Youtube Addiction

Tonight I was tucking Kylee into bed and we did our usual bed-time prayer together. Usually when we pray I pray first and then she prays. Her prayers have been getting better in the sense that she is not repeating the same thing every night. But tonight she closed her prayer with a very unique ending that I had never heard anyone close with before. I believe it is something that might be a little eye opening to her use of her iPad especially along with the previous post.

You know that your 3 year old watches far too many youtube videos when she closes her prayer with, “If you liked my video please comment below.” Amen!!

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Faith Like a Child

Halee is sick today so she stayed at the office with Kristee. I got off work then went and picked Halee up and then Gavin from school. On the way home Halee fell asleep and Gavin said to me that he was going to say a prayer for him right then. I wanted to share his prayer.

“God I want to pray for Halee because she is not feeling well, help her get better so she can do stuff and go to school because I had fun at school. God heal her with your Powerful Hand and make her better. In Jesus name Amen.”

This is one area I know that all of us could have some help in. Like the Bible says, “we are to have the faith of a child”. It is so powerful to hear Gavin who is 5 have this tremendous amount of faith in God and who He is.

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Gavin’s Prayer Easter Night

This is the prayer that Gavin prayed on Easter night before going to bed, I meant to post it the next day but forgot to.

Thank you God for giving us the Bible.  Thank you for sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins and that he rose from the grave so that we can be with you up and Heaven and that you saved us from Hell.  If we believe in Jesus it allows us to be a Christian. Help us get a good night sleep and Mommy and Daddy in Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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