Several New Teeth

Gavin has several new teeth coming in on both the top and the bottom. 2 are poking through at this point with 4 more just below the surface. We can also tell because he is a little bit more grumpy and moody, it won’t be long before he gets a full set. His walking his getting better and better all the time, the biggest problem is that he gets to going too fast for his little legs to keep up. He then trips and falls, but gets right back up and resorts to crawling.

Miss Halee is saying new words everyday and has gotten to the point in which she will say what ever she hears you say. We need to watch what we say. Just yesterday Kristee was coming in the front door and tripped and said “Oh Crap”, Halee was right behind her and said the exact same thing as she was coming up the stairs. She is also putting together much longer sentence, her longest sentence is now 4 or 5 words long. One for instance is, “Daddy help drawer is stuck!” As we all know her favorite thing to do is change clothes 20 times a day, and I am not kidding. It is even worse when we are putting away laundry, she may change shirts 6 times while we are putting the clothes away. She is just never satisfied with wearing one outfit a day. A little water gets on a shirt and it is yucky now and she must change.

You just have to love it, they keep me entertained all day long!!!

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Gavin’s Birthday

As I mentioned in the previous post today is Gavin’s Birthday. I think he had a good day at least from what I could tell. We pretty much just played all day and went to the store to get some things for his birthday dinner. We also made him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and he thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be putting pictures and a short video of him digging in and smelling it, I think. We are not sure what he was doing, I guess you will just have to see for yourself and make your own judgment as to what he was doing. Kristee and I were talking today and we thought about what we were doing this time last year, welcoming him into our family. It is amazing to think that it has already been a year. Today of course Halee kept thinking it was her birthday and her cake, oh well. Gavin has already called it a day and gone to bed, I guess we played pretty hard today. Overall it has been a good day.

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Happy Birthday Big Fella!!!

Well, I wanted to be the first one to wish our big boy Gavin a wonderful and Happy Birthday! It is incredible to really think that Kristee and I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old, man does time fly by fast. I really find it hard to believe that Gavin is already a year old. It is definitely to have the privilege to watch him grow up and accomplish all the different things that he has accomplished and everything that he is going to accomplish in his life. I just pray that Kristee and I both are good parents that are leading both of our kids in the right direction and into God’s will. Although he may not be able to read this, maybe one day he will be able to read it sometime in the future. I just want to let him know how much I Love Him and how blessed I am to have such a wonderful son. I look forward to all the wonderful days and years ahead of us. Happy Birthday Mister Gavin!!!

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Gavin The Talker

One thing that Kristee and I have both taken notice of is that fact that Gavin talks a lot more than Halee did when she was 1. We think that he probably does this due to the fact that he has to compete with his big sister who is now not only a big talker, but also a loud talker. We all know who she got that from, and that is also why we like to call her little Kristee. And on the note of talking Gavin says a lot of things that is definitely baby talk, but one word that he is saying consistently and finally using it correctly, is DADDY. He will actually come up to me and say Daddy when he wants me to pick him up. Obviously I am an extremely proud Daddy. Another note about Gavin we noticed today is that he is now showing separation anxiety. When we dropped him off at the nursery at church he immediately started crying, he really hasn’t done that before. He will generally go straight in and not even think twice about where his parents are. Halee on the other hand is getting to the point of enjoying going to the nursery. She gets all excited when we are walking into church once we got to her room she walked in a little hesistant, but no crying. When church was over and we went to go get her she was sitting at a table with a few other kids and didn’t even act like she was ready to leave. Isn’t it amazing how many different phases they go through in just 2 years…

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Officially Walking

I just wanted to add a post to document that Gavin is officially walking. He is walking all over the place and although he still crawls occasion his first instinct is to attempt to walk. He has been very successful the past 2 days at walking across the room, catching himself if he starts to stumble, and standing in place with very good balance. It is so exciting watching kids learn to walk, he really gets excited when he successfully walks across the room. Of course he has to deal with his big sister bumping him over or attempting to help, but ultimately getting in his way. I guess this just means that he will be getting into more stuff and learning to climb things next. Oh well, I don’t mind it is a blast to just watch them go through so many changes.

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We’re Back!!!

We are finally back home. And what a wonderful feeling to be back home. We both really love visiting family and getting to see everyone along with the kids spending time with their grandparents, aunts and uncles, but there really is no place like home. You can’t beat sleeping in your own bed, the kids sleeping in their own rooms and not having to live out of suitcases. We had a really good time in Mississippi and stayed pretty busy spending time with all of my family. It was great to see everyone and I know that everyone really enjoyed spending time with Halee and Gavin. The kids enjoyed spending time with Grammy and Gramps (my parents), we also celebrated a Gavin’s 1st birthday while we were there and had a wonderful party. Gavin won’t really care, but you can’t beat having 2 parties for one birthday. It is really hard to believe that Gavin is almost a 1 year old, he is getting much better at walking and standing, but what is funny is that he is much better when he is not thinking about what he is doing. The trip home on the airplane was not as smooth as the trip there. Both kids pretty much stayed awake during the entire flight and then fell asleep just as we were getting ready to land. Before coming home we spent sometime with Kristee’s side of the family in Wichita and they enjoyed seeing the kids for just a little while.

