New House

Scherich's New House

I took some photos of the Scherich’s new house this past weekend and wanted to share them with everyone. For those that don’t know we will be moving in with them when we return to Wichita after Kristee graduates.

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Another Pubilc Apology!

Yes I am doing it again. Mom, Dad I am very sorry for not doing things when you ask me to. I know I was slow to get around for school, church etc… I wouldn’t pick up things when asked, I would always say in a little while. If and when I decided to do what was asked I would do it at an extremely sloooooow speed. (Intentionally, maybe) You guys would have to ask me many, many times to do things. You get the picture for those that did not grow up with me. I know Jon and Sarah can both atest to what I was like when I was asked to do anything that I didn’t want to do. I know I already said it, but I AM SORRY!!!

You ask why this apology? Gavin is basically a “little me”, only he is 2 and I was doing this at the teenage level at least that is the part I remember. (Maybe I was like that at his age too, but as I said in a previous post I don’t remember much at the age of 2) I ask the little bugger to pick up things, go get dressed, wash his hands etc… (basically anything that involves him doing something that he is not interested in doing.) He looks at me with the straightest face and says, “Just a minute!” Then he continues about his business doing whatever he pleases. I use to let him do his thing for a minute and see if he remembers what I ask him to do and of course he has completely ignored me. Now I “try” to make him do it right away even when he says “Just a minute”. And do you think that I can tell him again and he gets started, NO. It takes me at least 5 times most of the time more. On top of that I usually have to show him what to do, not because he doesn’t know, it is because he thinks he can get out of it. Take a wild guess at what speed he operates, that’s right, sloooow!! If I clap, dance, chant and cheer him on he will pick up the pace, but not on his own he won’t. It does really frustrate me during the times when this is going on, but I can sit back and look at the irony of the whole situation and just laugh. Basically I am getting “IT” handed to me on a platter. Oh I can’t wait till he is in his teens, LOL!!!

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2 New Videos

I have added 2 new videos to the website today. I forgot about the video that we took back in December when we got quite a bit of snow in our area. We had a really fun time sledding down our little hill in our front yard. Kristee, the kids and I were all out there having a blast. I added music from Fall Out Boy “Dance, Dance” to the video. I have also uploaded video we took from Halee’s 4th birthday this past weekend. It is video of her opening her presents and blowing out the candles on her Princess ice cream cake. Hope you all enjoy!!!
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Wedding Photo

Kristee found this photo a few weeks ago at her parents house and decided to bring it home. (Sshh, Bill & Nancee don’t know, LOL!!!) I thought I would post it online for all to see how beautiful they looked on Kamra’s wedding day. Enjoy!

P.S. Bill or Nancee if you want the photo back you must contact Kristee, not me, I didn’t take it.

From Kristee & Kamra
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Pray for Us

We have started the process of looking for a place to practice in Wichita. We have got the area that we want to practice in mind, but are now looking for a specific location. Pray that Kristee and I will make the right decision on the location and that we look to God for direction. It can be a little nerve racking once we start looking at cost and everything so pray that we can just put it all in God’s hands. He has been with us through the entire process from the beginning and we want to make sure that we keep our focus on him during this process of finding and building our future clinic.

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It’s a New Year

It has been a little while since my last post. We spent most of Kristee’s Christmas break in Wichita and we also went to Colorado to do a little snowboarding. We had a really good time minus me spraining my ankle on the 3rd run of the 1st day. So it didn’t turn out to be my dream snowboarding trip that I was hoping for. Oh well I am still limpin around a little bit and it still is quite sore. We also wanted to give Halee the chance to take ski lessons and everything was going great right up till the point in which the ski instructor came over and tried to take her back to the room with all the other kids. We tried and tried to get her to go, but it just wasn’t going to happen. She said that she would go when she was 4. (We will see, she might go if Gavin goes and I have a good feeling that Gavin will go.) Kristee’s parents went with us and we were there over Christmas which was kind of different being away from home over Christmas.

Kristee has actually had a longer Christmas break this year over last year, she doesn’t go back till next Wednesday where last year she had already been in school for a few days by now. She has really enjoyed the extended break to relax and we have enjoyed having her home during the day for this extra week or so. It is hard to believe that she is headed into her last year of school. We have actually started looking for a place for our future practice and we have pin pointed a specific area in Wichita, but now need to get an exact location and start getting the loans and all that fun stuff. It is a little nerve racking, but kind of exciting all together. Just to think that a year from now we will be back in Wichita starting our practice, it is just crazy. (We also know that 1 year is nothing and it will go by extremely fast, the 1st 2 years have flown by.)

