We’re in Trouble!!!

This morning while Kristee was getting Halee dressed for school, she was complaining about her hair not being right after Kristee tried to fix it.  The funny thing is that she is generally happy with her hair when she fixes it herself, but when momma is trying to help her fix it, it never is just right.  There was a lot of commotion going on about it being too high, not in the right spot, etc…  If she is being this picky when she is just 5 I cannot wait till she is a teenager, it might be quite the adventure.

I must say that there is a good chance that she got this pickiness from her daddy, yes yours truly.  I do remember being quite the picky kid growing up even into my adulthood.  I was picky about my clothes, food, hair.  It reminded me of this time in Costa Rica when I wanted a bowl cut. (Long on top shaven around sides and back.)  Dad gave me the haircut and after it was done I literally went and cried, what a baby!!!  The funny thing is after doing that and getting use to it I took it a step further and shaved the sides and the back all the way up and then grew my hair out really long on the top.

It is really funny to see these little character traits come out of our kids.  The other thing is that Gavin shows some of the same signs too.  So Kristee and I may be in trouble once they get into their rebelious teen years. 

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Gavin’s 1st Sleepover.

Gavin had is first sleep over last night. He had is friend Caleb over to sleep after a party we had with the youth last night. They really had a fun time with each other. The kids took a bubble bath along with playing with cars and trains till about 11pm. Halee and Gavin were ready to go to bed (not really sleep), but excited about getting in bed. Caleb on the other hand wanted to keep playing. We had him get in bed even though it didn’t make in happy. We let him sleep with one of the cars which made him fine with going to bed. They did spend a decent amount of time goofing off after we told them that it was time for bed. Once they fell asleep things went fine.

Caleb woke up at around 1am wanting his mama, but we got him calmed down and back in bed. Then this morning Caleb and Halee were awake at about 7:30 and Gavin kept sleeping. He even woke up while they were in his room playing, but laid back down because he was tired. Needless to say Gavin was a little tired this morning. I would imagine they will be exhausted today and in much need of a nap come this afternoon.

Overall it was a good experience and I know the kids had a good time with Caleb. Here are some photos I took of them in the bubble bath.

Gavin's 1st Sleep Over
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I have now been on twitter for a couple of months now and am loving it. Jon is the one that got me into it and I use it a lot. For those that may not know it is like mini blogging about what I am up to throughout the day. Occasionally I post photos taken with my phone, but mostly it is used to communicate what I am up to. If you are on twitter and want to follow me my twitter name is joshmetts. If you are on twitter let me know I would like to follow you too. I have also added a twitter feed to the side of the blog.

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Another Day, Another Year

It is really hard to believe that Gavin just turned 4 today. Where has the time gone? It is crazy to think that he is really that old already, I have looked at video of Gavin when we were living up in KC and he was just a baby when we arrived there. It really isn’t that long ago that we started living in Lees Summit. These kids are growing way too fast.

What is interesting about Gavin’s birthday is that it falls right in with Graduation for most of the high schools around here. We have had a number of parties to attend this weekend. (All family) We also had our church graduation ceremonies today. Seeing some of these kids that are now graduating high school really blows my mind. I was fortunate enough to know a number of them back when they were in elementary school and now to see them graduating high school is just too crazy.

For us it is a great reminder to really try to enjoy all that we can with our kids while they are young. It isn’t going to be long before they are to that wonderful age when hanging with your parents isn’t “cool”. Then they are off to college.

On another note Gavin really had an awesome day, I guess I should say week. He had been waiting for his 4th birthday to get here for months. He got to have a party at school with his class, which he really enjoyed. As a matter of fact today he woke up at 6:30 asking if he could open his birthday presents. Trust me he was excited.

He got a full covering Spiderman costume (that he had been dying to get), a braum’s big rig truck, power rangers coloring books, KU clothes, some dinosaurs, a spiderman puzzle, a Wall-e toy, and Optimus Prime transformer. He was so excited about receiving all the gifts. I took some photos that I will post up soon, he was literally bouncing all around the room as he was opening his presents. I plan on getting some photos of him in his full spiderman suit, but today he was wearing it with Cowboy boots. Trust me Spiderman with black cowboy boots is kind of goofy looking. Although I may throw in a few photos of him wearing that also.

I am really so proud of both of our kids and how well they are doing. They are really both getting to be “big” kids now and it is neat to see them maturing each and everyday. They are both learning so much at school and church, I must say that I am an extremely proud dad!

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A lot of New Photos

I can’t believe how many photos I forgot to upload. Anyways here are all the links to the new albums created. You can read the description to each album on Picasa.

Gavin Meets Spiderman

Gavin meets Spiderman

Halee & Gavin Photo shoot

Halee & Gavin Photo Shoot

Children’s Day 2008

Children's Day 2008

Halee Ballerina

Halee Ballerina

Gavin’s School Trip to Zoo

Gavin's School Trip to Zoo 2008

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge
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Welcome Mikayla Ashlee Black

I meant to do this a couple of days ago but have been busy with kids and work. I just wanted to welcome my new little niece to the world. My sister Sarah gave birth to a wonderful little baby girl on Tuesday afternoon. She was 8 lbs. 5 oz. and was 20 inches long. The named her Mikayla Ashlee. It is very exciting to have a little niece, but the only disappointment for me is the fact that I am not going to get to see her anytime soon. I really do look forward to the day I get to old her. As for now photos will just have to do.

