1st Day Back

Well today was my first day back in the workforce, kind of. I actually started my training today with Cessna for sheet metal assembly. I will be going to these classes for the next 3 weeks before getting hired on at Cessna. I think it is going to go by pretty fast. The class today was a little enjoyable in the sense that I was learning all new stuff. Learning about planes a little, but mostly blueprint. Which is what I will spend the remaining of this week studying. I will then have a final on blueprint this Friday and then move on to more hands on type work the following 2 weeks. I think that everything is going to go fine for me and I look forward to what all I am going to learn.

Unfortunately Gavin is not feeling all that well today and has been running a fever all day long. Please pray for him to get to feeling better so that we can have the crazy, jumping Gavin back. Even though he can be a handful when he is crazy acting, it is a lot better than seeing him lay around not being himself all day.

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Not the Best Start

Well unfortunately for our kids their first start to school hasn’t been the best experience for them. It is really hard to get into a routine when you go a few days and then get sick and have to miss several more days. (or a week and 2 days for Halee) It was pretty rough for the kids going back to school today after missing all that time being sick. Halee actually did pretty well today once we got to school, but getting her ready to go was another story. Gavin on the other hand was opposite, he was easy to get ready for school, but once we got to school he broke down into his crying when we got to his room.

I hope and pray that they aren’t sick any more for at least a while so they can get into the routine of going to school. I know that over time they will get use to it and it will be easier on them and us, but we need for them to be healthy. Hopefully all the sickness is gone. All 3 of us had the same exact thing and it seemed that we went through all the same symptoms, but in different order. Kristee diagnosed us as all having the adino virus. But we are all in the clear now, minus a little cough the kids have right now which is the way that mine ended.

Pray for the kids to get back into the routine of school and start getting excited about going. I am looking into getting a job at the Independent school as a Computer Lab Teacher and should know something about the job by next week sometime. I will keep everyone posted on our progress.

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Chicken Pox

Gavin’s Chicken Pox

Unfortunately Gavin got Chicken Pox this week.  At first we thought it was poison ivy, but once all the bumps started showing up we knew exactly what was going on with him.  He is doing well although I think he may be running a low grade fever right now.  He was acting fine this morning, but then as the day has gone on he has become more clingy and the chicken pox are starting to bother him a little bit.

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