Not the Best Start

Well unfortunately for our kids their first start to school hasn’t been the best experience for them. It is really hard to get into a routine when you go a few days and then get sick and have to miss several more days. (or a week and 2 days for Halee) It was pretty rough for the kids going back to school today after missing all that time being sick. Halee actually did pretty well today once we got to school, but getting her ready to go was another story. Gavin on the other hand was opposite, he was easy to get ready for school, but once we got to school he broke down into his crying when we got to his room.

I hope and pray that they aren’t sick any more for at least a while so they can get into the routine of going to school. I know that over time they will get use to it and it will be easier on them and us, but we need for them to be healthy. Hopefully all the sickness is gone. All 3 of us had the same exact thing and it seemed that we went through all the same symptoms, but in different order. Kristee diagnosed us as all having the adino virus. But we are all in the clear now, minus a little cough the kids have right now which is the way that mine ended.

Pray for the kids to get back into the routine of school and start getting excited about going. I am looking into getting a job at the Independent school as a Computer Lab Teacher and should know something about the job by next week sometime. I will keep everyone posted on our progress.

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Pray With Us

Although I don’t feel I can reveal anything about the decision we are needing you to pray with us about. But I just wanted to ask for prayer. It is involving our future clinic and what we are going to do when we move back to Wichita. I will update everyone once we have made a decision about the situation, shouldn’t be too long.

Thank You!

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Family Update

Things are going well for us. The kids and I just got back from visiting my family in Mississippi. Unfortunately Kristee was not able to go with us since she has started seeing patients she has to spend her time off up at the school seeing them. We decided to go down there while she was taking her finals so that we would not be bothering her while she studied. She did extremely well in all her classes and his excited to be done with the school work at least for a little while even though she still has to see patients. It is an exciting time for her since she is going to be starting her last trimester of school and almost all of it is going to be working in the clinic.

We had an awesome time in Mississippi and it was a blast getting to spend time with my family. The kids had fun swimming and spending time with everyone. Unfortunately there was several days that Gavin wasn’t feeling the greatest and he was a little more of a Daddy’s boy than usual. I got a chance to go on many motorcycle rides and experience everything from highway riding to traffic, twisties, and night time riding. It was a blast. I just recently went through a motorcycle safety course that was a lot of fun. I can’t explain the absolute enjoyment of riding a motorcycle.

We ended up driving down there instead of flying since it is getting too expensive to fly now that we have to pay for both kids. Believe it or not I was looking forward to the road trip with the kids. We made it in about 13 hours of driving in 1 day. The trip back was a little faster due to not stopping for meals, we just had some good snacks that we ate while we drove. (Gavin had the runs and I didn’t think that it would be good to eat at fast food restaurants with his stomach situation.) We made it in 11 hours and were able to beat Kristee home from school and surprise her. While we had a lot of fun there in Mississippi it was very nice to be back home with Kristee, I really missed her a lot.

Now that we are back we are really going to need to buckle down and get serious about finding a place to open our practice. Today I was browsing the net looking at properties and discovered that the place we were really interested in before was back on the market. It was the original place that we really wanted but decided it was time for us to make a deal on due to our time frame. It went under a lease contract pretty soon after we decided not to do anything about it. When we made the decision, we said that if it was meant to be God’s will in our life to practice at that location then it would be available when we were ready to start a contract. Sure enough it went back on the market just recently. We can really only see this as sort of a sign. We are extremely excited about this particular property because we haven’t found another place that we have been as excited about. We really hope that this is the location of our future clinic. Please Pray with with us as we start the process on this property.

We are also going to start the process of putting our home on the market. There is a chance that we can move back to Wichita in November sometime and really need to get this home sold. Pray that we can find the right real estate agent to help sell the home and also that we can sell it within a good time frame of when we need to move.

We are extremely excited about this time in our lives, but also a little nervous due to the life changing experiences that we are about ready to go through. Please keep our family in your prayers during this time of transition.

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Parent Child

I had one of the smallest but meaningful things happen tonight. The kids and I are down in Wichita right now while Kristee is still up at Kansas City going to school. We came down to help Kamra and Ian move into their new house. I have been really busy helping get everything over to their new house working till 11 or 12 each night. (Sunday and Monday) The kids have gotten the chance to spend a lot of time with Nana and Papa while I have been working.

