“Sin Both”

Apparently sometime yesterday Gavin for some reason decided it would be fun to use a marker and draw on the wood door going into the garage.  This morning Kristee asked him to clean off the door after school this afternoon.  In which we started asking him why did he even do that to begin with.  He said, “I don’t know I just did.”  Somewhere during the conversation he said that he just wanted to tell the truth about doing it because it didn’t want to “sin both”.  (I am guessing sin twice, is what he meant) Well at least he recognizes what he did was wrong.

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Field Day 2010

1st place: Sprint Race
1st place: Softball Throw
1st place: Scooter Race
2nd place: Obstacle Course
2nd place: Musical Chairs
3rd place: Balancing on One Foot

1st place: Sprint Race
1st place: Basketball Shot
2nd place: Golf ball Race with Spoon
3rd place: Scooter Race

We are so proud of all that they do. They did an awesome job at field day. Hope to have the video put together soon.

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I’m A Chrisitian

Both Halee and Gavin have really been interested in what it means to be a Christian lately. With as much as we talk about Jesus and God around our house it is no doubt why. With Easter finishing last weekend, we had a couple of baptisms on Easter Sunday, which brought up even more questions.

We have been talking off and on with them for the past few weeks, and both kids responded with I’m already a Christian because I believe in Jesus. One thing that has always been important to me for the kids is that they make the decision on their own and without us persuading them. I wanted to make sure that they understood what it meant to accept Christ as their savior and to fully understand (what they can at their age) about sin.

Sunday night both kids asked when they could get baptized. I sat with them individually and talked about it and asked them if they wanted to pray to accept Jesus into their life. They both wanted to and I felt like they both have an understanding of what it all means. I am so excited about them making this decision in their life and realizing the importance of it. They were both excited and the next morning Halee yelled down to Nana, “I’m a Christian!!”

My biggest prayer for them has always been that they will grow up making God the center of their life. I also pray that Kristee and I will be parents that always point them to God in everything that they do. I pray the they grow up to not only be Christian but leaders for Christ in this lost world.

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Want to be Like Gavin

I went with Gavin to a birthday party today and one of the moms of a girl in his class came up and told me that her daughter made the comment that out of all the kids in their class she wanted to be a friend of Gavin and be like Gavin. Anytime he gets hurt or someone gets hurt he immediately prays to God and ask for Him to help make them better.

It is really awesome to see Gavin’s friends recognizing his tremendous faith in God. Gavin always talks about trying to help his friends know and love Jesus. One thing that I have always tried to do his get both of our kids to be kind and friendly to all kids in their class. It is really neat to see other kids his age making comments like that, it kind of reassures what we are doing in raising both Halee and Gavin.

The faith that he has in God is amazing and I can only hope that we can all have that same type of faith in our creator. The faith of a child is powerful!!!

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The Old’n Days

This morning Kristee was talking to Gavin about what he was going to wear. She said I hope that they aren’t going to have spaghetti at school today. (they had picked out a white shirt)

She asked him if he remembered that Great Big Paw Paw use to wear a red shirt whenever he had spaghetti. After a minute Gavin said, “Did he use to do that during the old’n days?” Then he said, “Yeah I remember the old’n days!”

Kristee reminded him that his old’n days really weren’t that long ago, Lol!

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Prayer Time

Today I went to the kid’s school to be a part of their valentine parties. Gavin’s teacher had something to tell me, right when I got there. She said, that during this week since it is Gavin’s snack week he led in prayer time. She said that he prayed an incredible prayer today. They had talked about needs within the kid’s families earlier on in the week. They hadn’t gone over the prayer request today, but Gavin prayed for those who needed prayer from earlier on in the week. She was amazed at the fact that he remembered to pray for those specific things they had talked about earlier in the week.

Another one of the mom’s who was there earlier came and told me the exact same thing that his teacher had said. She said that it brought tears to her eyes to hear a 5 year old praying such a deep prayer. I think it is awesome to hear and see our kids praying at such a young age and I hope they continue to make that an important part of their lives.

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Your My Step Dad

Gavin told me that I was his step dad tonight and that his real dad was Jeremiah. I asked, “Who is Jeremiah?” He said, “From the Bible.” I asked him what did Jeremiah do and replied, “He wrote Bible verses, but died and you are my step dad.” I asked him a couple more time about what he did and he kept telling my that He wrote bible verses, and then told me that he was also a fisherman that wrote Bible verses.

It amazes me as to where he comes up with this stuff. Too funny!!

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