Want to be Like Gavin

I went with Gavin to a birthday party today and one of the moms of a girl in his class came up and told me that her daughter made the comment that out of all the kids in their class she wanted to be a friend of Gavin and be like Gavin. Anytime he gets hurt or someone gets hurt he immediately prays to God and ask for Him to help make them better.

It is really awesome to see Gavin’s friends recognizing his tremendous faith in God. Gavin always talks about trying to help his friends know and love Jesus. One thing that I have always tried to do his get both of our kids to be kind and friendly to all kids in their class. It is really neat to see other kids his age making comments like that, it kind of reassures what we are doing in raising both Halee and Gavin.

The faith that he has in God is amazing and I can only hope that we can all have that same type of faith in our creator. The faith of a child is powerful!!!

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Slumber Party

Gavin is going to have his first slumber party tonight at one of his friends house for his birthday. Gavin is really excited about getting to the chance to go and spend the night at his friend’s house. I will be interested to see how he does. He has already been told that he is going to get to watch a movie with them tonight, which makes him even more excited. I hope that it is a good experience for him and he enjoys it. I would rather not get that call in the middle of the night saying that he wants to come home, but it’ll be alright if it does happen.

He keeps asking if it’s time to go yet, so I know he is ready!!

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Gavin’s 1st Sleepover.

Gavin had is first sleep over last night. He had is friend Caleb over to sleep after a party we had with the youth last night. They really had a fun time with each other. The kids took a bubble bath along with playing with cars and trains till about 11pm. Halee and Gavin were ready to go to bed (not really sleep), but excited about getting in bed. Caleb on the other hand wanted to keep playing. We had him get in bed even though it didn’t make in happy. We let him sleep with one of the cars which made him fine with going to bed. They did spend a decent amount of time goofing off after we told them that it was time for bed. Once they fell asleep things went fine.

Caleb woke up at around 1am wanting his mama, but we got him calmed down and back in bed. Then this morning Caleb and Halee were awake at about 7:30 and Gavin kept sleeping. He even woke up while they were in his room playing, but laid back down because he was tired. Needless to say Gavin was a little tired this morning. I would imagine they will be exhausted today and in much need of a nap come this afternoon.

Overall it was a good experience and I know the kids had a good time with Caleb. Here are some photos I took of them in the bubble bath.

Gavin's 1st Sleep Over
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