Anyways since I am the only parent here I have noticed Halee coming up to me and grabbing my hand or asking me questions a lot more. It isn’t that she really does that all the time with Kristee around, but I think she realizes that I am her only parent right now. I have just noticed her wanting to be a little closer to me than usual even when we are around her favorite person Kamra.

Bill and I went down to Belle Plain to shoot sporting clays this afternoon/ evening and when we got back we noticed that Nancee and the kids were gone so we went over to Kamra and Ian’s place to see if they were there. While we were over at Kamra and Ian’s new place hanging around and Halee came up and sat next to me. She said that she wanted Nana to leave a note so that I would know where they went. I asked her if she was afraid that I wouldn’t know where they had gone. She replied, “Yes.” Then I asked her if she wanted me to be there to spend the evening with her and again she said, “yes” with a big smile on her face.

It may not seem like much, but with the way she has been acting and when she came up and sat down to have that conversation with me, it just struck me. Even though she loves being around Nana and Papa, Kami and Ian, there is really no comparison when it comes to that parent child relationship. I could just tell that she has wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going anywhere and that she had the security of her daddy. It are moments like these that really put a smile on my face and give me that wonderful feeling of being a parent.

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Not Much Going On

Well I haven’t posted in a while, but really there hasn’t been anything really going on with us. Kristee is doing a lot of work with school. She has now started doing more clinical hands on type work and stays pretty busy doing that type of stuff. It is hard to believe that we only have about half a year left here in KC. She has only 1 trimester left of school after this one. We have been continuing our search for a place to practice, but have nothing set in stone as of yet.

We had an awesome time last week when my parents and my brother came up to visit on their motorcycles. They were here for a week and thouroughly enjoyed having them up and I know they had a really good time relaxing and playing with the kids. I got a chance to hop on their motorcycles and cruise around the neighborhood, and now I am hooked and hope to get a motorcycle sometime in my future. (And yes Kristee is open to it, she is even interested in learning to ride.)

The kids are doing really well, they are continuing to grow like crazy, not just size but develop their personalities even more. They both get along wonderfully and have a blast doing all different kinds of things that most of you know about. Halee really enjoys playing momma with 10 babies, yeah they keep her quite busy. Gavin’s big thing is sports, you name it it is interested in playing or watching. Halee enjoys playing all the sports like Gavin, but she doesn’t enjoy playing them for as long. I remember I posted a while back about the kids excitement for going to church, now they have both done a 180 and now neither of them are excited about going to church. Gavin has done pretty good, but says that he doesn’t want to go all Sunday morning, while Halee gets into the same thing, but then decides she wants to go, but then comes time for her to go to little church and she starts crying. It is just funny to see the phases that they go through. I have started working with Gavin and trying to get him to not wear a night-night diaper, he does fine and wakes up in the middle of the night. But when morning comes it seems that he needed to go again, I know he will eventually get it, but as of right now he has had a few accidents.

As for myself, nothing really new going on here. Play with the kids, mess around blogging on the web, reading books, playing video games, that is what I have been up to for the most part. Within the past few months I set a goal to read straight through the Bible from cover to cover. Even though I have been a Christian for most of my life and been in church for all of it, I have never actually read the entire Bible. (I have always had the notion that it was a little boring.) I really can’t believe how much I have enjoyed reading it, I am not using any types of study guides just reading it straight through. I have learned that in the past the reason I found it a little boring was because I was trying with study guides that bounce all over the Bible and you never really get to follow the story line. In doing this God has really started to work in my life and I have renewed my relationship with him and he has really started to bless me in all areas of my life. I know we as Christians can get caught up in our busier than ever schedules and lose track of our relationship with God and how important that one on one time is with him. I am really excited about what God is doing in my life and the life of our family, I pray that he continues to work with me as I am still a “work in progress”.

I hope that all are doing well!!! God Bless!

