Kylee’s Question About Heaven

Tonight during prayer time with Kylee she prayed and thanked Jesus for dying in the cross. Now this is the first time that I have heard her pray that specifically.

As I was exiting the room she paused me to ask a question like she normally does, to delay going to sleep. She asked why Jesus died on the cross and I talked to her about sin for a 3 year old. Then that led to talking about heaven. During that explanation it led us down the road of the fact that Jesus is going to return and take us to heaven one day.

Then she posed the question that caught me completely off guard. Dad, “Will I be able to take my ipad to heaven?”

Well it appears we might have bigger obsession issues with the ipad than I thought. I could not help but laugh. The things kids come up with.

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God Wants You to Play…

This is a side post that really should have gone before the last post. It happened right before the very 1st basketball tournament of the season. Gavin’s coach was talking to the whole team with a couple of parents around, he was telling them when the games were going to be on the weekend. One of the games was going to be in the morning during church. We had already talked with Gavin about the fact that he was not going to be able to play in the games that were going on during church. As his coach was wrapping up the game time talk, Gavin raised his hand and said, “I won’t be able to be at the game on Sunday morning.” (I hadn’t gotten a chance to tell the coach other than at the beginning of the season that Sunday mornings wouldn’t work for us.) Coach asked why, and Gavin said, “I have church!” One of the dads who is helping coach looked at Gavin and said, “God wants you to play basketball.” Gavin looked up at him with a strange look and said, “Um, no.” and shook his head.

This day in age society looks at Sunday just like it is a Saturday. Sports have started to bleed over into Sundays. I am glad that we can be an example of not giving into the way that society wants to do things. It is even greater to see my son stand up amongst peers and adults and boldly stand for what he believes. May he continue to be bold as he gets older, standing up for what is right, ultimately standing up for His Lord and Savior.

On another note, they have a new coach that is a college student that has come into start helping the head coach. This past weekend he said, that he wasn’t going to be able to make it because he had church. It is great to see that Gavin won’t be alone in it, but it is neat that Gavin was fine with missing even if he was the only one.

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Things God is Teaching Me

I have felt recently a desire to start blogging about the things that God is teaching me or showing me. I don’t know what the format will ulitmately look like, whether it be once a week, several times a week, really I am unsure about it. I am excited, but yet don’t know all the details yet. I guess that is how God works at times on our lives. He prompts our hearts and says just get started and I will fill in as we go. Really I think it comes down to just being willing. The reality is I don’t even know who reads this blog since I haven’t posted anything in awhile. Part of me thinks this may just be a way for me to put what God is doing in me out there, not to promote me, but to promote Him. I am sure there will be gramatical errors, run on sentences, I am not going to go over it with a fine comb or toothbrush. (However you say that saying!!) It’s really God and my time with Him and what he is teaching me. May God get all the glory, may I be transparent with what He is showing and doing in me. Some of this may end up as a youth lesson or even a sermon. I am just saying “I will, and following where He leads.” (There are several songs that come to mind when I read that, but I won’t go there.)

Will be blogging on

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I’m A Chrisitian

Both Halee and Gavin have really been interested in what it means to be a Christian lately. With as much as we talk about Jesus and God around our house it is no doubt why. With Easter finishing last weekend, we had a couple of baptisms on Easter Sunday, which brought up even more questions.

We have been talking off and on with them for the past few weeks, and both kids responded with I’m already a Christian because I believe in Jesus. One thing that has always been important to me for the kids is that they make the decision on their own and without us persuading them. I wanted to make sure that they understood what it meant to accept Christ as their savior and to fully understand (what they can at their age) about sin.

Sunday night both kids asked when they could get baptized. I sat with them individually and talked about it and asked them if they wanted to pray to accept Jesus into their life. They both wanted to and I felt like they both have an understanding of what it all means. I am so excited about them making this decision in their life and realizing the importance of it. They were both excited and the next morning Halee yelled down to Nana, “I’m a Christian!!”

My biggest prayer for them has always been that they will grow up making God the center of their life. I also pray that Kristee and I will be parents that always point them to God in everything that they do. I pray the they grow up to not only be Christian but leaders for Christ in this lost world.

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Prayer Time

Today I went to the kid’s school to be a part of their valentine parties. Gavin’s teacher had something to tell me, right when I got there. She said, that during this week since it is Gavin’s snack week he led in prayer time. She said that he prayed an incredible prayer today. They had talked about needs within the kid’s families earlier on in the week. They hadn’t gone over the prayer request today, but Gavin prayed for those who needed prayer from earlier on in the week. She was amazed at the fact that he remembered to pray for those specific things they had talked about earlier in the week.

Another one of the mom’s who was there earlier came and told me the exact same thing that his teacher had said. She said that it brought tears to her eyes to hear a 5 year old praying such a deep prayer. I think it is awesome to hear and see our kids praying at such a young age and I hope they continue to make that an important part of their lives.

