Our Soloist; “Amazing Grace”

Gavin and Halee both love singing ‘Amazing Grace’ the Chris Tomlin version of the song.  They are really cute when they do it.  I have shot some video of them singing it, but I want to get some extra footage before I post a video, so that will be coming soon.

If you are not familiar with the the version that Chris Tomlin does he breaks off after the part that everyone knows and starts with:

My chains are gone
I’ve been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy rains
Unending love, Amazing grace

Which both Halee and Gavin know and love singing.

At the kid’s school they attend chapel every Wednesday.  I am not sure how it goes, but I am guessing that individual classes may lead the singing or something to that effect.  Gavin’s class must have been leading the singing or something up in front of the entire school.  They were singing Amazing Grace, when they finished the regular part Gavin all by himself continue by singing the words above.  He finished singing the song while everyone in attendance listened.  The teachers all said that is was an incredible sight to see and hear, some hadn’t even heard that version of the song.  Halee’s teacher even made a comment this morning and made a big deal about it when he walked in the room by saying, “Well there is Gavin our soloist” and said to Kristee that it was so precious to see him singing it up there and it brought all the teachers to tears. Definitely one of the moments I wish I could have been there for.

Gavin says that the teacher knew he was going to do it, but I wonder if he didn’t just continue after everyone else finished.  Because in his mind where they finished, that is not the end of the song.

I can’t wait to get them both singing it on video and share it with everyone because it is really awesome and brings a huge smile to my face every time they break out into ‘Amazing Grace’.

This is the video of Chris Tomlin singing it just in case you aren’t familiar with this version.

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School & Choir

Gavin has really become quite the patience tester. I consider myself to be very patient with most things, but Gavin as of late has really tested it at times. I don’t know what it is, but he still gets in these fussy moods where he just whines about things rather than just telling us. This morning was one of those examples before school. We could do nothing right for him and he just gets frustrated and whines about whatever it may be such as his outfit, what he wanted for breakfast, where he sits for breakfast there just always seems to be something so minor that causes him to start his whining spells. It is not all the time, but enough to drive you nuts.

On a much better note both kids are doing great with school and church. Last week Gavin brought home a friend from school his name was Joe Bob. (He was a stuffed frog.) They have a pretty neat activity that they have the kids do and it involves Joe Bob. Gavin brought home a duffel bag that Joe Bob traveled in along with 5 froggy books and a journal. The whole point of the activity is for the families to welcome Joe Bob into the family for the weekend and include him in activities that we did. In the journal the families write about their weekend with Joe Bob along with posting photos of the different activities with Joe Bob. These are what are in the new photo album.

They are both really enjoying school and making some good friends which is a huge relief for us. We have also had them start going back to choir at church and they are doing wonderful there also. Kristee and I got a chance to go and visit during their choir class last week and got to see some of the different things that they are doing in class. They were learning some songs, but also playing different instruments along with learning how to keep a beat. It was really neat seeing them involved with activities in the kids choir.

We are really excited to see how much they are have learned over the past few months, but it is also nice to see the kids are having fun with all their activities.

Weekend with Joe Bob
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American Idol Video

After writing the last post I thought I would try to get Gavin to recreate what he did the other night. Halee decided that she wanted to be a part of it too. I didn’t tell them what to sing or what to do, they just went and did their own thing. And yes that is exactly what Gavin was doing the other night, not singing anything, but mumbling his own song. Halee did and awesome job with actually singing songs she knew. Personally I don’t think they should be doing duets, weren’t singing or even attempting to sing the same song.

American Idol Video

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Next American Idol

The other night we were watching American Idol and one of the funniest things happened. Kristee and I were sitting on the coach watching the end of American Idol (we usually don’t watch it, but there was nothing else on, we usually stop after all the auditions are over anyways) and we heard Gavin back in his room singing, carrying a nice tune. It wasn’t particular song other than words he was putting together in his own song. Kristee and I looked at each other and both laughed quietly. Then pretty soon we could hear it getting louder and he was coming down the hall. He had, in his hand, one of the little poles from his tee-ball set and was using it as a mic. He was really getting into it too, very cute to see, but the minute he realized we were looking at him he got a little embarrassed and stopped. We asked him to come and perform in front of us, but he just started acting all goofy. I really wish that I had a video camera recording him in his room with no one watching, it could have been some really cute footage. He was singing back in his room for a couple of minutes before coming out, just wish I could have gotten it on video.

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