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Back to Life

Back to reality. We are now getting back to our regular routine after Kristee’s 2.5 week break. Although we weren’t planning on it we ended up spending her entire break in Wichita. We all had a really good time being there with family. We spent a good portion of the break painting and fixing up our rooms at Bill & Nancee’s new house, we also had a garage sale at their new house. It was also very relaxing being there even though we were working on different things here and there. I only wish that we had better weather while we were there, it seemed like it rained for a solid week. We did have time of good weather and I got a chance to play on the 8 hole par 3 golf course at the neighborhood park. That was a lot of fun. Gavin loved going with me, he is really enthusiastic about playing golf and had a blast watching me. (he was a fun little caddy)

We got to go and watch the Wichita Wranglers play baseball, both the kids loved it. We also got the chance last Saturday, to go down to the River Festival and let the kids ride some of the kiddie rides. On Sunday, after church, we ended up going out to the new amusement park in Park City called Wild West World. Although it wasn’t very big there were plenty of rides that the kids had a lot of fun riding, and they look forward to getting to go back again sometime this summer.

I also had the chance to get out and go play a real round of golf for the first time since Halee was 6 months old. (about 4 years) It was a lot of fun to get the chance to get back on the golf course. Gavin wanted to go so bad, but I am glad that I didn’t take him since it ended up being a lot warmer than I thought it was going to be. I look forward to taking him with me sometime, but will have to rent a cart, I forgot just how tiring it can be walking the course. Kristee and I both got the chance to play on the Metropolitan Baptist Church softball team on Monday night. It was the first time that Kristee had played since High School and my first time since Gavin was born. It was a lot of fun to get out and play softball together, I really enjoyed it a lot.

We also celebrated Gavin’s birthday while we were there so that Nana, Papa, Kami & Ian could be a part of his 3rd birthday. It is hard to believe that he is going to be 3 years old tomorrow, wow!! Anyways, he got a ice cream birthday cake. He also got a little baseball and baseball glove, a real electric guitar, and there was a new set of real golf clubs sitting on our front porch when we got back to Lees Summit. He was all excited about getting to have a real guitar and real golf clubs, guess he was getting tired of the “fake” toy ones, haha!! We will still have a little family birthday party for him tomorrow on his birthday, but he already got most of his presents.

Since we were gone for 2.5 weeks and got a lot of rain, our grass was in desperate need of being harvested. Fortunately someone in our neighborhood realized we were gone and mowed our front yard for us so it wasn’t as bad. (Wish I knew who it was, would really like to thank them.) Our backyard was an unbelievable sight to see. I took some photos of it with the kids and thought I would share them with everyone, it is crazy how tall it was. I finally got it under control today, it only took me 4 times to mow the backyard to get it back to normal. I mowed twice last night and twice today and yes I am tired. Really what I needed was a big tractor. Enjoy the photos, don’t ever let your grass go for 2 and a half weeks, trust me.

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Betty Crocker

Cooking with the kids.

Today the kids and I decided it would be a lot of fun to bake some cookies together. I am not one to cook with the kids a whole lot, I like to get it done and done as fast as I can. I have made cookies with them before and it was fun so we thought we might do it again. I think they are learning to listen a little better because they were the most wonderful assistants anyone could ask for, they did what they were asked and we had a blast. As for the cookies they turned out excellent, some of the best that I have ever had to be quite honest. I found the recipe on, where I find all my recipes when I cook. They were called Urban Legend Chocolate Chip Cookies, all I can say is wow!! If you would like to try some really good Chocolate Chip Cookies I would highly recommend trying it out. As this is the first recipe I have shared on our blog it kind of makes me feel like Martha Stewart or someone like that, but I had a blast making them with the kids and just might have to start cooking other things with them in the future, they both love cooking.

Click the photo to see more 4 more photos. No, I did not dress up the kids to take pictures of them holding the cookies. They were pretending that it was Easter and were dressed to go to church. But, they turned out to be some pretty nice photos since they were all dressed up.

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New Blog

I started another blog, I know I have several places I post things, but I am no long publishing any blog posts on iMeem. I will continue to use imeem for videos, photos, music and music video playlist, but I will be making all my blog posts that aren’t associated with the family at this new blog. For those that don’t know or don’t keep up with what I blog about at imeem. It is pretty much anything that I want to talk about that isn’t family related. I really want to keep this blog dedicated to our family and what is going on in our lives. On the other blog I talk about things like the web, news, tech stuff, sports etc… I will sometimes write a review or give an opinion about something I read or saw on the web, it may be an application or a gadget that I use. I have really enjoyed blogging and think it is a neat way for one to express themselves and share with others. If any of those things that I talk about interest you check it out and see what my view is. I will talk about anything that comes to mind and I am interested in a lot of different subjects so it will be very random stuff. I hope that more people will check it out and see what I talk about, I know of at least 2 people, lol, that keep up with my imeem page, but I wouldn’t mnd having more. As I encourage on this blog I love to hear comments and your opinions.