The kids are doing great and it is hard to believe that Halee will be turning 4 in just a couple of weeks. Did you hear that, 4, I just can’t believe that she is already that old. She is becoming quite the little lady. Her personality just cracks me up sometimes. She can at times just seem to old, she really has that motherly instinct with Gavin and her babies. (And she has a lot of babies) She is really helpful around the house (when she wants to be) and she enjoys helping cook. She is just a great joy to be around and a true blessing in my life. She is just growing up way too fast!!

Gavin is also growing up way too fast. He is 2 1/2 and has one of the most incredible little personalities I have seen in a kid his age. He absolutely loves and adores his big sister. he can be so sweet most of the time. He does have his terrible 2 moments, but it really does seem like he is getting close to ending that stage in his life. It is hard to descibe his personality without hearing him talk bacause man can he carry on a conversation with anyone. He really isn’t shy with anyone and will just about strike up a conversation with anyone who pays him any attention. Again I can’t believe that he is going to be turning 3 years old this year. It is amazing at just how much he is growing up. Both kids just bring a smile to my face and they are a blast to have around, most of the time, lol!!!

I hope that everyone is doing well and that everyone has a great 2007!!!

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Picasa Web Albums is Officially Up

I started thinking about the amount of photos that I have taken over the past several years since going to a digital camera. One thing that I try to do religiously is backup all my photos. I have made backups to dvd’s and I backup to a external hard drive but recently I have thought about having some sort of an away from home backup of our photos. I started looking into sites much like Flickr which provide a place for personal photos to share with friends and family, but also acts as a nice backup. I looked at all different kinds of options and narrowed it down to Flickr and Google’s new Picasa Web Albums (PWA).

The reason that I narrowed it down to these 2 services is the price was similar at $25 a year for the upgrade or pro package. There were a couple of big differences between the 2 services that made it difficult to make the decision. Plus for Flickr was that the pro package allowed unlimited amount of upload vs. PWA only allows 6 gigs at this point in time. (I have a strong feeling that they will eventually allow more storage, it is fairly new at this time.) There were a couple of things that I didn’t like about Flickr: I like the community aspect for some photos, but not for my entire library of photos. I don’t mind if people online see our photos but PWA doesn’t have the ability for random people to just browse through your photos. I know you can make things private in both services, but that can just make it more difficult for friends and family to view you photos so I like to keep everything public. Tags are cool for a small amount of photos, but again not my entire library. I also do not like the layout of Flickr’s albums it just seems confusing to me. PWA has a very clean layout if you go and check out our photos you will see what I am talking about. I have only 52 albums up at this point and they are very clean and organized and simple to understand. PWA has a beautiful way of implementing the slideshow for the each album looks very mac like which I love. I am not the biggest fan of Flickr’s slideshow.

For those of you who use Windows computers, Picasa is a simple easy to use photo organizer and editor. I have used it before on my windows computer and in my opinion it blows away a lot of the popular photo organizers that you pay for and it is totally free. As of right now PWA has supplied a plugin for iphoto and a separate application that runs on macs to upload photos. I have been using the plugin and it is wonderful and easy to use. Anyone on Windows who uses Picasa can upload straight from Picasa, but another feature that it has is the ability to download entire albums back to Picasa. Another plus for PWA over Flickr. (As of right now there isn’t a feature that allows you to download entire albums into iphoto, but I hope it isn’t far off.) Therefore I can upload full resolution photos to PWA and have a complete backup and not some smaller photos that was resized. Another thing that I really liked about PWA is the ability to upload video, although I do not plan on using this feature until alot more storage is allowed.

You do have to have a gmail account to use PWA, if you are interested in trying out the free version which allows 250MB of storage and do not have a gmail account let me know I have plenty of invites. The free version allows all of the same things but just not as much storage and no video upload support. Another feature I really like is the ability to link to friends PWA sites under the my favorites tab. I have set up another PWA under another gmail account so you can see that feature. I really think it is neat to be able to have direct links to friends and families photos. (It reminds me of the social networking sites like imeem, myspace and facebook.) Anyone who sets one up I would love to link to you so let me know your PWA address.