I thought that I was going to post while we were gone, but was just to busy and really didn’t spend much time on the computer. Now that were are back at home I will start posting a little more often. Once we get really back into our routine it will be a lot nicer. Today we have pretty much spent all day cleaning and mowing, hopefully we will wrap all that up tomorrow and get to relax the rest of Kristee’s break. Just want to let everyone all our family to know that we had a great time and that we love you all. Once again it is great to be back home!!!

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In Mississippi

Well, we are finally here in Mississippi! We arrived here yesterday and we were excited to see everyone. The kids did well flying, Gavin pretty well slept the entire time we were flying which was fine with us. Halee on the other hand was wide awake on both flights, needing to be entertained. The funny thing is that she ended up falling asleep just as we landed here in Mississippi. So she was sound asleep when we walked off the plane to greet everyone. We are having a good time and I am sure that all my family is glad to see both of the kids. [= That was a little message from our little dude Gavin. It is Sunday and we had a good time at church, I am tired so I will probably post a little more after awhile.

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Finally Sleep

Well, this post is merely to document something I have been waiting for, not that anyone cares. Gavin has slept all night long the past 2 nights and I am excited. Now that I am making this post about him sleeping through the night, I will probably be up with him tonight. Oh well, it is definitely a sign of the good things to come. Also one more thing about Gavin, he is now getting a lot more independent in his eating. He really isn’t the biggest fan of having us feed him baby food anymore. He likes to have a little bit of what we are having to eat, but the most important thing to him is that he wants to feed himself. I guess that just means that he is that much closer to being a lot more independent, especially when he is watching his big sister who thinks that she can do everything.

An update of Kristee’s finals, she is doing very well and getting good grades on all her finals and doing great in her classes as she wraps up this semester. She only has 2 more left and then it is break-time and I know that she is very excited about having some time off from school. Talk to you later.

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New Church

Today Kristee and I attended the Discovery Class at the church that we have been attending here in Lee’s Summit, it is Summit Woods Baptist Church. The class basically covered everything about the church. The pastor was the teacher of the class and basically gave a background of the church and what the church was all about. It was quite interesting, the church is only 7 years old and it started in a small office building, then moved to a commercial warehouse for the majority of their existance. And the just moved into their new building only a year ago and there are plans for adding onto the building. The pastor has been with them for 6 years and he is in his early 30’s. Kristee and I both thoroughly enjoy his sermons and the worship experience. The church has a lot of young people with a lot of kids that are Halee and Gavin’s age, which is a big plus in our opinion. They both have a good time playing with all the other kids their ages. We found out today that second to adults, bed babies through preschool kids are next largest group in the church.

Today we had an interesting experience with Mister Gavin. The church has the beepers for the parents, just in case the parents are needed during the worship service, ours went off mid-way through the service. Kristee got up and went to see what the deal was and he was balling his little eyes out and they could not get him calmed down. But, the minute he saw momma he was a happy camper, apparently they had been trying everything to get him calmed down and nothing was working. We both thought that was pretty funny, really he was just wanting a nap and there was too much going on in the room for him to take a nap.

We are glad that we have found a church that both Kristee and I enjoy and more importantly one that the kids enjoying going to. Anyone that is interested I have added a link to the churches website. It is incredible that this is the one, considering it was the first church that we attended.

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2 year appointment

Well, we finally got to take Halee to her 2 year check-up, we were a little behind due to all the moving and stuff. Everything went just fine. She is growing just fine and developing at a good rate. She was 25.5 lbs. and 33.5 inches tall. She was extremely cooperative with the doctor doing everything that she was asked. Halee actually enjoyed the experience, she was laughing and doing everything she was suppose to do before the doctor asked, like turning her head to have her ears looked at. Halee really seemed to like the doctor. We are thankful for that. Now we will probably schedule Gavin for an appointment soon.

Gavin is getting better at walking on a daily basis, He is taking more and more steps each day and with more balance control. It won’t be long before he really takes off…

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Kids Growing Up

The kids are growing up so fast, it is hard to believe that Halee is 2 years old and Gavin is almost 11 months old. Gavin has four teeth that have appeared and we can see another one on his upper gums coming in. Just in the past week he has started saying “uh-oh”, not sure that is an actual word, but it is very cute. He has been saying mama and dada for several months, but not using it in the correct context. He is also on the verge of walking, he has been walking while holding on to things for a couple of months now. In just the past couple of days he has started letting go and trying to stand there. Last night and this morning he would actually let go and try to walk to another piece of furniture, falling each time. This morning he was actually successful in walking between two items that were 3 feet apart. Halee is of course in her terrible 2’s, testing any and every limit that she can. Although she is an extremely sweet and wonderful helper when she wants to, she has her moments of pushing the limits. She is definitely demonstrating her independence, she thinks that she can do anything that we do and very rarely wants our help. She shows her independence in the bathroom, she no longer wants us in there. After turning on the lights for her she tells us to “Get Back” and sometimes wanting the door closed. She is just about fully potty trained, still wearing night, night diapers, but we will soon be ending those. It is hard to believe just how old they are both getting and how fast they are growing up. It seems just like yesturday we were expecting Halee…

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