Conversation with Gavin

On the way to work this morning, (the kids were coming with me to spend their last day free at the church), Gavin asked me a question. He led with

“I know this is a strange, dumb question.”

I always wonder what it is going to be when he leads a question with a statement like that. So he said

“I was wondering, and I know this might be stupid because God can do anything. I know God could lift this car, but if God were in the car with us could He lift up the car?”

I thought that was quite the thought provoking question, one that I had never thought about.

My response was yes, God can do anything then he could be in something and lift it up at the same time. It is always fascinating to hear the thoughts of a child when they are thinking about the things of God.

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Gavin’s Breakup

Gavin was in the back seat describing his “ex-girlfriend” to Halee. She apparently is a 3rd grader.

I asked “what are you talking about?”
Gavin replied, “oh my ex-girlfriend”
I said, “what happened?”
Gavin, “we broke up.”
Me “did she know you were together?”
Gavin “no, (with a giggle)”

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It Might Snow

Gavin walked in dead serious and said, “It might snow tomorrow.”

Kristee and I said, “what?”

He said, “it might snow tomorrow.”

“where did you hear that from?”

(Gavin) “I just prayed about it!”

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“Sin Both”

Apparently sometime yesterday Gavin for some reason decided it would be fun to use a marker and draw on the wood door going into the garage.  This morning Kristee asked him to clean off the door after school this afternoon.  In which we started asking him why did he even do that to begin with.  He said, “I don’t know I just did.”  Somewhere during the conversation he said that he just wanted to tell the truth about doing it because it didn’t want to “sin both”.  (I am guessing sin twice, is what he meant) Well at least he recognizes what he did was wrong.

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The Old’n Days

This morning Kristee was talking to Gavin about what he was going to wear. She said I hope that they aren’t going to have spaghetti at school today. (they had picked out a white shirt)

She asked him if he remembered that Great Big Paw Paw use to wear a red shirt whenever he had spaghetti. After a minute Gavin said, “Did he use to do that during the old’n days?” Then he said, “Yeah I remember the old’n days!”

Kristee reminded him that his old’n days really weren’t that long ago, Lol!

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I Just Ate It!!

Halee got some sort of a peanut butter cookie thing at school and brought some home to share but more importantly to her she wanted to show momma. She was hoping that Kristee would be able to tell what it was so that they could make some. We weren’t in the door but for about 2 minutes and Halee gave me a small bite to eat and then ate the rest of it herself. A couple more minutes passed and she looked at me and said, “Ahhh, I ate it all!!” I said what forgetting about the cookie and she said, “The cookie I was going to show momma!” Wow kids crack me up with what they come up with.

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Gavin’s Feet

On Wednesday Gavin got to go to Pump It Up for a party, it is a place where the kids get to play on indoor gym type stuff. On the way home from school, with Nana and Papa, Gavin was a little down and upset about something, but they didn’t know why. As they were driving along, he looked down at his feet and said, “My shoes are growing!” They looked back at him and his shoes looked huge.

It turns out that he and another kid had the exact same shoes, but Gavin grabbed a size 12 when he wears a size 9. Think about the other kids who had his shoes. Come to find out he was complaining of his feet hurting, I wonder why.

It is quite funny to see/ hear things through a child’s eyes, especially Gavin’s. He comes up with some of the most incredible sayings.

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