The 2 that keep up with my imeem page please continue I will still be putting videos and such on but would love it if you guys and anyone else would subscribe to my “new” blog titled JOSHMETTS, I know really original. The layout is much like this one, hey I like to keep things very clean and simple. I am really excited about it and plan on posting a lot more on it than I did with imeem. It is a lot easier now. Look forward to hearing from you.

If you want to just subscribe with your rss reader just click here.

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Another Pubilc Apology!

Yes I am doing it again. Mom, Dad I am very sorry for not doing things when you ask me to. I know I was slow to get around for school, church etc… I wouldn’t pick up things when asked, I would always say in a little while. If and when I decided to do what was asked I would do it at an extremely sloooooow speed. (Intentionally, maybe) You guys would have to ask me many, many times to do things. You get the picture for those that did not grow up with me. I know Jon and Sarah can both atest to what I was like when I was asked to do anything that I didn’t want to do. I know I already said it, but I AM SORRY!!!

You ask why this apology? Gavin is basically a “little me”, only he is 2 and I was doing this at the teenage level at least that is the part I remember. (Maybe I was like that at his age too, but as I said in a previous post I don’t remember much at the age of 2) I ask the little bugger to pick up things, go get dressed, wash his hands etc… (basically anything that involves him doing something that he is not interested in doing.) He looks at me with the straightest face and says, “Just a minute!” Then he continues about his business doing whatever he pleases. I use to let him do his thing for a minute and see if he remembers what I ask him to do and of course he has completely ignored me. Now I “try” to make him do it right away even when he says “Just a minute”. And do you think that I can tell him again and he gets started, NO. It takes me at least 5 times most of the time more. On top of that I usually have to show him what to do, not because he doesn’t know, it is because he thinks he can get out of it. Take a wild guess at what speed he operates, that’s right, sloooow!! If I clap, dance, chant and cheer him on he will pick up the pace, but not on his own he won’t. It does really frustrate me during the times when this is going on, but I can sit back and look at the irony of the whole situation and just laugh. Basically I am getting “IT” handed to me on a platter. Oh I can’t wait till he is in his teens, LOL!!!

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2 New Videos

I have added 2 new videos to the website today. I forgot about the video that we took back in December when we got quite a bit of snow in our area. We had a really fun time sledding down our little hill in our front yard. Kristee, the kids and I were all out there having a blast. I added music from Fall Out Boy “Dance, Dance” to the video. I have also uploaded video we took from Halee’s 4th birthday this past weekend. It is video of her opening her presents and blowing out the candles on her Princess ice cream cake. Hope you all enjoy!!!
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Pray for Us

We have started the process of looking for a place to practice in Wichita. We have got the area that we want to practice in mind, but are now looking for a specific location. Pray that Kristee and I will make the right decision on the location and that we look to God for direction. It can be a little nerve racking once we start looking at cost and everything so pray that we can just put it all in God’s hands. He has been with us through the entire process from the beginning and we want to make sure that we keep our focus on him during this process of finding and building our future clinic.

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It’s a New Year

It has been a little while since my last post. We spent most of Kristee’s Christmas break in Wichita and we also went to Colorado to do a little snowboarding. We had a really good time minus me spraining my ankle on the 3rd run of the 1st day. So it didn’t turn out to be my dream snowboarding trip that I was hoping for. Oh well I am still limpin around a little bit and it still is quite sore. We also wanted to give Halee the chance to take ski lessons and everything was going great right up till the point in which the ski instructor came over and tried to take her back to the room with all the other kids. We tried and tried to get her to go, but it just wasn’t going to happen. She said that she would go when she was 4. (We will see, she might go if Gavin goes and I have a good feeling that Gavin will go.) Kristee’s parents went with us and we were there over Christmas which was kind of different being away from home over Christmas.

Kristee has actually had a longer Christmas break this year over last year, she doesn’t go back till next Wednesday where last year she had already been in school for a few days by now. She has really enjoyed the extended break to relax and we have enjoyed having her home during the day for this extra week or so. It is hard to believe that she is headed into her last year of school. We have actually started looking for a place for our future practice and we have pin pointed a specific area in Wichita, but now need to get an exact location and start getting the loans and all that fun stuff. It is a little nerve racking, but kind of exciting all together. Just to think that a year from now we will be back in Wichita starting our practice, it is just crazy. (We also know that 1 year is nothing and it will go by extremely fast, the 1st 2 years have flown by.)

