Yankee Doodle?

Halee was practicing her oboe and playing Yankee Doodle. I began to sing the words to Yankee Doodle and got to the part of

stick a feather in his hat and call it macaroni.

They both looked at me and laughed. Then they said, “did you make that up?” They had never heard the words to the song Yankee Doodle. Even when I said that was one of the lines they still didn’t believe me until they looked it up on YouTube.

Absolutely hilarious!! They thought I was just coming up with goofy lyrics to be funny.

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Kids Camp 2014

I didn’t get a chance to write a post about our experience at Kids Camp. This was Halee’s second year to go to camp and Gavin’s 1st year to be able to attend. This was my 2nd year to go as a sponsor. I have so much fun being able to attend camp as a sponsor with my kids. I know that those years are few and at some point they might not want dad to come along. (I hope it doesn’t happen, but I know it is a possibility.)

Halee was apprehensive because she was going to be the only girl going with our church this year. Fortunately she really likes our children’s director and that helped with her being anxious about going. Another neat thing that happened was that she was in a room with another group of girls that attend Immanuel Baptist Church whch is right down the street from Metropolitan. She really hit it off with this group of girls. I often found her running off to go and hang out with them to play games or just talk.

Gavin was excited from the beginning he was going with his best friend so that obviously made things a lot easier. He was the one that said he didn’t want me to go this year. (Although I know he enjoyed me being there.) He had a great time with his friend and with the guys from the other church we shared a room with. He also ran into one of his friends that dates back to when he was going to school at Bethel Life. Gavin and Colby hung out with him and his friend from his church almost the entire time.

There were a couple of things that were neat for me to observe this year.

  1. I was ok with them going off and doing their own thing with their friends. It was fun to watch them interact with others their age.
  2. It was great to be in with them during our church group time. This was a time for us to not only talk about our day, but then also talk about things of God. The theme this year was “Unplugged”. We discussed things that distract us from God and it was neat to hear them be open and honest even though their “dad” was sitting right there with them.

They both walked away from the week with a desire to grow in their relationship with God. This is the desire that every parent should have when their kids return from camp. Now it is my job to follow up with them and do anything that I can to help them and give them the instruction and resources that they need to accomplish this desire in their heart.

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Kristee’s New Clinic

It just dawned on me that I haven’t updated the blog in some time and as I have been adding these videos I realized that I hadn’t mentioned much about the move to the new clinic. Kristee had been looking for a new location in Haysville for about a year and they finally found a place that was right down the road. What is great about this place is the fact that it’s visibility from the street is way better than he old location. There were still patients that would come in and say that they didn’t even know she was there. With her new building she has a great sign with awesome visibility along Main street in Haysville. This is a real blessing from God to get this new place. It is much bigger than her old location and allows for better flow through the clinic. Here is video footage of me moving a fridge from the old clinic to the new clinic that was only a couple blocks away. I think we could make a commercial out of this one. Roll video then ask “Are you dumb?” Come see Dopps Chiropractic for all your aches and pains for being an idiot.

Fridge from Josh Metts on Vimeo.

We couldn't get the fridge in the trailer when we moved Kristee to her new clinic. So I had to pull it down the road on a dolly.

Here are some photos that I took of the outside and inside.

Kristee's New Clinic

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My Great Dad

Halee wrote this last week as a part of not letting the Dad’s feel left out of Mother’s day since they aren’t going to be in school during Father’s Day. I thought it was really awesome, and she knows her daddy!!! Not going to lie got me a little choked up!! I am so blessed with 2 wonderful kids who I love and cherish!

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For those that don’t know I had my appendix taken out about 2 weeks ago. It was definitely a surprise to me. I was feeling a little discomfort in my lower right side, but tried to blow it off in hopes of it getting better. Although I didn’t put it off long, I tried to ignore it. I decided 2 weeks ago to go get it checked out after a night of little rest.

The doctor said that I wasn’t showing really much pain that is associated with appendicitis, but thought that maybe we caught it early. Before long I was getting x-rays and then a ct scan, and then soon after headed straight to the hospital for possible surgery that Thursday night.

The doctors said that it was inflamed and recommended taking it out. After a little thought and talking I decided it was probably the best thing to do. I had surgery and fortunately got it done laparoscopically so recover time hasn’t been too bad. Probably the two worse things about it had nothing to do with my stomach. I had some of the most intense pain in my shoulders for about 2 days following the surgery due to the air that was pumped into me to balloon me up. And the other thing which would affect anyone with surgery is the exhaustion. I could not believe how tired I was for several days following the surgery. I hate taking afternoon naps, but I had no problems taking naps and then going to bed early at night.

Needless to say I am doing much better now, I go in for my 2 week follow up tomorrow. I thank everyone for their prayers during this time, it has been quite the adventure, not the kind that I want to do again.

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New Photos Albums

I have posted 2 new albums to Picasa.  We took a trip out to Westcliffe, Co for some friends’ wedding.  I separated what was taken for the wedding and what I shot while site seeing.  The first one is from the Wedding.  The kid’s look incredible and you can’t beat the background that we got to shoot photos in.

From Andrew & Stevie’s Wedding

The majority of the second set were taken at Pikes Peak outside of Colorado Springs.

From Trip to Colorado June 2009
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