’s 1st Week of School

It’s Friday, and we dropped the kids off for their last day of school this week. It has been a really good week, we really only had one thing happen with Halee that worried us a little bit due to the way last year ended. Yesterday, as we were driving to school everything was going very well, but as soon as I parked the car tears started coming down Halee’s face. I got her out of the car and she was clinging to my hand and kind of hiding behind me, probably embarrassed by her tears. She did that all the way into school, but stood in the hallway by herself while I got Gavin to his room. I took her to her room and she was still hanging on tight, but she did go put her moose binder up as I was leaving.

After picking them up everything went extremely well, they both had awesome days. They were both excited about what they were doing at school. Halee hasn’t had any homework yet, and I really think that she is excited and can’t wait to have her first homework assignment. (I just wonder how long that will last.) Gavin on his first day told me that he almost got a yellow card (warning I guess), but he assured me that he got a blue card for the day. He told me it was because he touch another boy with his hands that had germs, since he hadn’t washed his hands yet. Later he told me that they were learning about germs on the first day.

I am extremely glad that they both have had a good time at school and have really enjoyed getting back into going to school. They have both really adapted to the going to bed early and getting up early. They both get to see each other at school a decent amount throughout the day which is a big plus for the both of them. Kristee and I are both excited to see what the year is going to hold for the kids and look forward to seeing all that they will learn.

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Summer Over

I can’t believe that the summer is on the last day for our kids.  It has gone by so fast.  Fortunately they are getting excited to go to school, at the beginning of summer they would ask how long they had before they had to go back to school, they wanted to make sure that it was a long time.

It has been a really fun summer for all of us. We got to go to Disney World, they got to go with me on our mission trip and spend the week with Gramps and Grammy, went to the zoo a couple of times and swam a lot!!  I am going to miss them as they go off to school for the day, but the good thing is that I will start working at the church. 

I was extremely thankful for the way that the interim youth pastor position worked out for me this summer.  I was able to do the work as the youth pastor at home and spend more time with them this summer, which was awesome!! I felt like I was able to keep a solid balance of spending time with them and preparing stuff for the youth.

As the kids get ready to start their new school year it is crazy to think that Gavin and Halee will be in Kindergarten and 1st grade.  They are both officially in school, where as Gavin was in more of a day care situation.  I pray that this year they will both have an awesome year and learn a lot.  I pray that they both apply themselves and work hard at their school work. I pray that Kristee and I both can be extremely supportive in their school work and as I go back to work we can manage our time and devote time to our family.  Looking forward to what God has in store for us this school year.

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Parent/ Teacher Conference

Today I had a parent/ teacher conference with Halee’s teacher.  It was actually my first one to get to go to this year at this school.  Halee is doing awesome in school.  Her teacher said that she was the one with the best handwriting in the class.  I believe that since Halee comes home and just enjoys spending the afternoon writing different things.  Her teacher also said that she is really active and loves doing art, which we also see in our house all the time.  Halee often asks her teacher if she could take some extra papers home so that she can play school with Gavin, she cracks me up!!  She is doing very well with reading and can tell that she is really picking up on the concepts of how to sound out words in order to read.

We are extremely proud of how well she is doing in school.  More important than anything we are happy that she loves going to school and has a blast with her friends and teachers.  Having a comfortable and fun environment makes it so much easier to learn.

Way to go Halee!!!

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Out of School

As I had posted earlier we decided to save some money and take Gavin out of preschool.  This has been the first week for him to be at home with me and I have loved every minute of it. 

He went with me on Monday to the church to play basketball for about an hour.  He took the DS and a little basketball.  He played with those for a little while, but then watched me play with the guys most of the time.  After we left he said, “That was fun.”  You have to realize he didn’t want to go when I mentioned it to him earlier on.

We did go to school on Tuesday for about 30 minutes for him to take a picture with his class.  He got to play for a little while and he said that he was having fun and missed his friends after we left.  But, when I asked him if he wanted to go back he said, “No.”  When we got back home we both took a little rest for about 30 minutes. (I was dead after getting up at 7:30 when I went to bed at 2:00am after getting off work.)

Although he is out of school I want to make sure that he is still learning and getting a least some school type learning/ activities rather than just playing the whole time.  Yesterday I wanted to get a good idea of what he knew and we went through and he wrote out the alphabet in Upper and Lower case letters.  We also went through and worked on writing his numbers.  Each day we are going to work on bettering his writing skills.  We read for a while today and I had him learn to write some simple words like cat, dog, hat, bug.  He did an awesome job and even was able to sound out the words to figure out what he was writing.  I was extremely impressed with what he knows. 

The thing that gets me even more is how excited he is when he is learning new stuff, it always seemed to me that he was always wanting to do something else like tv, computer, or playing instead of sitting down to learn.  He has really gotten a kick out of me being the teacher.  This morning after breakfast one of the first things that he asked was “when are we going to do school daddy.”  It makes it so much easier when he is wanting to learn and is really excited about the things he is learning.

Even though I am sad that he is getting to play with his friends I know that we are going to have an awesome time together and I am going to treasure every moment I get with him.  I can’t wait till April when I will get to spend time with Halee when she gets home from school and I don’t have to go to work.

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Sad But Happy Day

Today was Gavin’s last day at Pre-k.  We made the decision to take him out to save a little money since I will be laid off March 31st.  We decided to take him out 3 weeks before because with Spring Break coming up for Halee Gavin wouldn’t be going either, but we would still have to pay for him since it is pre-k/ day care.  It is sad that he won’t be going any more and I know he has made some good friends there and has really enjoyed his teachers.  Kristee and I both have really liked the program that he was in and felt like it was awesome for him to get to go there.  Unfortunately due to the economy it will be in our best interest to take him out.  Obviously Halee continue to go there since she is in actual school. 

He even said that he was sad when he left and said that he was going to miss his friends and teachers, but then also he has been looking forward to this day. (we had been telling him for a couple of weeks)  Although it makes me sad to take him away from his school, but I am also excited to get the chance to spend a lot more time with him even before I am laid off.  We will have a good time.  I plan on getting on some little schedule for school type activities.  I really do look forward to spending more time with him, but it is a shame to see some changes that we are starting to make just because of our current economic situation.

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