a few new words

Gavin just this morning started say a couple new words; big ball. He even said them together, he was basically repeating what Kristee was saying. He also has said it several times after this morning. 2 days ago, I noticed him repeating me when I say thank-you and now he does it whenever I say it to him. It sounds more like dank-coo, if you can see that. We will ask him to give us something and that is when we say thank-you it is just too cute.

Halee today just about an hour ago said her first 5 word sentence. It was, “Baby no get Halee’s wipe.” It sounded just as clear as we would say it. Like I said in a previous post, she is getting much better at putting her words together to form sentences.

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Halee and Gavin Update

Now onto to a post that really matters. Halee is really started to try to talk in a lot more sentences. It is funny because she knows the words that she wants to say, but she gets stuck on the first word and can’t quite get all the words flowing the first try. She will repeat the 1st word several times and you can tell she is thinking really hard about what word to say next and so on. She is pretty much repeating any word that she hears. (As long as it is not to complicated) It is really neat to see her talking get better and better as she gets older.

Gavin has just started pointing to things that he sees. I wish we had done this with Halee because if I remember correctly she was doing it at a younger age. Anyways he will see things on TV or in a book or on the computer and he will point and say uh, as if he is wanting you look at what he sees. He also really gets a kick out of reading books, he will laugh like crazy when we read to him. He really is starting to enjoy reading. They really are growing up!!!

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Too Cute!!!

Originally uploaded by joshandkristee.

I just thought I would add this picture to the blog. I took it the other day with the scarface pics. I am using flickr to upload the photo, just testing it out. So far I am very impressed. If you want to save this photo to your computer just click the photo and you will be taken to flickr and just click all sizes above picture and you can choose which size to download. I just think Halee is absolutely beautiful.

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New Words… Messed Up/Fixed Server Issue…

Gavin has started saying a few new words, they are very similar words, but he says them in the right context. They aren’t words that you and I would use, but nevertheless they having meaning and are words for babies. Ni-ni and na-na, ni-ni is night, night he started saying this 2 nights ago when I would ask him if he was ready to go night night. He would walk towards me and say ni-ni repeatedly and he was definitely ready to go to sleep. Na-na is what he uses for banana and the same that Halee use to use till she learned banana. When I start chopping up a banana for him he has started repeating na-na, na-na. So, now he knows 4 words mama, daddy, ni-ni, and na-na. He is a big time talker and loud on top of it all, so I think with his sister he will probably start saying many new words before to long. Halee is getting much better at the pronunciation of the words that she does know and is learning new words daily like basketball game (I have been watching the NBA Playoffs, Go Pistons!). She was acting like she was reading a book to her baby who was going to go night night and she was telling the baby, “Last Book Baby!” (Kristee and I have to say this to her when we are putting her to sleep, otherwise we would be reading all night to her.) She is getting much better at saying sentences or phrases, which make it a lot easier to understand her. I have recently started working on her numbers, but she has this thing with 2-8-2, she always wants to say 8 after 2 and wants to start her numbers with 8. She can say them with me and seems to know them, but putting them in the correct order is a little further down the road. She also know a few letters of the alphabet such as A, B, C, H, and O. We just need to keep reading to her and teaching her numbers and letters and she will catch on. It is exiting to watch them learn new things just because they get so excited when they learn new things. I have noticed with Halee that she really feeds off of us getting excited when she learns something new.

If anyone out there subscribes to my rss feed, I must apologize, I was messing around with upgrading the server and messed it up. I accidentally switched from a Linux server to a windows server and they act a little different with the website. The main thing that I noticed was the rss feeds stopped working correctly and I couldn’t upload post from blogger without tweaking the settings slightly. Hopefully there weren’t anymore errors within the website, it is in the process of going back to the Linux server so everything should start working correctly again. Advice don’t click on send button without making sure you have everything the way you want it.

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I just added Halee.net to the website last night and boy did it bring back memories of multiple things. Just looking back at the videos and pictures of Halee and unbelievable, it seems just like yesterday I was taking Halee on her first merry-go-round. It is hard to believe that when that website and all the pictures and videos were done that Gavin was not a part of our family. I must say that about the time of the last video we knew that we were expecting Gavin. Now to think that Gavin is already a year old and that Halee is 2 1/2, that website is 2 years old. We have a rolling slideshow of the kids on our computers screen saver that is almost always on and I watch it occasionally and am shocked by some of the old pictures of the kids. But, when I started looking through Halee.net, I was really taken back because of the amount of time that was spent designing the website. When you design something that is that involved you really put your heart into making it look good, because you want to show off your kids. I remember all of the hours that I spent editing video and choosing the right pictures, it really was a trip down memory lane for me.