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Faith Like a Child

Halee is sick today so she stayed at the office with Kristee. I got off work then went and picked Halee up and then Gavin from school. On the way home Halee fell asleep and Gavin said to me that he was going to say a prayer for him right then. I wanted to share his prayer.

“God I want to pray for Halee because she is not feeling well, help her get better so she can do stuff and go to school because I had fun at school. God heal her with your Powerful Hand and make her better. In Jesus name Amen.”

This is one area I know that all of us could have some help in. Like the Bible says, “we are to have the faith of a child”. It is so powerful to hear Gavin who is 5 have this tremendous amount of faith in God and who He is.

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I got to talking with both kids this morning on the way to school about what it meant to accept Jesus into your life. We were listening to Way (local christian station) and a song talked about the Holy Spirit and Gavin asked what was the Holy Spirit. I shared with him that we accept Jesus as our Savior and the Holy Spirit lives within us. (That led to all kinds of questions) The conversation eventually got to being baptized and Gavin kept saying bathtized, which in all honesty makes sense. He cracks me up with what he comes up with.

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Gavin’s Prayer Easter Night

This is the prayer that Gavin prayed on Easter night before going to bed, I meant to post it the next day but forgot to.

Thank you God for giving us the Bible.  Thank you for sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins and that he rose from the grave so that we can be with you up and Heaven and that you saved us from Hell.  If we believe in Jesus it allows us to be a Christian. Help us get a good night sleep and Mommy and Daddy in Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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Man of God

Gavin again is pretty funny about some of the things he comes up with in different situations. Today I have 2 I would like to share.

On Sunday night we had the youth over for a little Christmas party. We did the type of gift exchange where you can steal a gift from someone if you like it enough. I let Gavin have my number and we were 11 so we had a number of gifts that were opened in front of us including a sponge bob square pants toy binoculars. His eyes got real big and I told him that we could steal that from the person that took it if we wanted to. He looked at me and said with a serious face. “That is not nice to steal from people and God doesn’t want us to steal.” I then told him that it was ok in this situation. He refused to give into such a sin as stealing. Needless to say he didn’t take it, but chose to open another gift.

Yesterday we decided to take the kids to Chucky Cheeses since that had never been there. Now I don’t know if he was serious, but he sure did seem like he was. He kept calling the place we were at Chucky Jesus. We kept on correcting him, but he continued to argue that it was indeed Chuck Jesus and we were all wrong.

He seems to be trying to change things one at a time. I am not joking when I call him a “man of God”, I have never heard such a young kid talk about God as much as he does. He relies on God for everything and realizes that the power is in God’s hands. Anytime someone gets an ouchy or gets sick he lets them know that God will take care of it and He will make them better.

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Gavin is a Man

The other day Nancee was telling me about a discussion that she and Gavin were having about things God made and things Man made.

It went something like this:

Who made the trees?
Who made cars?
Who made houses?
Who made the sun?
Who made the grass?

As you can see this carried on for a few minutes with various different things Gavin wanted to know who made.

Then pretty soon Gavin said, “Nana, what did woman make?”

That is absolutely hilarious!!! I really wish I could have been there to hear him say that, better yet get it on video. He really can crack you up with some of the things he can come up with.

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I can finally say that I am employed. Yesterday I went to Cessna to do an interview for a job and I ended up getting the job. I am going to be Sheetmetal Assembler. Although it isn’t using my degree, it will be a way to a least get my foot in the door. I am actually very excited about the job just because it is honestly more up my alley. The idea of going into work dressing nice and shaving everyday doesn’t appeal to me. I guess you could say that I am a little more of the casual dresser and I hate shaving everyday, it hurts!!

I will start going through the classes on the 31st of March and will be in training for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks are up and I pass the classes I will become a Cessna employee, it should be on the 21st of April. At that point I will start getting the good pay and awesome benefits. While I am in training I will be employed by manpower and not make as much plus not receive benefits. I am really excited about the opportunity to work in the aircraft industry. I would like to get my private pilot’s license eventually and Cessna has a program that greatly reduces the cost for an employee to get their license.

God definitely had his hand in me getting this job. My brother in law and sister in law knew a guy that works at Cessna who got me the job. He submitted it on Tuesday morning and they called me by 10 am same day and had me come in and interview the following day. The guy that works there said it was the fastest that he has seen any one get hired after submitting a resume. It is such a relief to finally have a job that pays well and has good benefits after the past few months of getting no response.

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Clinic Update

I guess I can go ahead and expand on a earlier post. We have been offered a chance to work at Kamra & Ian’s clinic in Haysville. We are really excited about this opportunity, it will really give us a chance to learn the inner workings of the Chiropractic office without having to find a place to practice and then go through the process of getting a loan. We are really excited about it and the other benefit is that Kristee will be able to start practicing a couple of months earlier since she will be allowed to practice under a licensed Chiropractor. So tentatively she could be practicing by December. We are both excited about this opportunity and look forward to moving into the next phase of this change in our lives. We appreciate all the prayers and please continue to pray for us in hopes that we can get our house sold.

Again Thank You!

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