One Campaign Link

I just added the ONE Campaign link to our blog. I was watching a little bit of the Live 8 concert on TV today and was interested in what the campaign was about and what the purpose was for the concert. I looked at the (Live 8) website and read about everything that they were trying to raise awareness for and then was linked to the US campaign ONE. I want to enourage anyone reading this blog to check out both websites and see what the whole campaign is about. They are mainly asking people to sign the ONE declaration, but they also wanted people to put the links on their website and also wear the white band. I went a head and signed the declaration and thought that I would be able to help a little by adding the link to the blog so that anyone reading our blog will be aware of the ONE campaign.

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Podcast Update

Just a quick update on the podcast, Jon and I are getting closer and closer to starting 2 brothers talk tech podcast. Last night we discovered a way to get both of our voices recorded into the garageband mixer. Now we will be working out the rough edges to get the best quality sound that we can to produce a quality sounding podcast. We are both excited about it and can’t wait to get the first episode out.

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Past Weekend

We had a good time this past weekend. Kristee and I as you know went to a wedding down in Oklahoma on Friday and Saturday. It was fun other than all the driving that we did. We were both excited to get back to Wichita to see Halee and Gavin. On Sunday night Kristee and I went with Kamra and Ian to see a movie, we haven’t been to a movie theater since Halee was born, that was 2 1/2 years ago. It was fun to go to the movies, but I wish that we had seen a different movie, we saw Bewitched and that was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It wasn’t the slightest bit funny, I couldn’t wait till the movie came to an end.

On the 4th of July, I went out to the Dopp’s Cabin while Kristee and the kids and Nancee went shopping. I got to ride jet skis and swing on there giant water swing. Kristee and the kids came out a little later in the afternoon and I got to take little miss Halee out on the sit-down jet ski. I wanted to get videos of it, but we didn’t have the video camera, we will have to get videos next time. I took it slow with her at first, but then pick up a little more speed, she had an absolute blast riding on it. We all had a lot of fun out there. They also shot off fireworks, but we had to leave to come home so that we wouldn’t get home so late.

Coming home, we got to watch all kinds of firework shows. Getting into Kansas City, around 9:00 pm, there was so much fog from all the different fireworks that were going off, the kids didn’t get to see any of them because they had both fallen asleep. We were able to get the kids to bed despite all of the loud noises, they must have been exhausted. Overall it was a fun weekend and we all had fun. Hope that everyone had a great and safe weekend.

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2 Brothers Talk Tech

Now that I have just read a post from my brothers blog about the podcast idea that we came up with, I thought I might make a post about what we have come up with. As many of you know (from previous post) I have really jumped on the whole podcast bandwagon. I am really impressed with what you can do with podcasting and I think that it is a great way for someone to share their ideas and opinions about absolutely anything that you want to talk about. I have listened to many different podcast out there and would say there are probably about 4 or 5 that I listen to. I really think that podcasting is going to be the wave of the future, I would be willing to say that it will probably replace talk radio and maybe even all radio as we know it. Eventually, video will be the next big thing to really take off on the internet, taking a different approach to TV as we know it today. Anyways, I was listening to several of the podcast on our trip down to Oklahoma and I all of the sudden got the idea, Man I could do a podcast of my own. Then my next thought was what would I talk about. Then all of the sudden it came to me, I must say that most of the podcast I listen to are tech influenced, I could talk about different tech stuff that I like and dislike. As I thought about it a little more the one person that I really enjoy talking about tech stuff with is my brother, he and I do it all the time, he tells me about new stuff he has found and I tell him about stuff I have found. I thought why couldn’t we turn our conversations into a podcast. It just seems to me to be a great way for us to discuss and give our opinions about different things tech and possibly toss in a little life discussion.

We haven’t really discussed all of the details yet, but we thought that the name “2 Brothers Talk Tech” was quite catchy. I have a lot of ideas flowing through my head about the format and topics of the show and even some of the extra stuff, like a website dedicated to it. I really think that this is going to go through and we hope it to be an enjoyable little adventure. I do hope that anyone reading this will check it out when we do start recording the podcast, I will be sure to let everyone know when it starts and exact instructions on how to download it. I am completely excited about it and look forward to whatever it brings us. As we get more and more details ironed out I will add more post to the blog passing on the details that we have come up with. I can’t wait to start discussing more details with my brother, and starting our new venture into the exciting world of podcasting.

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Away from Kids

Well Kristee and I are in Lawton, OK for a friend’s wedding and we do not have Halee or Gavin with us. They are staying with Nana and Papa in Wichita. On the way back to the hotel we were talking about how much we missed the kids even though we would have been chasing them around all over the place. They have become such an incredible part of our lives that we feel weird when they are not around. At least it is just for 1 night and we will see them tomorrow, I know we both look forward to getting back to the kids.

