The Better Parent

We had something funny happen very early this morning (5 am). Gavin woke up and used the bathroom and then went to get back in bed. He is extremely picky about how his covers are on him. Kristee tried to make him happy but he would just cry and fuss about it, then I went in to see if I could make it right, but it was the same thing. He just cried about his blankets and I would arrange them the way he was telling me, but it wouldn’t make him happy. I told him that I was through and was going back to bed and he could do it on his own.

He continued to cry and carry on, then we hear little footsteps going across the floor and it was Halee leaving her room. She went into Gavin’s room and started talking to him to help in out. He quit crying and she fixed his blankets the way he wanted them and he was quiet and went back to sleep. It is crazy to see that he responds better to Halee, I mean he quit crying and actually talked to her rather than cry to hear. And then the fact that a five year old can fix his blankets the way he wanted them fixed and 2 grown adults couldn’t figure it out. From now on I think Halee just needs to get up in the night and help him out when he has problems. Oh and when she finished fixing his blankets she told him that she was going to get back in bed and she did.

They are so cute and hilarious when they interact with one another.

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1st Parent Teacher Conference

Man I am feeling old after attending our first parent teacher conference for Halee. Needless to say everything was wonderful. A big part of the conference was to discuss her readiness for Kindergarten. They think that she is more than ready for Kindergarten and is also excelling in her classroom. She was the only one in her class that passed all 20 questions on an assessment test that they took. There were a few confusing questions that she had no problems answering at all. The teacher was just thrilled about having her in the class and thought that she was getting along great. There is one little girl name Talia that Halee has really become good friends with and thoroughly enjoys playing with in class. It was exciting to hear that she is doing so well and learning quite a bit, we are both so very proud of her.

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Not the Best Start

Well unfortunately for our kids their first start to school hasn’t been the best experience for them. It is really hard to get into a routine when you go a few days and then get sick and have to miss several more days. (or a week and 2 days for Halee) It was pretty rough for the kids going back to school today after missing all that time being sick. Halee actually did pretty well today once we got to school, but getting her ready to go was another story. Gavin on the other hand was opposite, he was easy to get ready for school, but once we got to school he broke down into his crying when we got to his room.

I hope and pray that they aren’t sick any more for at least a while so they can get into the routine of going to school. I know that over time they will get use to it and it will be easier on them and us, but we need for them to be healthy. Hopefully all the sickness is gone. All 3 of us had the same exact thing and it seemed that we went through all the same symptoms, but in different order. Kristee diagnosed us as all having the adino virus. But we are all in the clear now, minus a little cough the kids have right now which is the way that mine ended.

Pray for the kids to get back into the routine of school and start getting excited about going. I am looking into getting a job at the Independent school as a Computer Lab Teacher and should know something about the job by next week sometime. I will keep everyone posted on our progress.

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From the Mouth of a 3 Year Old

“I want my life back!” That is what Gavin said to Kristee while they were on their way to school this morning. As you know the kids have started going to preschool since returning to Wichita. They are both enrolled into their respective age groups. Gavin missed 3 days last week and Halee has now missed 4 days of school due to sickness. This week has been extremely tough for Gavin in the morning, he acts excited for the most part while on his way to school, but then when we are dropping him off in the class he starts crying. It really is hard for both Kristee and I and we know it will eventually get better. No one likes to see their children upset and each morning this week we have left Gavin at school crying. We do know this is the best thing for him right now and can’t wait for it to get better but it is rough.

One other possibility is the fact that he knows that Halee has been staying home all this week while he is at school by himself. We are both hoping that when Halee gets to start going again he might do a little better knowing that his big sister is there at the school with him.

I couldn’t get over the comment that Gavin said this morning, it really sounds so grown up. When you really think about what he has gone through recently with us moving back new home, Sunday School, church activities and preschool, it is easy to understand. But for him to come up with that phrase all on his own is very funny, but yet sad in a sense. He realizes that it is tough right now and it use to be so much easier when he got to stay home with his dad everyday.

Please pray for both the kids as they are going through these tough transitions in their young lives. Pray that Kristee and I can say and do the right things to help them both cope with the new things that are happening in their lives.

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Final Day

Kristee just checked out this morning, meaning she is completely done with school. She now only has graduation coming up on the 14th. She is glad to be done with all the work and is excited about moving on to a clinic situation. But, she is also sad about this part of her life coming to an end. She has made some good friends and I know she will miss them for a while.