I must say for Halee.net, I did not do as much with it as I have done with this website and even then I knew that website would probably not be around forever. The reason that I say that is because I knew that Kristee and I were going to be having more kids down the road and I could design a website with Halee.net with more kids. I knew that I was going to have to change the name and the design of the website. In choosing joshandkristee.com, I looked at haleeandgavin.com, but thought I would have to go through the same thing when we have another kid on down the road. I figured that with joshandkristee.com I wouldn’t have to continually change the name and design. I will be able to keep this website going on for at least all of my life. I am excited about the fact that the kids one day will be able to hop onto the internet and go to our website and look back at some of things that they did as they grew up. We all know that computers and the internet is the future and it will be their way of life and it will be almost like looking back at their baby books as I am sure most of us have done that at an older age. I just wish that I had kept up with Halee.net a little longer than I did and then maybe started this website a little sooner, but all is well, it is up and running and will be for many, many years to come.

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Enjoyment and Frustrations…Of a 2 Year Old…

I love watching Halee grow up and learn all kinds of new things, but in watching she also does a lot of things that frustrates the mess out of me. I now truly know the meaning of terrible 2’s. It is crazy to compare the differences between 1 and 2 years of age, considering Gavin is 1 it is very easy to see the drastic difference just 1 year makes. That just means that in a year we will be going through the terrible 2’s again with him.

I must say that Halee is learning more than ever now, she is saying new words and starting to put words together to form phrases and sentences together. I would say that she has actually said her first two sentences this past week, “I need a bath!” and “I need help!” Out of the blue she came running to me and said she needed a bath and I was blown away. She can communicate just about anything that she wants and that makes it easy to figure out what the problem is and solve it. As with Gavin he can’t quite communicate directly, but we can figure it out it is either hungry, tired, dirty or Halee just clobbered him. Halee is also an incredible helper, when she wants to be. She does help me out a lot and sometimes tries to help out a little too much. She is really a happy and most of the time an obedient little girl, but then again she has her moments of disobedience as does every child. I must say that I am very proud to say that both of our kids are extremely happy and really get along very well with one another. There are a few fight here and there, but overall Halee, being the older, really tries to take care of her little brother and plays with him very well. Gavin really doesn’t understand sharing all that well.

Onto the frustrations, Halee is without a doubt at the age in which she really is trying to test the boundaries. I know that a 2 year old doesn’t fully understand everything and doesn’t always understand listening to what mom and dad say. I know that she does understand somethings that she isn’t suppose to do and will sometimes do them intentionally just to test us a parents. Sometimes it is hard for me not to laugh when she deliberately does something “bad”, just because she will give that mischievous look. (Trust me it is cute!) Another thing that I have noticed about the age of 2 is the amount of crying that is done. She will cry when she can’t do something herself or she doesn’t get her way. And I must say that most of the time when she does break into these crying moments she is extremely tired. It frustrates Kristee and I both because it can be so hard to get her to calm down enough to help her or get her to say what the problem is. Rather than coming and asking in words it is in the form of crying, and trust me crying is hard to understand. Hopefully before too long Halee will begin to realize that crying is not the way to go about getting her way, but to simply ask. Gavin has learned to use the whining and pitching fits method when he gets frustrated, boy he can turn it on and off within seconds. (It is really hard not to laugh.)

Gavin has learned how to drink out of a sippy cup and is doing a good job at it, but occasionally will spit out what he just put in his mouth, he really makes a mess. Over the next few months we will probably start phasing out his bottle and formula. I must say that I am privilege to be around my kids a lot and watch them accomplish so much in their young lives. It is a blast to watch them both develop and learn new things.

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Like Father, Like Son, Like Daughter…

I must say that Gavin is a lot like me in different aspects one in particular, is the climbing. I love to climb things and do sort of dare devilish stuff. Gavin is definitely on the same path as I am in that area. I know a lot of babies don’t have a whole lot of fear, but Gavin really isn’t afraid to get up on really high things, sometimes even making crash landings when he falls. As a matter of fact last Sunday in church the ladies in the nursery called him the TERMINATOR, they said that he is not afraid of anything. Some kids would be discourage by some of the falls that he has taken, but he gets right up and does it all over again no matter how bad the fall. I let him go a little too far sometimes, but I am always monitoring his climbing just in case he is in real danger. I must say I kind of know what my parents went through when I was jumping off of the house, jumping from one roof top to another, jumping off of very high cliffs into water, and many of my other climbing expeditions. I worry about him, but then again I still let him do more than most parents would let their kids do just because I know how much fun it is. Kristee isn’t always in approval of what I let him climb, but that is OK, she going to have to get use to it! Just to think he is only 1 now, wait till he is a teenager, that is when I really got into climbing things big time. Halee does her fair share of climbing too, she sometimes is the leader in their little climbing excursions. She has had her falls, but she gets right back up and tries again. I must say that I am proud of them both, following in my foot steps. I can’t wait till they are old enough to do some of the wonderful adventurous things that I enjoy doing that involve a little danger. I will say though that I will always keep their safety in mind. Oh the fun times have yet to come…. (Not that it isn’t fun now, but we will have fun driving Kristee nuts!)

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The little sponge

Halee has started doing this thing whenever she hears something that is new or loud. She will point her finger up to her ear and say “That”. She is asking me what that sound is that she hears. I tell her what it is and she says “Oh”. She will also point at new items and also say “That”, wanting to know what that particular item is. It is very cute, and it amazes me as to how much she wants to learn and how she wants to know what everything is that she sees or hears. She is a little sponge.