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iTunes 4.9 Released

iTunes 4.9 was released yesterday and I have been waiting for it to be released since I heard that it was going to support podcast. I have mentioned before that I really enjoy listening to several different podcast. For those who don’t know what podcasting is it is basically internet radio, you basically download the podcast/ radio show to your computer in mp3 format and then you can listen to it on your time. There are all varieties of podcast that are available for download, some are from people creating their own shows out of their homes and some of them are professional ones that you may be familiar with such as espn. Before iTunes 4.9 was released getting your favorite podcast could sometimes be a little hard for the average user to understand what to do. I have been messing around with the new iTunes and I absolutely love it, not only does it make finding different podcast easier, but you can do it all in one place where before sometime you would have to go to a specific site to find a particular podcast. It is all very well organized into categories so you can browse different podcast and find new ones to subscribe to. It is all free and once you subscribe to a podcast iTunes will automatically download the latest show for you. Not to mention all of the shows that I listen to are commercial free. I really think that this is the wave of the radio future. Anyone interested trying the whole podcasting thing out you can go and download iTunes 4.9 at the link in the post.

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What An Awesome Series!!!

This has been an incredible series to watch. There is still 16.6 seconds on the clock and the Spurs are up by 8 points so we all know that it is over. Detroit ,the team I was for, has made a great run at coming back to try to win it in San Antonio. The Spurs really turned it around in the 3rd quarter and Detroit never really regained any kind of momentum after the Spurs took the lead. Detroit had its’ chances to try to make a run, but never could get close enough to take over in the end. I must give it to the Spurs who I thought looked defeated in several of their games, they took the pressure and did an amazing job of taking control of the game. Even though I am not the biggest fan of either teams, this has got to be one of the best Finals I have ever watched. It was a blast to watch and I really looked forward to each game. Congrats Spurs!!!

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Game 7

Sweet, a game 7, it is awesome when a series goes to a game 7. It really turns up the excitement and even those who aren’t hard core NBA Fans want to tune in, just because they recognize it is a good series. I really hope that Detroit can pull this one off, I really think they have a good chance of winning game 7 in San Antonio. Tune in on Thursday for an incredible game 7 in the NBA Finals, they said there hasn’t been a game 7 since 1994, it has been awhile.

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What A Day for Sports!!!

I just finished watching game 5 of the NBA Finals and it was an absolutely incredible game. I was really pulling for the Pistons, but they came up short all because of a man named Robert Horry. (Wide open 3 to win) I really thought it was very important for the Pistons to win this game because now it goes back to San Antonio and it will be very hard for the Pistons to win back to back games there. Even though my team lost I love games that come down to the wire and especially when it goes to overtime. After 4 blow out games it was good to watch a game that was neck and neck clear down to the last second, with Detroit having a chance to hit a game winner at the end with 5.8 seconds left in the game. Now onto to San Antonio, I really think it would make for a great series if the Pistons could take it to a game seven.

On the topic of sports, the U.S. Open had an exciting ending today. I honestly thought that Ratief Goosen was going to have another Open added to his career, but he fell apart. I was pulling for Jason Gore or Tiger Woods. Gore fell pretty quick and then with everyone going the wrong way Tiger looked as if he was going to have a chance to win. He really had a chance, but then had back to back bogeys in the last few holes and finishing with a birdie. Campbell was just too good coming into the finishing holes to allow a playoff with Tiger. (That would have been exciting) I must say that it was an incredible day to be a sports fan, and on top of it all a wonderful Father’s Day.

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Go Detroit Pistons!!!

I have you may have guessed have been watching the NBA Finals. Last night was a incredible game, the Pistons have taken care of business at home so far. They have tied the series at 2 a piece, they have come back and shown the Spurs who the World Champions are. The Pistons really play incredible team basketball and their defense is amazing. They beat the Spurs worse than the Spurs beat the Pistons in the 1st 2 games. If the Pistons continue to play the way that they have played the last 2 games I find that they are going to be extremely hard to beat. If they can win this Sunday (At Home) they will have to go back to San Antonio and win 1 game out of a possible 2 games. Anyone who said that this Finals was not going to be exciting to watch because of no Shaq, Kobe, Lebron James was sadly mistaken, and even though all of the games could be called blow outs, I have still enjoyed each and every game. The excitement builds… I can’t wait till Sunday…

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I know that I have talked about rss feeds in the past, but I haven’t ever really recommended a rss feed reader. This is for all those using Firefox browser (highly recommended for windows users), it is called Sage. I actually ran across this reader through reading all of my rss feeds. I use Firefox on my windows pc and thought I would give it a try, so I installed it. I will say that I am really impressed with it, and it works as a plugin. You just download it and it installs automatically into the Firefox browser and then you restart Firefox and then it is available under the tools button. Sage opens next to your main browser window within Firefox, very clean and simple. You browse to your favorite website or blog and click the magnify glass and it searches the website for an rss or atom feed. If it finds one you simply select the feed and choose add feed, then it is automatically added to your rss feeds box. From there you can quickly browse through all of your favorite sites looking for new content.

