Kylee (11 Months Old)

It is hard to believe that Kylee is going to be 11 months old tomorrow it seems just like yesterday that she was born into our family. For some reason I started reminiscing about the first few weeks we had when she joined us, which is the reason for this post. Obviously I will be posting again in about a month when she turns 1. It is amazing the difference 11 months makes in a babies life. [pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”10.25.Metts9790 – 01.jpg” type=”image” alt=”10.25.Metts9790 – 01.jpg” ] Looking at these 2 photos alone I can’t hardly believe it. It is hard for me to remember what she looked like when she was a new born.

Now I look at her and all I see is a little toddler. She is up and walking all over the place, we can’t hardly keep up with her. She has truly transitioned to a walker (not stable walker, but a walker). It is without a doubt her preferred mode of transportation even though she could crawl somewhere faster. It is amazing to see how much she has changed over the past 11 months.

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A couple of things I thought about today:

The day she arrived…

We felt rushed going into the whole hospital situation. She seemed to be overdue, according to all our calculations she was due on the 18th of October. The doctors discovered a loss of fluid and felt the need to get us into the delivery room immediately. It all seemed rushed, but we were excited. We were thinking that we were going to have a new baby by the next day around noon. But that isn’t how it all played out. Kylee decided to be difficult and tie a knot in her umbilical cord causing decreased in her heart rate whenever there was a contraction. Ultimately leading to a long day of labor and eventual c-section. She was here and we were excited regardless of how she got here.

Kristee’s 1st week back in the office…

I didn’t take much time off right after she was born. But my schedule is fortunately flexible enough that I could help when needed. I decided that instead of taking time off right after Kylee was born I would save it and take time off when Kristee went back to work for her first week. Hopefully easing her back into work and getting her use to be at the office with this new born little baby to care for. I got to spend the week in Kristee’s office taking care of Kylee when needed. I did my best to only care for her in needed situations so that Kylee and Kristee could do ok when I wasn’t there. I really cherished that week that I got to spend with her.

It brings great memories to think about these early points in her life. I look forward to many more memories throughout Kylee’s life as she gets older.

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Riding Without Training Wheels

The kids have past a milestone, learning to ride their bikes without training wheels.  As you can see in the previous video they have picked it up pretty good.  We are currently on the 3rd day and they both have it down pretty well.  The only thing is they are still not 100% in control, but that will come with time.  We went out again today and went around the neighborhood and they did awesome!  Both have learn how to get going on their own now, although it is a little harder for them to get started when going up hill.  I am so impressed with both of them.

Last year I wanted to teach Halee and felt she was ready, but always gave up.  I asked if they wanted to learn a couple of days ago and Halee said “No”, but Gavin said, “Yes.”  I went ahead and got started with him.  He pretty well got the hang of it within an hour, he only struggled to keep it on the path.  The next day he wanted to go out and practice some more and really got going very well.  He got to wear he could stay on the path decently.  At one point he made it all the way down the path behind our house.

At that point Halee was really excited for him.  I told her that I could have her riding her bike without training wheels within 30 minutes and she would have it down by the time that momma got home.  She was now interested after seeing Gavin do it.  She picked it up really fast once she got over the fear of me letting go.  She was cruising around within 20 minutes.  She didn’t go through all the spills that Gavin went through in the video.  I think it was because her bike was bigger, it is a lot more stable to ride a slightly bigger bike.  I had Gavin ride her bike after a bit and he even said, that it was a way easier to control. 

It is exciting to see them both cruising around on their bikes.  I also like the fact that they want to go outside and play since they are so excited to ride their bikes.  Perfect timing since the weather is going to start getting nice pretty soon.

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We have decided to give the kids a little weekly allowance, but we feel they need to learn to earn money.  We are going to give them $2 or $3 a week depending on how they do on their weekly chore list.  I made a chore list for them to decorate and then keep track of their daily chores.  I wouldn’t say that they are very hard and some of them aren’t really chores, but things we want them to do. 

Chores List:

  • Pick Up Toys & Books
  • Put Away Clothes (Clean ones in the drawer, dirty clothes in hamper.)
  • Help Put Away Dishes (After they are done eating we want them to put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher and wipe up any mess that was made.)
  • Obey Parents/ Granparents
  • Clean Up Messes You Made (This is for when they make messes when coloring or other messy activity.)
  • Go to Bed Good

Like I said there is nothing here to difficult and is all pretty easy but teaches them some responsibility.  The chart really helps them get excited about doing various things and getting stickers when they accomplish a chore.  So far they are doing pretty good and have done what is asked of them.  I hope that this continues in the long run.

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We’re in Trouble!!!

This morning while Kristee was getting Halee dressed for school, she was complaining about her hair not being right after Kristee tried to fix it.  The funny thing is that she is generally happy with her hair when she fixes it herself, but when momma is trying to help her fix it, it never is just right.  There was a lot of commotion going on about it being too high, not in the right spot, etc…  If she is being this picky when she is just 5 I cannot wait till she is a teenager, it might be quite the adventure.

I must say that there is a good chance that she got this pickiness from her daddy, yes yours truly.  I do remember being quite the picky kid growing up even into my adulthood.  I was picky about my clothes, food, hair.  It reminded me of this time in Costa Rica when I wanted a bowl cut. (Long on top shaven around sides and back.)  Dad gave me the haircut and after it was done I literally went and cried, what a baby!!!  The funny thing is after doing that and getting use to it I took it a step further and shaved the sides and the back all the way up and then grew my hair out really long on the top.

It is really funny to see these little character traits come out of our kids.  The other thing is that Gavin shows some of the same signs too.  So Kristee and I may be in trouble once they get into their rebelious teen years. 

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Ears Pierced

Well since we have been up here in Kansas City Halee has been wanting to get her ears pierced while we were up here. We made her think about it overnight, but she woke up this morning still wanting to get them done.

The only thing that worried her was that it might hurt. I told her that it doesn’t hurt to get them pierced and I think that helped out a little bit. She wasn’t at all nervous and didn’t cry at all and re lady that did them said that most girls her age are extremely nervous and usually cry. She did get a look of shock after feeling the first one go in. After she was done she said that it didn’t hurt at all which is awesome! Kristee on the other hand was extremely nervous about getting them done.

She looks extremey cute with her little ears pierced. She got little diamond starter earrings. (Actually cz). She is really excited to have gotten them done. She kept saying, I can’t believe that I got pierced ears.

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