We are officially moved and it is a good feeling, now only if we could sell our home. We got moved in this past weekend and are for the most part unpacked minus a few items in Kristee’s car. We also still have some outdoor stuff up in Lees Summit, that just wouldn’t fit on the truck. Kristee has to go back up in January so we will get the rest of that stuff when we go back. Since it is only backyard stuff it really isn’t that big of a deal.

Kristee has gone to the clinic three times this week to start meeting and seeing her new patients. It is exciting to see her getting to go to work and start using everything that she learned in her own clinic. It is weird to think that we are not going to go back to Lees Summit, but it is a good thing because now we can start this next big step in our lives.

Big thanks goes out to Jon for all the help that he provided in moving the big stuff couldn’t have done it without him. I appreciated the help from Kamra, Ian, Bill, Nancee, Bill, Dana and Andrew. It definitely made the move go a lot quicker having so many people to help us.

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Clinic Update

I guess I can go ahead and expand on a earlier post. We have been offered a chance to work at Kamra & Ian’s clinic in Haysville. We are really excited about this opportunity, it will really give us a chance to learn the inner workings of the Chiropractic office without having to find a place to practice and then go through the process of getting a loan. We are really excited about it and the other benefit is that Kristee will be able to start practicing a couple of months earlier since she will be allowed to practice under a licensed Chiropractor. So tentatively she could be practicing by December. We are both excited about this opportunity and look forward to moving into the next phase of this change in our lives. We appreciate all the prayers and please continue to pray for us in hopes that we can get our house sold.

Again Thank You!

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Pray With Us

Although I don’t feel I can reveal anything about the decision we are needing you to pray with us about. But I just wanted to ask for prayer. It is involving our future clinic and what we are going to do when we move back to Wichita. I will update everyone once we have made a decision about the situation, shouldn’t be too long.

Thank You!

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Kristee had her part 3 boards today and she feels like they went well for her. It was definitely the shorts of the boards to date. The first 2 took 2 days each to complete. I know that she is relieved to have this part over. Now she just has one more board to take to be done with all the boards. She will be taking part 4 in December. It is definitely exciting to see the end of school coming, it is just so hard to believe how fast her schooling has gone by. It is unbelievable to think that she is starting her last trimester on Wednesday.

Update on our clinic situation: I had mentioned that I found a previous property that we really liked had come available, but looking further into it the 2 parties a still working out the details and look as if they are going to close the deal. So we went back to looking into other properties. We are looking at a couple out in East Wichita, but have also started looking at a couple of properties in Valley Center (just outside of Wichita). Please continue to pray for us as we continue to look for the ideal location for our future practice.

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Family Update

Things are going well for us. The kids and I just got back from visiting my family in Mississippi. Unfortunately Kristee was not able to go with us since she has started seeing patients she has to spend her time off up at the school seeing them. We decided to go down there while she was taking her finals so that we would not be bothering her while she studied. She did extremely well in all her classes and his excited to be done with the school work at least for a little while even though she still has to see patients. It is an exciting time for her since she is going to be starting her last trimester of school and almost all of it is going to be working in the clinic.

We had an awesome time in Mississippi and it was a blast getting to spend time with my family. The kids had fun swimming and spending time with everyone. Unfortunately there was several days that Gavin wasn’t feeling the greatest and he was a little more of a Daddy’s boy than usual. I got a chance to go on many motorcycle rides and experience everything from highway riding to traffic, twisties, and night time riding. It was a blast. I just recently went through a motorcycle safety course that was a lot of fun. I can’t explain the absolute enjoyment of riding a motorcycle.

We ended up driving down there instead of flying since it is getting too expensive to fly now that we have to pay for both kids. Believe it or not I was looking forward to the road trip with the kids. We made it in about 13 hours of driving in 1 day. The trip back was a little faster due to not stopping for meals, we just had some good snacks that we ate while we drove. (Gavin had the runs and I didn’t think that it would be good to eat at fast food restaurants with his stomach situation.) We made it in 11 hours and were able to beat Kristee home from school and surprise her. While we had a lot of fun there in Mississippi it was very nice to be back home with Kristee, I really missed her a lot.

Now that we are back we are really going to need to buckle down and get serious about finding a place to open our practice. Today I was browsing the net looking at properties and discovered that the place we were really interested in before was back on the market. It was the original place that we really wanted but decided it was time for us to make a deal on due to our time frame. It went under a lease contract pretty soon after we decided not to do anything about it. When we made the decision, we said that if it was meant to be God’s will in our life to practice at that location then it would be available when we were ready to start a contract. Sure enough it went back on the market just recently. We can really only see this as sort of a sign. We are extremely excited about this particular property because we haven’t found another place that we have been as excited about. We really hope that this is the location of our future clinic. Please Pray with with us as we start the process on this property.

We are also going to start the process of putting our home on the market. There is a chance that we can move back to Wichita in November sometime and really need to get this home sold. Pray that we can find the right real estate agent to help sell the home and also that we can sell it within a good time frame of when we need to move.

We are extremely excited about this time in our lives, but also a little nervous due to the life changing experiences that we are about ready to go through. Please keep our family in your prayers during this time of transition.

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Pray for Us

We have started the process of looking for a place to practice in Wichita. We have got the area that we want to practice in mind, but are now looking for a specific location. Pray that Kristee and I will make the right decision on the location and that we look to God for direction. It can be a little nerve racking once we start looking at cost and everything so pray that we can just put it all in God’s hands. He has been with us through the entire process from the beginning and we want to make sure that we keep our focus on him during this process of finding and building our future clinic.

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