The kids are doing great and it is hard to believe that Halee will be turning 4 in just a couple of weeks. Did you hear that, 4, I just can’t believe that she is already that old. She is becoming quite the little lady. Her personality just cracks me up sometimes. She can at times just seem to old, she really has that motherly instinct with Gavin and her babies. (And she has a lot of babies) She is really helpful around the house (when she wants to be) and she enjoys helping cook. She is just a great joy to be around and a true blessing in my life. She is just growing up way too fast!!

Gavin is also growing up way too fast. He is 2 1/2 and has one of the most incredible little personalities I have seen in a kid his age. He absolutely loves and adores his big sister. he can be so sweet most of the time. He does have his terrible 2 moments, but it really does seem like he is getting close to ending that stage in his life. It is hard to descibe his personality without hearing him talk bacause man can he carry on a conversation with anyone. He really isn’t shy with anyone and will just about strike up a conversation with anyone who pays him any attention. Again I can’t believe that he is going to be turning 3 years old this year. It is amazing at just how much he is growing up. Both kids just bring a smile to my face and they are a blast to have around, most of the time, lol!!!

I hope that everyone is doing well and that everyone has a great 2007!!!

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A Good Week!

This past week, Jon came up to visit us and we really had a good time. We got to go down to Wichita to ride some wet bikes out at the cabin, we went to Worlds of Fun and had a blast, and also went to Dave & Busters to get our game on. And of course went out to eat a lot, you can’t come to Kansas City and not go out to eat!!!

It was good to see him and I know the kids really enjoyed having him up here rather than just a face on the computer. Jon got a chance to see what the terrible 2’s are all about. But he also got to see just how well behaved Halee can be when she is not being egged on by her brother. Gavin was sure to demonstrate that phase of his life for him in full force. With Gavin wanting to show us just how independent he is, Jon saw first hand just how much Gavin likes to defy any kind of authority that tries to tell him what to do.

Gavin has been doing extremely well with potty training. He has his accidents here and there, but those mainly happen when he is so focused on doing something else that he just forgets. He has learned to do 1 & 2, and has also learned to tell us (or Halee) when he needs to go. Halee has been a very good mother and has been extremely helpful in his potty training. Kristee and I are really glad that we are having to change diapers any more other than his night time and nap time diaper, which he has been keeping fairly clean for us.

Halee has been learning her ABC’s and she is really close to getting the whole alphabet in order, won’t be long before she has it down. Gavin can say his ABC’s to G and then hums the rest of it.(sometimes it is hard to get him to stop) Halee is in the process of learning her numbers up to 20 she does really well up to 13, but then skips to sixteen. Gavin can successfully count to 7 on his own and is close to getting to 10. Gavin has also learned almost all of “Jesus Loves Me”. I have it on video tape and plan on posting it to the website soon! They are really growing up and are excited about learning all kinds of new things and it really is a blast to watch. I have been meaning to get a height and weight update and hopefully will get that done tomorrow. I have some other photos that I need to get up on the website also and will get that done sometime soon.

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My Space?

I decided to take the my space plunge, to take a quote from Jon “I’m here and I don’t like it!” I have never like my space due to some of the crazy (headache causing) designs of most of the pages that I have viewed. I will say that they have got a good thing going with finding friends and keeping connected to them. What influenced me to get a myspace page was multiple factors, had a couple friends and brother start my space pages and also found a few high school friends on my space. I already obviously have a website so the main reason for the my space page is to connect with friends and that is it. I did want to take pride in how my space page looked, so with the help of Jon and Mike Industries I was able to come up with a design that I really like a lot. I wanted to keep it simple and pleasing to the eye. I know I said that I would never have a my space page, but I guess never say never!!! The only use I see for it is to connect and reconnect with friends and that is all, it definitely cannot replace your own website. If interested click the link below to visit.

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Opera 9 Review

For anyone interested I just added a little review of Opera 9 (latest release) over on my imeem blog. I have made the switch to using Opera as my primary browser and am really excited about it.

Opera 9 Review

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