I am extremely excited for her to have completed Chiropractic school it doesn’t seem like it has been 3 years. We are both excited about getting back to Wichita and starting the next phase of our lives. Now only if we could get our house sold. We have had several showings recently which is a lot better than during the first month, but no one interested in making an offer yet.

Pray for our whole family as we make this next transition in our lives.

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Passed Part 3

Kristee received her part 3 board scores this past week and she passed. It isn’t fun to have to wait for several months just to find out whether or not you passed. Although I am 100% confident that she passes them all she still wonders after taking them. She has spent this entire paster week including last weekend and this weekend studying for part 4 boards. They are coming up in November, but it has been a long week just spending time studying for them. It was good news to hear that she passed her part 3 boards after such a long week.

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Kristee & Halee on TV

Halee & Kristee got the chance to go on Kansas City Live this morning and demonstrate some exercises from the Straighten Up America program. Kansas City Live is kind of like a Live with Regis and Kelly. They both did an excellent job and wanted to share it with everyone.

The funny thing about this is that afterwards we all met at Chick-Fil-A to eat lunch and the kids were playing on the playground. A lady walked in with her kid to play and she asked me, “Was she on TV this morning?” It was funny that someone recognized her just a couple of hours later.

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Clinic Update

I guess I can go ahead and expand on a earlier post. We have been offered a chance to work at Kamra & Ian’s clinic in Haysville. We are really excited about this opportunity, it will really give us a chance to learn the inner workings of the Chiropractic office without having to find a place to practice and then go through the process of getting a loan. We are really excited about it and the other benefit is that Kristee will be able to start practicing a couple of months earlier since she will be allowed to practice under a licensed Chiropractor. So tentatively she could be practicing by December. We are both excited about this opportunity and look forward to moving into the next phase of this change in our lives. We appreciate all the prayers and please continue to pray for us in hopes that we can get our house sold.

Again Thank You!

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Pray With Us

Although I don’t feel I can reveal anything about the decision we are needing you to pray with us about. But I just wanted to ask for prayer. It is involving our future clinic and what we are going to do when we move back to Wichita. I will update everyone once we have made a decision about the situation, shouldn’t be too long.

Thank You!

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Kristee had her part 3 boards today and she feels like they went well for her. It was definitely the shorts of the boards to date. The first 2 took 2 days each to complete. I know that she is relieved to have this part over. Now she just has one more board to take to be done with all the boards. She will be taking part 4 in December. It is definitely exciting to see the end of school coming, it is just so hard to believe how fast her schooling has gone by. It is unbelievable to think that she is starting her last trimester on Wednesday.

Update on our clinic situation: I had mentioned that I found a previous property that we really liked had come available, but looking further into it the 2 parties a still working out the details and look as if they are going to close the deal. So we went back to looking into other properties. We are looking at a couple out in East Wichita, but have also started looking at a couple of properties in Valley Center (just outside of Wichita). Please continue to pray for us as we continue to look for the ideal location for our future practice.

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Gavin’s Wierd

Gavin has some very funny things that he does that I just have to write about. It is all rather humorous or at least I think it is. First I will start with his problem with Kristee and her wearing a pony tail. He for some reason doesn’t like it and will let her know. He will even go to the extent of getting behind her when she is sitting down and pull it out. Then he will say, “I don’t like pony tail in your hair!” It really cracks us both up. What we can’t determine is where he got this from. Kristee has worn a pony tail for as long as I remember so it isn’t a change that Kristee just started. There is no doubt that he has something against pony tails in his mommy’s hair. When asked about other girls and pony tails he is fine with it, it just seems to be Kristee.

The other thing that is funny, but strange is his desire to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants during the heat of the summer. He has been doing this all summer long. He will wear short sleeve shirts and shorts when I pick out the outfit, but if he picks it out he will either pick athletic pants or jeans and then a long sleeve t-shirt. He has even gotten mad at me when I insist that he wears shorts and a short sleeve shirt when it is 90+ degrees out. As a matter of fact he would not change clothes when we were going to Costco the other day. He had on jeans and a long sleeve shirt with his “motorcycle” boots. It was one of those situations where I determined that this was not a battle I cared to fight on that day. Yes he has played outside in the heat of the day in athletic pants and a long sleeve shirt, he is a little crazy if you ask me. When I ask him if he is hot he replies, “Nope I am cold!”

He sure is a funny little guy. And trust me these 2 things are even funnier when you see him in person reacting to either situation. He sure does crack me up!!

