Not Much Going On

Well I haven’t posted in a while, but really there hasn’t been anything really going on with us. Kristee is doing a lot of work with school. She has now started doing more clinical hands on type work and stays pretty busy doing that type of stuff. It is hard to believe that we only have about half a year left here in KC. She has only 1 trimester left of school after this one. We have been continuing our search for a place to practice, but have nothing set in stone as of yet.

We had an awesome time last week when my parents and my brother came up to visit on their motorcycles. They were here for a week and thouroughly enjoyed having them up and I know they had a really good time relaxing and playing with the kids. I got a chance to hop on their motorcycles and cruise around the neighborhood, and now I am hooked and hope to get a motorcycle sometime in my future. (And yes Kristee is open to it, she is even interested in learning to ride.)

The kids are doing really well, they are continuing to grow like crazy, not just size but develop their personalities even more. They both get along wonderfully and have a blast doing all different kinds of things that most of you know about. Halee really enjoys playing momma with 10 babies, yeah they keep her quite busy. Gavin’s big thing is sports, you name it it is interested in playing or watching. Halee enjoys playing all the sports like Gavin, but she doesn’t enjoy playing them for as long. I remember I posted a while back about the kids excitement for going to church, now they have both done a 180 and now neither of them are excited about going to church. Gavin has done pretty good, but says that he doesn’t want to go all Sunday morning, while Halee gets into the same thing, but then decides she wants to go, but then comes time for her to go to little church and she starts crying. It is just funny to see the phases that they go through. I have started working with Gavin and trying to get him to not wear a night-night diaper, he does fine and wakes up in the middle of the night. But when morning comes it seems that he needed to go again, I know he will eventually get it, but as of right now he has had a few accidents.

As for myself, nothing really new going on here. Play with the kids, mess around blogging on the web, reading books, playing video games, that is what I have been up to for the most part. Within the past few months I set a goal to read straight through the Bible from cover to cover. Even though I have been a Christian for most of my life and been in church for all of it, I have never actually read the entire Bible. (I have always had the notion that it was a little boring.) I really can’t believe how much I have enjoyed reading it, I am not using any types of study guides just reading it straight through. I have learned that in the past the reason I found it a little boring was because I was trying with study guides that bounce all over the Bible and you never really get to follow the story line. In doing this God has really started to work in my life and I have renewed my relationship with him and he has really started to bless me in all areas of my life. I know we as Christians can get caught up in our busier than ever schedules and lose track of our relationship with God and how important that one on one time is with him. I am really excited about what God is doing in my life and the life of our family, I pray that he continues to work with me as I am still a “work in progress”.

I hope that all are doing well!!! God Bless!

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A Good Week!

This past week, Jon came up to visit us and we really had a good time. We got to go down to Wichita to ride some wet bikes out at the cabin, we went to Worlds of Fun and had a blast, and also went to Dave & Busters to get our game on. And of course went out to eat a lot, you can’t come to Kansas City and not go out to eat!!!

It was good to see him and I know the kids really enjoyed having him up here rather than just a face on the computer. Jon got a chance to see what the terrible 2’s are all about. But he also got to see just how well behaved Halee can be when she is not being egged on by her brother. Gavin was sure to demonstrate that phase of his life for him in full force. With Gavin wanting to show us just how independent he is, Jon saw first hand just how much Gavin likes to defy any kind of authority that tries to tell him what to do.

Gavin has been doing extremely well with potty training. He has his accidents here and there, but those mainly happen when he is so focused on doing something else that he just forgets. He has learned to do 1 & 2, and has also learned to tell us (or Halee) when he needs to go. Halee has been a very good mother and has been extremely helpful in his potty training. Kristee and I are really glad that we are having to change diapers any more other than his night time and nap time diaper, which he has been keeping fairly clean for us.

Halee has been learning her ABC’s and she is really close to getting the whole alphabet in order, won’t be long before she has it down. Gavin can say his ABC’s to G and then hums the rest of it.(sometimes it is hard to get him to stop) Halee is in the process of learning her numbers up to 20 she does really well up to 13, but then skips to sixteen. Gavin can successfully count to 7 on his own and is close to getting to 10. Gavin has also learned almost all of “Jesus Loves Me”. I have it on video tape and plan on posting it to the website soon! They are really growing up and are excited about learning all kinds of new things and it really is a blast to watch. I have been meaning to get a height and weight update and hopefully will get that done tomorrow. I have some other photos that I need to get up on the website also and will get that done sometime soon.

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Spring Break!

Well it is Kristee’s spring break this week. She is really enjoying being off of school and being able to just relax around the house and with the kids. It is a well deserved and needed break. We are really excited and looking forward to this weekend, we will be heading down to Wichita either tomorrow or Thursday. On Saturday we will be picking up my sister and brother-in-law and my brother at the airport in Wichita. They are coming up to spend next week with us. Sarah’s spring break falls next week rather than this week. We are excited to have them all coming up to spend some time up here in Kansas City with us. We will have to make sure that we show them a good time up here. Just a little note to let everyone know what we are all up to.