I have added a direct link to our PWA in our blog and also in the Photos section of our website. I will probably update the photos on the PWA sooner than add new albums to our website. (Just because it is faster.) I will continue add photos to the website on a regular basis and will still notify everyone. I go through and choose the best ones to add to the website where as I will upload everything to the Picasa Web Albums. I hope that at least a few of you will go and check it out and let me know what you think. I also hope that some of you will start your own Picasa Web Albums so that I can have someone other than myself to link to, lol!!! I really do enjoy looking at people’s photos of whatever. I think that PWA does have some room for improvement and I have mentioned some of them, but I am very happy with the simplicity and the way it is organized. And no matter what pc platform you use windows or mac they have made it very easy to upload photos. You can’t ignore the need for some sort of off site storage for digital photos and this is a relatively cheap method if you ask me. If you like to embed photos into myspace or a blog check the previous post very nice looking I think.

P.S. I haven’t the chance to upload everything due to the 6 gig limitation, but I hope that once they discover that people need and want more space they will increase the storage then I will be able to upload all of our photos.

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Just a Little Update

Gavin has been doing really well with his potty training, he has had a few accidents and went through about 3 days worth of accidents last week. He is doing really well with knowing when he needs to use the potty. We are very proud of him and he is still excited about using the potty, almost too excited. When we take him at restaurants he comes running back to the table announcing, (yes I mean announcing) that he either went pee pee or poo poo. It is really quite funny.

Halee has been doing really well with learning her ABC’s and counting to 20 (She almost has it just skips 14 and 15). As you all know they were attending “school” at our church but for the month of September they decided that they were no longer going to be doing the school at the church. We were all really sad to hear that they weren’t going to get to go to school any more. We looked into some other school, but the cost was just too much. I actually look at it as more of a blessing and helped me realize that I needed to be involved in trying to help them do some school activities rather than just playing all day long. (We still do plenty of playing, trust me!!!)

We have started having school just about everyday for about 1 and a half to 2 hours. It has really been a lot of fun with them because they both are really excited about learning new things. They don’t always cooperate, but they do a fine job most of the time. We have a time to learn letters, numbers, bible stories, new songs (music time), exercise, sports, and arts and crafts. On the days that we don’t do “school” we either go to the mall or park to play on the playground stuff depending on the weather. The kids have really enjoyed having “school” and look forward to it.

Things are going well for us, Kristee is going about her regular busy school schedule. This semester she seems to have to stay later on most days, but that will probably happen as the semesters pass. We have really started talking a lot about our future clinic and thinking about what we will need to start doing to make sure that she can start practicing once she gets her license. After this semester it will only be about a year away, man that is really hard to believe!!

I hope that all are doing well!!!

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A Good Week!

This past week, Jon came up to visit us and we really had a good time. We got to go down to Wichita to ride some wet bikes out at the cabin, we went to Worlds of Fun and had a blast, and also went to Dave & Busters to get our game on. And of course went out to eat a lot, you can’t come to Kansas City and not go out to eat!!!

It was good to see him and I know the kids really enjoyed having him up here rather than just a face on the computer. Jon got a chance to see what the terrible 2’s are all about. But he also got to see just how well behaved Halee can be when she is not being egged on by her brother. Gavin was sure to demonstrate that phase of his life for him in full force. With Gavin wanting to show us just how independent he is, Jon saw first hand just how much Gavin likes to defy any kind of authority that tries to tell him what to do.

Gavin has been doing extremely well with potty training. He has his accidents here and there, but those mainly happen when he is so focused on doing something else that he just forgets. He has learned to do 1 & 2, and has also learned to tell us (or Halee) when he needs to go. Halee has been a very good mother and has been extremely helpful in his potty training. Kristee and I are really glad that we are having to change diapers any more other than his night time and nap time diaper, which he has been keeping fairly clean for us.

Halee has been learning her ABC’s and she is really close to getting the whole alphabet in order, won’t be long before she has it down. Gavin can say his ABC’s to G and then hums the rest of it.(sometimes it is hard to get him to stop) Halee is in the process of learning her numbers up to 20 she does really well up to 13, but then skips to sixteen. Gavin can successfully count to 7 on his own and is close to getting to 10. Gavin has also learned almost all of “Jesus Loves Me”. I have it on video tape and plan on posting it to the website soon! They are really growing up and are excited about learning all kinds of new things and it really is a blast to watch. I have been meaning to get a height and weight update and hopefully will get that done tomorrow. I have some other photos that I need to get up on the website also and will get that done sometime soon.