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Family Update

Things are going well for us. The kids and I just got back from visiting my family in Mississippi. Unfortunately Kristee was not able to go with us since she has started seeing patients she has to spend her time off up at the school seeing them. We decided to go down there while she was taking her finals so that we would not be bothering her while she studied. She did extremely well in all her classes and his excited to be done with the school work at least for a little while even though she still has to see patients. It is an exciting time for her since she is going to be starting her last trimester of school and almost all of it is going to be working in the clinic.

We had an awesome time in Mississippi and it was a blast getting to spend time with my family. The kids had fun swimming and spending time with everyone. Unfortunately there was several days that Gavin wasn’t feeling the greatest and he was a little more of a Daddy’s boy than usual. I got a chance to go on many motorcycle rides and experience everything from highway riding to traffic, twisties, and night time riding. It was a blast. I just recently went through a motorcycle safety course that was a lot of fun. I can’t explain the absolute enjoyment of riding a motorcycle.

We ended up driving down there instead of flying since it is getting too expensive to fly now that we have to pay for both kids. Believe it or not I was looking forward to the road trip with the kids. We made it in about 13 hours of driving in 1 day. The trip back was a little faster due to not stopping for meals, we just had some good snacks that we ate while we drove. (Gavin had the runs and I didn’t think that it would be good to eat at fast food restaurants with his stomach situation.) We made it in 11 hours and were able to beat Kristee home from school and surprise her. While we had a lot of fun there in Mississippi it was very nice to be back home with Kristee, I really missed her a lot.

Now that we are back we are really going to need to buckle down and get serious about finding a place to open our practice. Today I was browsing the net looking at properties and discovered that the place we were really interested in before was back on the market. It was the original place that we really wanted but decided it was time for us to make a deal on due to our time frame. It went under a lease contract pretty soon after we decided not to do anything about it. When we made the decision, we said that if it was meant to be God’s will in our life to practice at that location then it would be available when we were ready to start a contract. Sure enough it went back on the market just recently. We can really only see this as sort of a sign. We are extremely excited about this particular property because we haven’t found another place that we have been as excited about. We really hope that this is the location of our future clinic. Please Pray with with us as we start the process on this property.

We are also going to start the process of putting our home on the market. There is a chance that we can move back to Wichita in November sometime and really need to get this home sold. Pray that we can find the right real estate agent to help sell the home and also that we can sell it within a good time frame of when we need to move.

We are extremely excited about this time in our lives, but also a little nervous due to the life changing experiences that we are about ready to go through. Please keep our family in your prayers during this time of transition.

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Not Much Going On

Well I haven’t posted in a while, but really there hasn’t been anything really going on with us. Kristee is doing a lot of work with school. She has now started doing more clinical hands on type work and stays pretty busy doing that type of stuff. It is hard to believe that we only have about half a year left here in KC. She has only 1 trimester left of school after this one. We have been continuing our search for a place to practice, but have nothing set in stone as of yet.

We had an awesome time last week when my parents and my brother came up to visit on their motorcycles. They were here for a week and thouroughly enjoyed having them up and I know they had a really good time relaxing and playing with the kids. I got a chance to hop on their motorcycles and cruise around the neighborhood, and now I am hooked and hope to get a motorcycle sometime in my future. (And yes Kristee is open to it, she is even interested in learning to ride.)

The kids are doing really well, they are continuing to grow like crazy, not just size but develop their personalities even more. They both get along wonderfully and have a blast doing all different kinds of things that most of you know about. Halee really enjoys playing momma with 10 babies, yeah they keep her quite busy. Gavin’s big thing is sports, you name it it is interested in playing or watching. Halee enjoys playing all the sports like Gavin, but she doesn’t enjoy playing them for as long. I remember I posted a while back about the kids excitement for going to church, now they have both done a 180 and now neither of them are excited about going to church. Gavin has done pretty good, but says that he doesn’t want to go all Sunday morning, while Halee gets into the same thing, but then decides she wants to go, but then comes time for her to go to little church and she starts crying. It is just funny to see the phases that they go through. I have started working with Gavin and trying to get him to not wear a night-night diaper, he does fine and wakes up in the middle of the night. But when morning comes it seems that he needed to go again, I know he will eventually get it, but as of right now he has had a few accidents.