For those that left comments on the videos, I am sorry that I did not see the comments sooner. I didn’t set the email notification so I didn’t know that there were comments. I have fixed the problem and will now know when you post comments on either the photos and videos. I have responded to the comments now. We really enjoy any comments that are left in the blog, videos or photos.

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Home Video Podcast

After reading a comment from my brother and reading his latest post at, I began to look into the possibility of putting my videos into iTunes as a video podcast. I thought this is brilliant, it is a way for me to upload my videos to the website but also for those that are interested have the videos download to your computer automatically. I will still have the videos up on the website in the same manner as before, but in addition those that are into podcast and using iTunes as a podcast client can subscribe to JoshandKristee’s Video podcast and the videos will download to your computer anytime I put a new one online. Anyone who is clueless to what I am talking about, and are interested, I will explain exactly how to get the videos to automatically downloaded. This will be extremely handy for the Video iPod owners because it will automatically sync with the ipod and you will have the latest and greatest videos to take with you. I must really thank Jon for giving me the idea it doesn’t look like there are a whole lot of people if any using iTunes podcast feature for home videos. I have submitted my Video Podcast to iTunes and will hopefully be in iTunes within the next few days or so and at that time you will be able to search for our video through the podcast section of iTunes by searching for Halee, Gavin, Kristee, Josh, Metts or home videos. At least this is what I am hoping will happen.

iTunes is free for Windows or Mac and as long as you download the latest you will be able to subscribe to our video podcast. I personally think it is the best music jukebox out there and recommend everyone to use it for music and now videos. Once downloaded you will see a Podcast section on the left side of the window, you can click this and then click podcast directory at the bottom of the page and this will allow you to do a search for our video podcast. (I will let everyone know when the podcast is up and running within iTunes.) Also within iTunes there is a feature that lets you manually subscribe to podcast under the Advanced menu at the top. Under the Advanced menu you will see Subscribe to Podcast… click on it and it will ask you for a url in the box you put feed:// in the box and click ok and now you will see a new podcast added to your podcasts section. It will automatically go out and check for any new videos and will download them for you. As I put new videos up on the site you will automatically receive the new videos. I currently have 2 movies on there and I am hoping that they will work with the new ipod, I think they should, but have no way of testing it. Jon, Dad, and Andrew or anyone else who has a new iPod please let me know if it works, these movies are different than the ones on the website. I want to encourage everyone to at least give it a shot just to see what it is like, I think it is going to be awesome.

Anyone who has problems please leave comment or e-mail I would love to help anyone out!! I hope this will be a convenient way for us to share our videos with everyone. Again I want to thank Jon big time for the idea, I am not sure that many have thought about podcasting in this way. It is a great way to distribute your own media to friends and family.

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Been Busy!

Well I have been meaning to post to the blog over the past several days because it has been a little while since my last post. Last week my brother was up here for the whole week and then my parents and sister came to visit us about mid-way through the week. It was a blast to have my side of the family up here in Lee’s Summit, dad and my sister hadn’t been up to see our new place yet. My brother actually flew into Wichita and we picked him up there so that we could go to a Maize fall festival where Halee was scheduled to ride the pony in the parade, but couldn’t due to the fact that the pony was not behaving well enough to put her on. (We have a few pics I need to put on the site) Jon was picked up from the airport in Ian’s Lambo, which we are sad to say has been sold. That was Jon’s dream car, but at least he got a chance to drive it before it was sold. After the fall festival Ian, Jon and I set off to Oklahoma for the dunes to do some 4-wheeling, but before that we took Ian’s shifter cart for a spin, it can reach speeds close to 110 mph. We had an absolute blast that weekend, but a little worn out from all the fun. Then we all came back to Lee’s Summit to spend sometime up here before my parents and sister arrived on Thursday.

Mom, Dad and Sarah arrived Thursday morning and I know that they were excited to see the kids and the kids were excited to see them as well. At least I know Halee was, Gavin still isn’t quite sure who people are that he doesn’t get to see on a regular basis. We pretty much just hung out around here and went into Kansas City to visit the Apple store to pick up a new video ipod for my brother and a mac mini for dad and mom. Welcome to the wonderful world of macs, now my parents can do some video conferencing with us and the kids. It is awesome it will allow them to get to see the kids a lot more and the kids will get a chance to see gramps and grammy a little more often. Jon and I have been trying to get them to buy a mac for this purpose, now finally they purchased one, it is so exciting. Kristee’s parents have a mac also and it allows us to really keep in touch with all family members, I would say it is way better than any telephone conversation or email you can do just because it is real time. Anyways back to the visit, dad ended up getting a video ipod also and we spent the weekend converting all our movies of the kids to a format that is playable on the video ipod. We had a wonderful time while they were here and I know the kids thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my side of the family that they don’t get to see just a whole lot of.