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Just A Little Update

I thought it has been a while since I made my last post and thought I would give a little update about what is going on in our lives. Right now Kristee is the the middle of her week long of finals. It is hard to believe that another semester has passed and that she is more than half way done with school. We thought that school would go by fast, but it is going by a lot faster than I could have ever imagined in my life. By the end of this next semester we will start needing to look into where we are going to set up our clinic and start thinking about getting together a plan for our practice. It is exciting to be getting so close to finishing school, but it also makes Kristee and I little nervous about starting our own business. We look forward to starting and know that as long as we put our business in God’s hands that he will lead us in the right direction. We must make sure that we keep our focus on Him and it won’t be too overwhelming.

Halee and Gavin are still growing up at an incredible speed, it is really hard to believe just how big they are getting. Gavin is kind of in the process of potty training. We have gotten him to go pee-pee in the potty, but he often wants to go after he has gone in his pull-up. Since he can now open all the doors in the house I have now found him fully stripped sitting on the toilet going potty. (Yes he likes to use the bathroom in the nude!!) Hopefully we can get him to start telling us when he needs to go to the bathroom. Halee has also taken on the responsibility of wanting to potty train him. She is more excited about it than he is, needless to say he doesn’t always like her involvement.

Halee is without a doubt just like Kristee in her bossiness. She likes to boss both Gavin and I around all the time. She is really like Gavin’s second mother. She loves to pick his clothes out in the morning and get him dressed and believe it or not he lets her most of the time. We may have a little battle ahead when he decides that he wants to pick out is own clothes. We have also discovered that she is most likely going to be an extremely messy girl. She likes to change clothes 100 times a day and in the process she leaves clothes laying all over her floor. We have tried to emphasize and show her how to put her clothes back in the drawers and try to keep a clean room. She claims that she likes the mess and enjoys living in the mess. (Sometime when it gets out of hand again I need to take a picture and post it online, hopefully it won’t get to that point. She has also started to really enjoy wearing pony tails a lot. The funny thing is that she has actually gotten really good at putting them in herself. She doesn’t have the thickest hair to work with, but she does and excellent job at putting them in herself.

As you can see we are doing just fine, the kids are doing great. We look forward to Kristee’s break that is coming up next week and look forward to having her home for a much deserved break!!

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Kristee and I decided to take the kids to go see the movie Cars last night. Both of us were a little hesitant after our last failed attempt at a movie in the movie theatre. (We went with Kami and Ian to see Ice Age 2, Kristee missed half the movie because Gavin didn’t want to stay in the theatre, Halee kept going from watching the movie to outside with Kristee)

We figured that Gavin likes cars and this movie might keep his interest. I will say that we did make it through the entire movie without leaving the theatre partly because we were in the middle and trapped in. They watched it for a little over an hour maybe hour and a half before they started moving around and losing interest in it. It was a 2 hour movie.

It would have been so bad if Gavin wasn’t such a loud mouth, he is very loud and likes to talk a lot. He would ask where the race car, tractor, or truck went, not only once though. He would repeat the question at least 15 times. It wasn’t bad during the loud parts of the movie, but during the quiet parts you could clearly hear him. Fortunately since it is a kids movie there were other kids making noises too, just didn’t seem to be as loud as Gavin sounded.

The Funny thing is that I think the man in front of us seemed to be getting annoyed by Gavin, and ended up leaving the movie before it ended. I don’t know if it was because of him or not, but he left the theatre. But what can you expect when you go to see a movie with a lot of little kids watching.

Halee overall did a really good job, but started to lose interest after 1.5 hours and wanted to move around from one seat to another. It really wasn’t that bad, I think it would have been a little better had the movie been about 30 minutes shorter. I want to go see Over the Hedge, it is about 30 minutes shorter so maybe will go give that movie a shot sometime and see how they do. By the way Cars was an extremely good movie, Kristee and I really enjoyed watching it.

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Been Awhile!!!

Man it seems like it has been an eternity since I posted anything on our blog. Just to let you know what is going on in our lives, Kristee just started back to school last week after a 2.5 week break, so we are getting back into our school routine. She did awesome in all of her classes and was glad to see that semester come to an end. She was glad to have a break but was ready to get back to it so that she can finish school and we can move onto the next chapter of our lives. She has a lot longer days this semester and won’t be done with classes till around 4:30 each day, where as before it was no longer than 3:30 and sometimes earlier depending on the day.

