Difference in Life Stage

Today, being Monday I work from home so that I can take care of Kylee. I use to take her to work with me and work in the nursery at the church. It became evident quite fast that I was going to need to do something different once she started being able to open doors and go where she wanted. Things have been working out a lot better for the both of us to be able to be at home during the day. Kylee does take a much longer nap that is still much needed at her age here at home. At the church it was a struggle to even get her down to take a nap.

This evening I was taking Halee out to WSU for her oboe lesson and we were talking a little the way back home, as we were talking I had one of those moments that may be hard to describe. It was a facing reality of the life changes that we are going through at this stage in life. There was an issue with her phone that I for some reason was not able to figure out. I took it to Verizon to see if they would be able to help and the guy helping me asked a question that prompted this thought that it me later on. He asked, “How old is your daughter that locked up her phone?” After a quick thought I said, “13”. At that point in the store I just laughed, but then as we were driving and talking about friends at school it hit me. (On a side note Verizon wasn’t going to be able to help the way that I wanted, got back home and had one more thing that I hadn’t thought about and we got it resolved fortunately.)

Spending the day with a 2 year old and going through everything that she is going through at her age, then turning around and spending some time with a 13 year old made me think of just how blessed I am. There are still times when I am amazed that we have Kylee, when Kristee and I were both at the place in life in which we were good with just 2 kids. As we drove and these thoughts of just how drastic the difference in life changes that my 2 daughters and son are going through all at the same time is absolutely wild. I am so grateful for God blessing us with a 3rd child, even though she gets into everything and very much wants her way. I am amazed daily at both Halee and Gavin as they are into and approaching their teenage years.

I thank God everyday for giving me such wonderful kids, even through the frustrating things each of them can do at all of their different ages. I must treasure each day that I get with them because time has flown by too fast already. It is hard for me to fathom what life will be like with these 3 in the next 5 years. But I look forward to getting to invest in each of them, and enjoy the mess out of all 3 kids.

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3 New Photo Albums

I have added 3 new photo albums.  No they are not from Easter.  I did not take any photos this Easter since the weather was bad.  It was cold and rainy so I figured that we would get the kids dressed up again once it is nice so we can get some nice Spring Photos.

The first one is of the the kids playing outside with their cousin Titus.  He had just started walking about a week before so we took him outside so he could walk around outside.

From Walking with Titus Outside

The 2nd one is from the kids riding their bike without training wheels. This was about their 3rd day riding. They were just getting the hang of starting off on their own.

From Riding Bikes

The 3rd one is of the kids riding their 4 wheeler & hummer again. It has been awhile since we last got these out, since their batteries are in desperate need of changing out.

From Cruising Hummer & 4-Wheeler
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We have decided to give the kids a little weekly allowance, but we feel they need to learn to earn money.  We are going to give them $2 or $3 a week depending on how they do on their weekly chore list.  I made a chore list for them to decorate and then keep track of their daily chores.  I wouldn’t say that they are very hard and some of them aren’t really chores, but things we want them to do. 

Chores List:

  • Pick Up Toys & Books
  • Put Away Clothes (Clean ones in the drawer, dirty clothes in hamper.)
  • Help Put Away Dishes (After they are done eating we want them to put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher and wipe up any mess that was made.)
  • Obey Parents/ Granparents
  • Clean Up Messes You Made (This is for when they make messes when coloring or other messy activity.)
  • Go to Bed Good

Like I said there is nothing here to difficult and is all pretty easy but teaches them some responsibility.  The chart really helps them get excited about doing various things and getting stickers when they accomplish a chore.  So far they are doing pretty good and have done what is asked of them.  I hope that this continues in the long run.

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Gavin’s 1st Sleepover.

Gavin had is first sleep over last night. He had is friend Caleb over to sleep after a party we had with the youth last night. They really had a fun time with each other. The kids took a bubble bath along with playing with cars and trains till about 11pm. Halee and Gavin were ready to go to bed (not really sleep), but excited about getting in bed. Caleb on the other hand wanted to keep playing. We had him get in bed even though it didn’t make in happy. We let him sleep with one of the cars which made him fine with going to bed. They did spend a decent amount of time goofing off after we told them that it was time for bed. Once they fell asleep things went fine.

Caleb woke up at around 1am wanting his mama, but we got him calmed down and back in bed. Then this morning Caleb and Halee were awake at about 7:30 and Gavin kept sleeping. He even woke up while they were in his room playing, but laid back down because he was tired. Needless to say Gavin was a little tired this morning. I would imagine they will be exhausted today and in much need of a nap come this afternoon.

Overall it was a good experience and I know the kids had a good time with Caleb. Here are some photos I took of them in the bubble bath.

Gavin's 1st Sleep Over
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A lot of New Photos

I can’t believe how many photos I forgot to upload. Anyways here are all the links to the new albums created. You can read the description to each album on Picasa.

Gavin Meets Spiderman

Gavin meets Spiderman

Halee & Gavin Photo shoot

Halee & Gavin Photo Shoot

Children’s Day 2008

Children's Day 2008

Halee Ballerina

Halee Ballerina

Gavin’s School Trip to Zoo

Gavin's School Trip to Zoo 2008

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge
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School & Choir

Gavin has really become quite the patience tester. I consider myself to be very patient with most things, but Gavin as of late has really tested it at times. I don’t know what it is, but he still gets in these fussy moods where he just whines about things rather than just telling us. This morning was one of those examples before school. We could do nothing right for him and he just gets frustrated and whines about whatever it may be such as his outfit, what he wanted for breakfast, where he sits for breakfast there just always seems to be something so minor that causes him to start his whining spells. It is not all the time, but enough to drive you nuts.

On a much better note both kids are doing great with school and church. Last week Gavin brought home a friend from school his name was Joe Bob. (He was a stuffed frog.) They have a pretty neat activity that they have the kids do and it involves Joe Bob. Gavin brought home a duffel bag that Joe Bob traveled in along with 5 froggy books and a journal. The whole point of the activity is for the families to welcome Joe Bob into the family for the weekend and include him in activities that we did. In the journal the families write about their weekend with Joe Bob along with posting photos of the different activities with Joe Bob. These are what are in the new photo album.

They are both really enjoying school and making some good friends which is a huge relief for us. We have also had them start going back to choir at church and they are doing wonderful there also. Kristee and I got a chance to go and visit during their choir class last week and got to see some of the different things that they are doing in class. They were learning some songs, but also playing different instruments along with learning how to keep a beat. It was really neat seeing them involved with activities in the kids choir.

We are really excited to see how much they are have learned over the past few months, but it is also nice to see the kids are having fun with all their activities.

Weekend with Joe Bob
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Spying on Kids

One thing I always love about watching the kids, is watching them play when they don’t know you are watching. Especially when they are playing together, it is a blast to watch them interact with each other.

Right now the kids are outside and playing like they are going through McDonalds drive thru. Each of them have their own vehicles and have formed lanes in which they drive through. Halee was in front ordering hamburgers and chocolate milk along with some baby food for her babies in her car. Gavin is sitting behind her listening to her order. Gavin hears Halee order baby food and said to Halee they don’t have baby food. They got into a little argument about the food and then Gavin looked up to the “window” and said, “Sir, you have baby food? No, oh ok.” Then he let Halee know what he had said. Then that lead to the fact that was not talking to a man, but a girl.

It is really funny to watch how they interact with one another and it give you a glimpse into how their little minds work, especially when they don’t know that you are watching them. They are without a doubt very cute, when they are getting along, and that is most of the time.

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