I been trying to get ourselves back into routine all week long, it hasn’t been to bad, but just as with coming back from vacation there has been that slight delay to get back into full routine. The main thing is getting the kids into taking their afternoon naps, I found that it is extremely difficult when they don’t get a good solid nap during the day. They are very hard to deal with when it gets closer to bedtime because they are so ready to go to bed, but they fight it. Both Halee and Gavin are getting along great they are having a slight difficult time dealing with the temperature change that is going on. They want to go outside so bad, but usually we had been going outside shortly after breakfast, but now we have to go out during the afternoon. It has been around 37 degrees during the morning and warming up to the mid 50’s during the day. I actually let Halee go out this morning to feel for herself, I thought that might be a way to convince her. She had on short sleeve shirt and shorts with no shoes and it was 38 degrees. Needless to say she did not want to stay out very long at all, it actually worked in convincing her that it wouldn’t be that fun outside with it being that cold. I could tell in watching her that she was really wanting to prove to me that she could handle the cold and really wanted to play out there. I had a good laugh and told her to tell Gavin why we couldn’t play outside in the morning time. We will just have to wait and see if she remembers tomorrow morning.

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Coming for A Visit

I am pretty excited my brother Jon is coming up to visit us this Friday and we are all looking forward to having family up here is Kansas City. Actually we are going to have almost my entire family up next week when Mom, Dad, and my sister Sarah drive up next Wednesday. Unfortunately Josh her husband isn’t able to come due to work, but that is alright we’ll get him up here sometime soon. We will have a packed house, but I know that we will all have fun and I know that the kids will really like having them here to stay at our house. I know that they are all excited to come up and see the kids and maybe see Kristee and I for a little while. The good thing is that Kristee is getting all of her test out of the way this week and she won’t have as many to take next week while they are here. We are really excited and look forward to having the family up for the week.

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2 Brothers Talk Tech Website

Well, I think that we have a tentative website for my brother and my podcast called 2 Brothers Talk Tech. I have been working on it for the past few days, I found a template online and tweaked it to my liking. It is not set in stone yet and the address will change sometime soon, maybe this weekend. We are hoping to do a few test runs with recording and we will also discuss the website a little more. Once it is finalized I will put a link in the blog to the website but for now if you want to check it out and tell us what you think just click here. The first 2 post there a just little test post and will be deleted upon the actual release of the website.

I am excited to get the website up and running just because it will give us a place to put a feed to the actual podcast and allow us to voice our opinions on the topics we discuss in the podcast and anything extra that we want to voice our opinions about. One of our biggest issues is coming up with a way to distinguish ourselves from other tech podcast and to have quality podcast that people would want to come back to week after week. Please feel free to check it out and tell us what problems you see, just remember it is a tentative site for now.

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Podcast Update

Just a quick update on the podcast, Jon and I are getting closer and closer to starting 2 brothers talk tech podcast. Last night we discovered a way to get both of our voices recorded into the garageband mixer. Now we will be working out the rough edges to get the best quality sound that we can to produce a quality sounding podcast. We are both excited about it and can’t wait to get the first episode out.

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2 Brothers Talk Tech

Now that I have just read a post from my brothers blog about the podcast idea that we came up with, I thought I might make a post about what we have come up with. As many of you know (from previous post) I have really jumped on the whole podcast bandwagon. I am really impressed with what you can do with podcasting and I think that it is a great way for someone to share their ideas and opinions about absolutely anything that you want to talk about. I have listened to many different podcast out there and would say there are probably about 4 or 5 that I listen to. I really think that podcasting is going to be the wave of the future, I would be willing to say that it will probably replace talk radio and maybe even all radio as we know it. Eventually, video will be the next big thing to really take off on the internet, taking a different approach to TV as we know it today. Anyways, I was listening to several of the podcast on our trip down to Oklahoma and I all of the sudden got the idea, Man I could do a podcast of my own. Then my next thought was what would I talk about. Then all of the sudden it came to me, I must say that most of the podcast I listen to are tech influenced, I could talk about different tech stuff that I like and dislike. As I thought about it a little more the one person that I really enjoy talking about tech stuff with is my brother, he and I do it all the time, he tells me about new stuff he has found and I tell him about stuff I have found. I thought why couldn’t we turn our conversations into a podcast. It just seems to me to be a great way for us to discuss and give our opinions about different things tech and possibly toss in a little life discussion.

We haven’t really discussed all of the details yet, but we thought that the name “2 Brothers Talk Tech” was quite catchy. I have a lot of ideas flowing through my head about the format and topics of the show and even some of the extra stuff, like a website dedicated to it. I really think that this is going to go through and we hope it to be an enjoyable little adventure. I do hope that anyone reading this will check it out when we do start recording the podcast, I will be sure to let everyone know when it starts and exact instructions on how to download it. I am completely excited about it and look forward to whatever it brings us. As we get more and more details ironed out I will add more post to the blog passing on the details that we have come up with. I can’t wait to start discussing more details with my brother, and starting our new venture into the exciting world of podcasting.

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