Out of School

As I had posted earlier we decided to save some money and take Gavin out of preschool.  This has been the first week for him to be at home with me and I have loved every minute of it. 

He went with me on Monday to the church to play basketball for about an hour.  He took the DS and a little basketball.  He played with those for a little while, but then watched me play with the guys most of the time.  After we left he said, “That was fun.”  You have to realize he didn’t want to go when I mentioned it to him earlier on.

We did go to school on Tuesday for about 30 minutes for him to take a picture with his class.  He got to play for a little while and he said that he was having fun and missed his friends after we left.  But, when I asked him if he wanted to go back he said, “No.”  When we got back home we both took a little rest for about 30 minutes. (I was dead after getting up at 7:30 when I went to bed at 2:00am after getting off work.)

Although he is out of school I want to make sure that he is still learning and getting a least some school type learning/ activities rather than just playing the whole time.  Yesterday I wanted to get a good idea of what he knew and we went through and he wrote out the alphabet in Upper and Lower case letters.  We also went through and worked on writing his numbers.  Each day we are going to work on bettering his writing skills.  We read for a while today and I had him learn to write some simple words like cat, dog, hat, bug.  He did an awesome job and even was able to sound out the words to figure out what he was writing.  I was extremely impressed with what he knows. 

The thing that gets me even more is how excited he is when he is learning new stuff, it always seemed to me that he was always wanting to do something else like tv, computer, or playing instead of sitting down to learn.  He has really gotten a kick out of me being the teacher.  This morning after breakfast one of the first things that he asked was “when are we going to do school daddy.”  It makes it so much easier when he is wanting to learn and is really excited about the things he is learning.

Even though I am sad that he is getting to play with his friends I know that we are going to have an awesome time together and I am going to treasure every moment I get with him.  I can’t wait till April when I will get to spend time with Halee when she gets home from school and I don’t have to go to work.

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Sad But Happy Day

Today was Gavin’s last day at Pre-k.  We made the decision to take him out to save a little money since I will be laid off March 31st.  We decided to take him out 3 weeks before because with Spring Break coming up for Halee Gavin wouldn’t be going either, but we would still have to pay for him since it is pre-k/ day care.  It is sad that he won’t be going any more and I know he has made some good friends there and has really enjoyed his teachers.  Kristee and I both have really liked the program that he was in and felt like it was awesome for him to get to go there.  Unfortunately due to the economy it will be in our best interest to take him out.  Obviously Halee continue to go there since she is in actual school. 

He even said that he was sad when he left and said that he was going to miss his friends and teachers, but then also he has been looking forward to this day. (we had been telling him for a couple of weeks)  Although it makes me sad to take him away from his school, but I am also excited to get the chance to spend a lot more time with him even before I am laid off.  We will have a good time.  I plan on getting on some little schedule for school type activities.  I really do look forward to spending more time with him, but it is a shame to see some changes that we are starting to make just because of our current economic situation.

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3 New Photo Albums

I took the kids to a new park here in town to play, we had a blast.

From A Day at the Park with Daddy

Kristee and I both got to go with Halee’s class on a field trip to Cox Farms pumpkin patch. It was really cool to see Halee and all her friends from her school and how she gets along with them.

From Halee’s Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

We went with Kristee down to the Haysville Fall Festival and got to do some fun things there. Unfortunately my camera’s battery ran out and I only got a few photos.

From Haysville Fall Festival
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Kid’s Surprises

Even though I don’t get to see the kids much during the week, I do get to see what they “leave behind”. It does put a smile on my face, even though much of it is a mess. Today I was making myself a peanut butter and banana sandwich for work and I opened the jar of peanut butter and there was Gavin’s spoon stuck down in the peanut butter covered. I just had to laugh, but it is little things like that, that put a smile on my face and makes me think of what he was doing when he did it, funny stuff!!!

Gavin is getting to go on a field trip with his school tomorrow and go see Vegetales. Kristee is going to get to go and help take the kids in his class, so that will be exciting for her and him. I look forward to hearing about it tomorrow.

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I have now been on twitter for a couple of months now and am loving it. Jon is the one that got me into it and I use it a lot. For those that may not know it is like mini blogging about what I am up to throughout the day. Occasionally I post photos taken with my phone, but mostly it is used to communicate what I am up to. If you are on twitter and want to follow me my twitter name is joshmetts. If you are on twitter let me know I would like to follow you too. I have also added a twitter feed to the side of the blog.

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New Photos

I have added 2 new photo albums to Picasa. The first one that I added were photos taken on Gavin’s Birthday and photos of him in his new full covering Spiderman suit. He loves that thing!!

Gavin's 4th Birthday

The next photo album is of my new ride. I purchased a 2006 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior. This motorcycle is literally my dream motorcycle. Everything you see on it is exactly what I would have done to it myself. I am pretty excited about finally owning a motorcycle. I plan on putting up a video in the next day or so.

My Yamaha Roadstar Warrior
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Way Too Long!!