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I’m Impressed…

We had something bad that happened to Halee yesterday. Kristee was dancing around with her pulling her arms back and forth doing a little boogie. Then all the sudden Halee said OUCH! So they stop and Halee said that her arm was hurting. We asked where and she told us that it was her belbow (that’s her elbow). We did not have a clue as to what was wrong, but she pretty much quit using that whole arm and did not want us to touch it. We just tried to work with it to see what was wrong, but couldn’t figure it out. We thought maybe it would just go away after a few hours, so I took both kids on a walk for about a hour. In the mean time Kristee was looking stuff up on the internet dealing with elbow injuries in kids. She remember last semester that a professor of hers had said that dislocation of the elbow in toddlers under the age of 4 was common due to the fact that parents will lift their kids up by their arms causing dislocating the elbow. Her professor had said that it happened to his daughter at a day care and that he knew what had happened and fixed it immediately by putting it back into place.

After we got back from the walk her elbow was still bothering her a lot, she was still holding it like it was in a sling and did not want to move it from that position. Kristee looked at it some more and had found a website that gave an exact description as to what Halee was experiencing with her elbow. The website also described what to do if this has happened. I must say that my lack of knowledge about the human body did not understand any of the directions. Since Kristee was in school and was learning about all the different bones, muscles, and ligaments she knew exactly what the directions were saying. So, I held Halee in my lap real tight not letting her move and Kristee held her arm and followed the directions on the website and sure enough Kristee felt her elbow pop. She had pop her elbow back into place and immediately Halee lifted her arm up higher than she had since the injury occurred.

Halee was feeling 100%, she was able to do anything that she wanted with that arm. Kristee and I both needless to say were extremely relieved that she was back to normal. I know that I probably contributed to the injury due to fact that sometimes when I am carrying Gavin I will lift Halee up by her arms to lift her up over the child gate. I have decided that it is not a good idea and will not be doing that ever again. I know we will both be extremely careful when pulling on the kids arms. I am impressed with what Kristee has been learning in school and the fact that she was able to figure out what was wrong with Halee and that she was able to fix the problem. I must say that I am extremely proud of Kristee and what she is doing in school, she is going to be an incredible chiropractor one day…

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Several New Teeth

Gavin has several new teeth coming in on both the top and the bottom. 2 are poking through at this point with 4 more just below the surface. We can also tell because he is a little bit more grumpy and moody, it won’t be long before he gets a full set. His walking his getting better and better all the time, the biggest problem is that he gets to going too fast for his little legs to keep up. He then trips and falls, but gets right back up and resorts to crawling.

Miss Halee is saying new words everyday and has gotten to the point in which she will say what ever she hears you say. We need to watch what we say. Just yesterday Kristee was coming in the front door and tripped and said “Oh Crap”, Halee was right behind her and said the exact same thing as she was coming up the stairs. She is also putting together much longer sentence, her longest sentence is now 4 or 5 words long. One for instance is, “Daddy help drawer is stuck!” As we all know her favorite thing to do is change clothes 20 times a day, and I am not kidding. It is even worse when we are putting away laundry, she may change shirts 6 times while we are putting the clothes away. She is just never satisfied with wearing one outfit a day. A little water gets on a shirt and it is yucky now and she must change.

You just have to love it, they keep me entertained all day long!!!

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2 year appointment

Well, we finally got to take Halee to her 2 year check-up, we were a little behind due to all the moving and stuff. Everything went just fine. She is growing just fine and developing at a good rate. She was 25.5 lbs. and 33.5 inches tall. She was extremely cooperative with the doctor doing everything that she was asked. Halee actually enjoyed the experience, she was laughing and doing everything she was suppose to do before the doctor asked, like turning her head to have her ears looked at. Halee really seemed to like the doctor. We are thankful for that. Now we will probably schedule Gavin for an appointment soon.

Gavin is getting better at walking on a daily basis, He is taking more and more steps each day and with more balance control. It won’t be long before he really takes off…

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Kids Growing Up

The kids are growing up so fast, it is hard to believe that Halee is 2 years old and Gavin is almost 11 months old. Gavin has four teeth that have appeared and we can see another one on his upper gums coming in. Just in the past week he has started saying “uh-oh”, not sure that is an actual word, but it is very cute. He has been saying mama and dada for several months, but not using it in the correct context. He is also on the verge of walking, he has been walking while holding on to things for a couple of months now. In just the past couple of days he has started letting go and trying to stand there. Last night and this morning he would actually let go and try to walk to another piece of furniture, falling each time. This morning he was actually successful in walking between two items that were 3 feet apart. Halee is of course in her terrible 2’s, testing any and every limit that she can. Although she is an extremely sweet and wonderful helper when she wants to, she has her moments of pushing the limits. She is definitely demonstrating her independence, she thinks that she can do anything that we do and very rarely wants our help. She shows her independence in the bathroom, she no longer wants us in there. After turning on the lights for her she tells us to “Get Back” and sometimes wanting the door closed. She is just about fully potty trained, still wearing night, night diapers, but we will soon be ending those. It is hard to believe just how old they are both getting and how fast they are growing up. It seems just like yesturday we were expecting Halee…

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