As my brother put it on his twitter feed, technology is amazing. Sarah gave birth and with in a matter of an hour I got to see photos of her. (I am sure I could have seen them sooner, but I would imagine they were pretty busy.) I love the fact that we can use technology in this manner and be able to be a part of what is going on in our friends and families lives without having to actually be there.

Congratulations to Sarah and Josh on your new little angel. She is precious, and I am sure that the both of you are going to make wonderful parents. But, as for now have fun with nights of very little sleep. It gets better I promise, but it will never be the same as it use to be. In the whole scheme of things the lack of sleep is definitely worth it.

Below is a link to a photo album of Mikayla.

Mikayla’s photos

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1st Day Back

Well today was my first day back in the workforce, kind of. I actually started my training today with Cessna for sheet metal assembly. I will be going to these classes for the next 3 weeks before getting hired on at Cessna. I think it is going to go by pretty fast. The class today was a little enjoyable in the sense that I was learning all new stuff. Learning about planes a little, but mostly blueprint. Which is what I will spend the remaining of this week studying. I will then have a final on blueprint this Friday and then move on to more hands on type work the following 2 weeks. I think that everything is going to go fine for me and I look forward to what all I am going to learn.

Unfortunately Gavin is not feeling all that well today and has been running a fever all day long. Please pray for him to get to feeling better so that we can have the crazy, jumping Gavin back. Even though he can be a handful when he is crazy acting, it is a lot better than seeing him lay around not being himself all day.

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Easter 2008

Here are the photos that we took on Easter. We got some descent ones when they were by themselves, but when I put them together they did nothing but act like goof balls. We also had a fun time doing a big easter egg hunt out at our cousin’s house. Gavin got 2nd place. I believe Halee got 3rd. They both came away with quite a few good treats and toys. Enjoy the photos!!

Easter 2008
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The Better Parent

We had something funny happen very early this morning (5 am). Gavin woke up and used the bathroom and then went to get back in bed. He is extremely picky about how his covers are on him. Kristee tried to make him happy but he would just cry and fuss about it, then I went in to see if I could make it right, but it was the same thing. He just cried about his blankets and I would arrange them the way he was telling me, but it wouldn’t make him happy. I told him that I was through and was going back to bed and he could do it on his own.

He continued to cry and carry on, then we hear little footsteps going across the floor and it was Halee leaving her room. She went into Gavin’s room and started talking to him to help in out. He quit crying and she fixed his blankets the way he wanted them and he was quiet and went back to sleep. It is crazy to see that he responds better to Halee, I mean he quit crying and actually talked to her rather than cry to hear. And then the fact that a five year old can fix his blankets the way he wanted them fixed and 2 grown adults couldn’t figure it out. From now on I think Halee just needs to get up in the night and help him out when he has problems. Oh and when she finished fixing his blankets she told him that she was going to get back in bed and she did.

They are so cute and hilarious when they interact with one another.

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I don’t know what happened but I was going to update the site and I went to open iWeb and it acts like the file is non existent. I still have all the content and the site works fine right now, but I can no longer update iWeb without recreating the site. I am going to look at the option and it looks like I will be rebuilding the site one way or another. Fortunately most of our content is hosted via other sources so I may not go back and redo all the old photo pages since we can still via all the photos on picasa and same with videos on blip.tv.

I will be interested to see what my options are and what route I decide to take, but look for a change in the site some how some way.

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Best School Day Yet

Today I took the kids to school and things were awesome for them. As you know they are been going through crying spells once they arrive at school. They would both start at different times during the dropping off process. Halee would start as soon as we stopped the car and would say that she didn’t want to go to school. Gavin would be perfectly fine up till we crossed the entry way in to his room.

Today was different. Halee did say that she didn’t want to go to school once I stopped the car, but she was just pouting not crying. We walked to Halee’s class 1st and she had a sad look on her face, but not crying. I told her bye and she went to her teacher and started talking to her. Gavin needed to go to the restroom (school ritual) and then we walked to his room and I was bracing myself for the crying to start once we crossed the entry. Nothing happened, I looked down to make sure that he was alright and he was just looking around. I hung up his coat and backpack and he was still fine. The teacher came over and should us some photos they took of the kids with their friends and Gavin was standing there hugging his friend Michael. (very cute) I told him that Nana & Papa would pick him up today and said that I would see him this afternoon gave him a hug and stood up to leave. He stood there with a smile on his face and waved to me. Then he looked at his teacher and walked off.

It was a really good thing to see this happen today. I can tell that they are really starting to have a blast at school and are at that point in which they are starting to look forward to going each day. It is one of those things that I didn’t think I would see with the way things started out this year. But they are enjoying it and I am glad to see the tears start to fade in the morning time.

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