We had a great time having her home over the break, one of the first things that we did after she finished her finals was go to the zoo. We had never taken the kids to the zoo here in Kansas City and decided that we want to go and check it out. We didn’t get to see the whole zoo just because with smaller kids they tend to want to take a nap so we thought we would leave around 1 and see the rest of the zoo on another day. We also went down to Wichita to visit Nana & Papa, and Kami & Ian, we pretty much just hung out with everyone for 3 or 4 days, it was enjoyable and relaxing. After Wichita we came back to Lees Summit and spent the rest of her break hanging out around the house, it was kind of bad because the entire rest of her break it was cold and rainy the entire week. We had planned on going back to the zoo before she went back, but it was just plain yucky outside.

The kids are doing great, they are growing up so dang fast it just amazes me. Not to mention we have Gavin’s birthday coming up in 2 days he is going to be 2 that is incredible. Gavin is talking a lot, I just call him Jaba Jaws, and a lot of what he is saying is very understandable, at least to me. He does like to repeat himself a lot just to make sure that you get what he is telling you, but it is funny to look at his face when he is really trying to tell you something important he is soooo serious looking. He is really at that age in which he copies what he hears others say and both him and Halee will repeat each other a lot. It is great to see them both interact with one another because they really do get a long very well and enjoy having each other around. We are still taking potty training at his own pace meaning we aren’t pushing him, but just encouraging him whenever he needs to go. Halee is a really big help and really looks out for Gavin acting more like his mother than his sister. She is really learning a lot more words and becoming easier for people to understand and putting together multiple sentence when explaining something to you. If I hadn’t mentioned it yet she is obsessed with wearing this one outfit and she will literally wear it all week long if you don’t make her take it off and put it in the dirty clothes and even then she has been known to go and take it out. It is a Juicy t-shirt and a pair of Gap jeans, and they are by far her favorite outfit that she owns. The funny thing is when we are washing them she keeps a very close eye on where they are at in the washing process so that she can get them out as soon as they are dry. (She has attempted to take them out when they were still wet and try to wear the outfit) And for and update on sleeping in our bed she has occasionally gone to our bed and fallen asleep, I wouldn’t say it was an every night thing, but here and there, it is really quite cute, but we try to prevent it from happening. Both kids have done great in going to Sunday School the past 2 Sundays they both walked in and didn’t look back. Previously we went through a couple of weeks of Gavin not wanting to go and would cry when we left him in the nursery. All in all they are both doing great we have really enjoy the past couple of days, the weather has been really nice and we have gotten to play outside a lot and of course ride the hummer and 4 wheeler.

As for me I am doing great I am still enjoying being at home with the kids and watching them grow up right before my eyes. I am a big kid myself so any opportunity to play I am all for it and that is what kids really like to do. I have also taken up a new hobby of sorts: reading. During Kristee’s break I decided that I want to read a book, sometime last year I had read A Million Little Pieces by James Frey, (I found it because of Oprah’s book club, I know I am turning into a house wife, trust me I don’t watch Oprah on a regular basis, but just happened to be watching when she suggested this book, and NO I AM NOT A MEMBER OF HER BOOK CLUB!!!) With all of the hype around The DaVinci Code, I decided that I wanted to read it and find out with all the controversy was about. I must say I see the controversy, but I really enjoyed the book as a fiction novel and it really sparked my interest for reading, since then I have read House by 2 Christian authors. I am picking book that are really that thriller type book that won’t let you put it down. I have also set out on a goal of reading the Bible from cover to cover straight through. For any of those that knew me back in high school or even college would think that someone has come and taken Josh and replace him with some other dude. I was the type in high school and college and even after college that hated reading, and I mean hated it. I always looked for the Cliffs Notes or a movie about any book that I needed to read, and I wasn’t the type that wanted to spend my time reading a book. I must say that I am still the same Josh, but have really discovered the joys of reading, I never in my life thought that I would enjoy reading as much as I am now.

Anyways that is what is going on in our lives, now that we are getting back into our normal routine I should be back to posting a little more often.

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Spring Break!