As for myself, nothing really new going on here. Play with the kids, mess around blogging on the web, reading books, playing video games, that is what I have been up to for the most part. Within the past few months I set a goal to read straight through the Bible from cover to cover. Even though I have been a Christian for most of my life and been in church for all of it, I have never actually read the entire Bible. (I have always had the notion that it was a little boring.) I really can’t believe how much I have enjoyed reading it, I am not using any types of study guides just reading it straight through. I have learned that in the past the reason I found it a little boring was because I was trying with study guides that bounce all over the Bible and you never really get to follow the story line. In doing this God has really started to work in my life and I have renewed my relationship with him and he has really started to bless me in all areas of my life. I know we as Christians can get caught up in our busier than ever schedules and lose track of our relationship with God and how important that one on one time is with him. I am really excited about what God is doing in my life and the life of our family, I pray that he continues to work with me as I am still a “work in progress”.

I hope that all are doing well!!! God Bless!

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Back to Life

Back to reality. We are now getting back to our regular routine after Kristee’s 2.5 week break. Although we weren’t planning on it we ended up spending her entire break in Wichita. We all had a really good time being there with family. We spent a good portion of the break painting and fixing up our rooms at Bill & Nancee’s new house, we also had a garage sale at their new house. It was also very relaxing being there even though we were working on different things here and there. I only wish that we had better weather while we were there, it seemed like it rained for a solid week. We did have time of good weather and I got a chance to play on the 8 hole par 3 golf course at the neighborhood park. That was a lot of fun. Gavin loved going with me, he is really enthusiastic about playing golf and had a blast watching me. (he was a fun little caddy)

We got to go and watch the Wichita Wranglers play baseball, both the kids loved it. We also got the chance last Saturday, to go down to the River Festival and let the kids ride some of the kiddie rides. On Sunday, after church, we ended up going out to the new amusement park in Park City called Wild West World. Although it wasn’t very big there were plenty of rides that the kids had a lot of fun riding, and they look forward to getting to go back again sometime this summer.

I also had the chance to get out and go play a real round of golf for the first time since Halee was 6 months old. (about 4 years) It was a lot of fun to get the chance to get back on the golf course. Gavin wanted to go so bad, but I am glad that I didn’t take him since it ended up being a lot warmer than I thought it was going to be. I look forward to taking him with me sometime, but will have to rent a cart, I forgot just how tiring it can be walking the course. Kristee and I both got the chance to play on the Metropolitan Baptist Church softball team on Monday night. It was the first time that Kristee had played since High School and my first time since Gavin was born. It was a lot of fun to get out and play softball together, I really enjoyed it a lot.

We also celebrated Gavin’s birthday while we were there so that Nana, Papa, Kami & Ian could be a part of his 3rd birthday. It is hard to believe that he is going to be 3 years old tomorrow, wow!! Anyways, he got a ice cream birthday cake. He also got a little baseball and baseball glove, a real electric guitar, and there was a new set of real golf clubs sitting on our front porch when we got back to Lees Summit. He was all excited about getting to have a real guitar and real golf clubs, guess he was getting tired of the “fake” toy ones, haha!! We will still have a little family birthday party for him tomorrow on his birthday, but he already got most of his presents.

Since we were gone for 2.5 weeks and got a lot of rain, our grass was in desperate need of being harvested. Fortunately someone in our neighborhood realized we were gone and mowed our front yard for us so it wasn’t as bad. (Wish I knew who it was, would really like to thank them.) Our backyard was an unbelievable sight to see. I took some photos of it with the kids and thought I would share them with everyone, it is crazy how tall it was. I finally got it under control today, it only took me 4 times to mow the backyard to get it back to normal. I mowed twice last night and twice today and yes I am tired. Really what I needed was a big tractor. Enjoy the photos, don’t ever let your grass go for 2 and a half weeks, trust me.

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Kristee has started her finals as of yesterday. And as usual they last a week long, her first final was yesterday and has one today. The first one went really well and she felt like she did well on it, so that was a big relief. I know that she is ready for this semester to finish so that she can have a little break from school. It will be nice having her home for a couple of weeks. This semester has definitely been one, if not her busiest semesters yet. She started seeing student patients this past semester, leading to longer hours at school and at the student clinic. She is really enjoying getting to do some more hands on stuff and next semester I know that she will being doing a lot more. Just a little update, please pray for her that she can have a clear head during the next week for studying. So that she can really focus on finishing the semester out, we all know that getting towards the end you are just ready to finish and it can be hard to concentrate. Keep her in your prayers.

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