It seems like it has been a really long time since I have posted anything on the blog. There is a good reason for that. For those that do not know, Cessna switched me to 1st shift (temporarily unfortunately). So my hours have been messed up just a little bit, but is a lot better than 2nd shift since I can spend time with the kids in the afternoon after they get home from school. Therefore I haven’t had any time to update the blog with anything. I do have some photos that I need to get up on the web.

Things are going great for us. The only thing that isn’t is the fact that our house has still not sold. As a matter of fact we have still yet to receive any offers on the house. We really would love to get it off our hands. The kids are doing wonderful at school, they are both getting ready to finish up later this month. They are having fun at school, but both seem to be looking forward to the end of school.

Kristee is doing awesome. She has been really busy the past few weeks. She had her biggest week last week with 39 patients. If she can average 40 patients a week then they will hire someone to help her around the clinic. She is definitely getting to that point where she is going to need someone soon. It is really cool to see the clinic growing and getting new patients each week.

I have been doing well at Cessna. I am enjoying my job (as much as you can enjoy sheetmetal), I am definitely learning quite a bit. My job entails mating the upper and lower tailcone. There is a lot that goes into the job and a lot to learn. I am slowly but surely learning new stuff everyday. It does feel good to be working again,(not better than being a stay at home dad) mainly because it is providing us with much needed extra income and awesome insurance. I really like the guys that I am working with and get along well with them.

As soon as I get the photos uploaded to Picasa I will make another post. Hope all is going well with everyone!!

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1st Day Back

Well today was my first day back in the workforce, kind of. I actually started my training today with Cessna for sheet metal assembly. I will be going to these classes for the next 3 weeks before getting hired on at Cessna. I think it is going to go by pretty fast. The class today was a little enjoyable in the sense that I was learning all new stuff. Learning about planes a little, but mostly blueprint. Which is what I will spend the remaining of this week studying. I will then have a final on blueprint this Friday and then move on to more hands on type work the following 2 weeks. I think that everything is going to go fine for me and I look forward to what all I am going to learn.

Unfortunately Gavin is not feeling all that well today and has been running a fever all day long. Please pray for him to get to feeling better so that we can have the crazy, jumping Gavin back. Even though he can be a handful when he is crazy acting, it is a lot better than seeing him lay around not being himself all day.

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The Better Parent

We had something funny happen very early this morning (5 am). Gavin woke up and used the bathroom and then went to get back in bed. He is extremely picky about how his covers are on him. Kristee tried to make him happy but he would just cry and fuss about it, then I went in to see if I could make it right, but it was the same thing. He just cried about his blankets and I would arrange them the way he was telling me, but it wouldn’t make him happy. I told him that I was through and was going back to bed and he could do it on his own.

He continued to cry and carry on, then we hear little footsteps going across the floor and it was Halee leaving her room. She went into Gavin’s room and started talking to him to help in out. He quit crying and she fixed his blankets the way he wanted them and he was quiet and went back to sleep. It is crazy to see that he responds better to Halee, I mean he quit crying and actually talked to her rather than cry to hear. And then the fact that a five year old can fix his blankets the way he wanted them fixed and 2 grown adults couldn’t figure it out. From now on I think Halee just needs to get up in the night and help him out when he has problems. Oh and when she finished fixing his blankets she told him that she was going to get back in bed and she did.

They are so cute and hilarious when they interact with one another.

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I can finally say that I am employed. Yesterday I went to Cessna to do an interview for a job and I ended up getting the job. I am going to be Sheetmetal Assembler. Although it isn’t using my degree, it will be a way to a least get my foot in the door. I am actually very excited about the job just because it is honestly more up my alley. The idea of going into work dressing nice and shaving everyday doesn’t appeal to me. I guess you could say that I am a little more of the casual dresser and I hate shaving everyday, it hurts!!

I will start going through the classes on the 31st of March and will be in training for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks are up and I pass the classes I will become a Cessna employee, it should be on the 21st of April. At that point I will start getting the good pay and awesome benefits. While I am in training I will be employed by manpower and not make as much plus not receive benefits. I am really excited about the opportunity to work in the aircraft industry. I would like to get my private pilot’s license eventually and Cessna has a program that greatly reduces the cost for an employee to get their license.

God definitely had his hand in me getting this job. My brother in law and sister in law knew a guy that works at Cessna who got me the job. He submitted it on Tuesday morning and they called me by 10 am same day and had me come in and interview the following day. The guy that works there said it was the fastest that he has seen any one get hired after submitting a resume. It is such a relief to finally have a job that pays well and has good benefits after the past few months of getting no response.

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1st Parent Teacher Conference

Man I am feeling old after attending our first parent teacher conference for Halee. Needless to say everything was wonderful. A big part of the conference was to discuss her readiness for Kindergarten. They think that she is more than ready for Kindergarten and is also excelling in her classroom. She was the only one in her class that passed all 20 questions on an assessment test that they took. There were a few confusing questions that she had no problems answering at all. The teacher was just thrilled about having her in the class and thought that she was getting along great. There is one little girl name Talia that Halee has really become good friends with and thoroughly enjoys playing with in class. It was exciting to hear that she is doing so well and learning quite a bit, we are both so very proud of her.

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