For example our website itself does not have an rss feed, but our blog does have an rss feed, if you browse to our blog and click the magnify glass it will turn up an atom feed, simply select and click add feed. Then it will be added to your rss feed box. Then when you want to check for new feeds you click the 2 arrows button next to magnify glass and it automatically checks all of you feeds for new content, if there is new content the feed title will become bold faced. If I have added new content you will be able to click on our feed title and view all of the latest content in a quick manner without having to go to our blog. It is a very quick and easy way to keep up with the newest post on our blog and any other blogs or websites that have an rss feeds.

I have used several other rss feed readers and this one is awesome for windows just because it is built right into the browser and not an entirely separate application. If you want a quick and simple way to keep up with all that latest and greatest on our blog, I highly recommend installing Sage into Firefox. (This wasn’t an advertisement for anything, but our blog)

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Like Father, Like Son, Like Daughter…

I must say that Gavin is a lot like me in different aspects one in particular, is the climbing. I love to climb things and do sort of dare devilish stuff. Gavin is definitely on the same path as I am in that area. I know a lot of babies don’t have a whole lot of fear, but Gavin really isn’t afraid to get up on really high things, sometimes even making crash landings when he falls. As a matter of fact last Sunday in church the ladies in the nursery called him the TERMINATOR, they said that he is not afraid of anything. Some kids would be discourage by some of the falls that he has taken, but he gets right up and does it all over again no matter how bad the fall. I let him go a little too far sometimes, but I am always monitoring his climbing just in case he is in real danger. I must say I kind of know what my parents went through when I was jumping off of the house, jumping from one roof top to another, jumping off of very high cliffs into water, and many of my other climbing expeditions. I worry about him, but then again I still let him do more than most parents would let their kids do just because I know how much fun it is. Kristee isn’t always in approval of what I let him climb, but that is OK, she going to have to get use to it! Just to think he is only 1 now, wait till he is a teenager, that is when I really got into climbing things big time. Halee does her fair share of climbing too, she sometimes is the leader in their little climbing excursions. She has had her falls, but she gets right back up and tries again. I must say that I am proud of them both, following in my foot steps. I can’t wait till they are old enough to do some of the wonderful adventurous things that I enjoy doing that involve a little danger. I will say though that I will always keep their safety in mind. Oh the fun times have yet to come…. (Not that it isn’t fun now, but we will have fun driving Kristee nuts!)

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Google Search

I just did a google search of josh and kristee, josh kristee, Halee Gavin, Halee and Gavin. I was surprised to see our website at the top of the list. Of course, it is only out of 380 sites, but we were at the top. I was surprised due to the fact that I had done a search earlier on in the first development of the website and it was no where to be seen on google. Plus the fact that Halee and Gavin returned our site second in the list. Since their names are just listed in the website, I was sure it would be that high on the list. I just thought that was pretty cool.

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NBA Playoffs

Anyone who knows me real well, knows that I am a big NBA fan and I really enjoy watching the playoffs. I both love the playoffs and hate the playoffs for the simple reason of having to stay up really late to watch them all. We have Tivo, and I use it, but I like to watch it slightly delayed to avoid commercials. I wouldn’t like the idea of watching them the next day. I have been staying up late every night since they started watching back to back games. Unlike in years past, I don’t have a particular team that I am pulling for. I will say that I have teams that I don’t care to see advance. The 2 teams that I want to see in the Finals is the Detroit Pistons (Last years champs, who demolished my Lakers) and the Phoenix Suns. I was really impressed with how well the Pistons played last year and I really like the running and gunning play of the Suns. I think it would be interesting to see the highest scoring team (Suns) play one of the best, if not, the best defensive team (Pistons). I am predicting that the Detroit Pistons will win the NBA championship. Off to watch a little more basketball…

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Playing Around

Well, those of you who know me real well know that I am a big time gadget freak. I love messing around with all kinds of gadgets. I have pocket pc that I decided to add wireless capabilities to. I am writing this post on it, just wanted to see if it would work. It is actually working quite well. I don’t see myself doing it this way often, it is slow typing in text on the screen keyboard. Anyways, I am signing off.

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