Well it is Kristee’s spring break this week. She is really enjoying being off of school and being able to just relax around the house and with the kids. It is a well deserved and needed break. We are really excited and looking forward to this weekend, we will be heading down to Wichita either tomorrow or Thursday. On Saturday we will be picking up my sister and brother-in-law and my brother at the airport in Wichita. They are coming up to spend next week with us. Sarah’s spring break falls next week rather than this week. We are excited to have them all coming up to spend some time up here in Kansas City with us. We will have to make sure that we show them a good time up here. Just a little note to let everyone know what we are all up to.

For those that left comments on the videos, I am sorry that I did not see the comments sooner. I didn’t set the email notification so I didn’t know that there were comments. I have fixed the problem and will now know when you post comments on either the photos and videos. I have responded to the comments now. We really enjoy any comments that are left in the blog, videos or photos.

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A Year Ago, Today!

It is hard to believe it, but a year ago today we closed on our house up here in Lee’s Summit. We moved all of our stuff up here during last Thanksgiving weekend with the help of Jon, Kamra, Ian, and Nancee. As I think back to what we were going through a year ago it is really incredible to see just how far we have come. We were also in the process of getting our house in Wichita sold. We were both still working at our jobs in Wichita and planning of Kristee quitting in December and not really knowing when I was going to quit UPS and move up here. We really had a lot going on in our lives and bringing along 2 small kids during the whole process. It was a real life decision and change that we were about to venture into really just following what we felt was right for us to do as a family. Looking back at how everything just fell into place we just know that it was the right decision and God put all of the pieces in place for it to happen. I must say that Kristee and I both are a lot happier with what we are doing in our lives now compared to what we were doing a year ago. Kristee is extremely happy with what she is learning in school and is really looking forward to the future of being a Chiropractor and I am excited about being able to work with her at the clinic. I am so much happier being able to stay at home with the kids and watch them grow up and be there for them, rather than having to take them to a babysitter for the day. I fell like the kids are really enjoying being able to get into a real routine. We are truly blest and it is really amazing just how much things have changed from just a year ago.

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Home Video Podcast

After reading a comment from my brother and reading his latest post at, I began to look into the possibility of putting my videos into iTunes as a video podcast. I thought this is brilliant, it is a way for me to upload my videos to the website but also for those that are interested have the videos download to your computer automatically. I will still have the videos up on the website in the same manner as before, but in addition those that are into podcast and using iTunes as a podcast client can subscribe to JoshandKristee’s Video podcast and the videos will download to your computer anytime I put a new one online. Anyone who is clueless to what I am talking about, and are interested, I will explain exactly how to get the videos to automatically downloaded. This will be extremely handy for the Video iPod owners because it will automatically sync with the ipod and you will have the latest and greatest videos to take with you. I must really thank Jon for giving me the idea it doesn’t look like there are a whole lot of people if any using iTunes podcast feature for home videos. I have submitted my Video Podcast to iTunes and will hopefully be in iTunes within the next few days or so and at that time you will be able to search for our video through the podcast section of iTunes by searching for Halee, Gavin, Kristee, Josh, Metts or home videos. At least this is what I am hoping will happen.

iTunes is free for Windows or Mac and as long as you download the latest you will be able to subscribe to our video podcast. I personally think it is the best music jukebox out there and recommend everyone to use it for music and now videos. Once downloaded you will see a Podcast section on the left side of the window, you can click this and then click podcast directory at the bottom of the page and this will allow you to do a search for our video podcast. (I will let everyone know when the podcast is up and running within iTunes.) Also within iTunes there is a feature that lets you manually subscribe to podcast under the Advanced menu at the top. Under the Advanced menu you will see Subscribe to Podcast… click on it and it will ask you for a url in the box you put feed:// in the box and click ok and now you will see a new podcast added to your podcasts section. It will automatically go out and check for any new videos and will download them for you. As I put new videos up on the site you will automatically receive the new videos. I currently have 2 movies on there and I am hoping that they will work with the new ipod, I think they should, but have no way of testing it. Jon, Dad, and Andrew or anyone else who has a new iPod please let me know if it works, these movies are different than the ones on the website. I want to encourage everyone to at least give it a shot just to see what it is like, I think it is going to be awesome.

Anyone who has problems please leave comment or e-mail I would love to help anyone out!! I hope this will be a convenient way for us to share our videos with everyone. Again I want to thank Jon big time for the idea, I am not sure that many have thought about podcasting in this way. It is a great way to distribute your own media to friends and family.

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