Slumber Party

Gavin is going to have his first slumber party tonight at one of his friends house for his birthday. Gavin is really excited about getting to the chance to go and spend the night at his friend’s house. I will be interested to see how he does. He has already been told that he is going to get to watch a movie with them tonight, which makes him even more excited. I hope that it is a good experience for him and he enjoys it. I would rather not get that call in the middle of the night saying that he wants to come home, but it’ll be alright if it does happen.

He keeps asking if it’s time to go yet, so I know he is ready!!

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Another Day, Another Year

It is really hard to believe that Gavin just turned 4 today. Where has the time gone? It is crazy to think that he is really that old already, I have looked at video of Gavin when we were living up in KC and he was just a baby when we arrived there. It really isn’t that long ago that we started living in Lees Summit. These kids are growing way too fast.

What is interesting about Gavin’s birthday is that it falls right in with Graduation for most of the high schools around here. We have had a number of parties to attend this weekend. (All family) We also had our church graduation ceremonies today. Seeing some of these kids that are now graduating high school really blows my mind. I was fortunate enough to know a number of them back when they were in elementary school and now to see them graduating high school is just too crazy.

For us it is a great reminder to really try to enjoy all that we can with our kids while they are young. It isn’t going to be long before they are to that wonderful age when hanging with your parents isn’t “cool”. Then they are off to college.

On another note Gavin really had an awesome day, I guess I should say week. He had been waiting for his 4th birthday to get here for months. He got to have a party at school with his class, which he really enjoyed. As a matter of fact today he woke up at 6:30 asking if he could open his birthday presents. Trust me he was excited.

He got a full covering Spiderman costume (that he had been dying to get), a braum’s big rig truck, power rangers coloring books, KU clothes, some dinosaurs, a spiderman puzzle, a Wall-e toy, and Optimus Prime transformer. He was so excited about receiving all the gifts. I took some photos that I will post up soon, he was literally bouncing all around the room as he was opening his presents. I plan on getting some photos of him in his full spiderman suit, but today he was wearing it with Cowboy boots. Trust me Spiderman with black cowboy boots is kind of goofy looking. Although I may throw in a few photos of him wearing that also.

I am really so proud of both of our kids and how well they are doing. They are really both getting to be “big” kids now and it is neat to see them maturing each and everyday. They are both learning so much at school and church, I must say that I am an extremely proud dad!

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Back to Life

Back to reality. We are now getting back to our regular routine after Kristee’s 2.5 week break. Although we weren’t planning on it we ended up spending her entire break in Wichita. We all had a really good time being there with family. We spent a good portion of the break painting and fixing up our rooms at Bill & Nancee’s new house, we also had a garage sale at their new house. It was also very relaxing being there even though we were working on different things here and there. I only wish that we had better weather while we were there, it seemed like it rained for a solid week. We did have time of good weather and I got a chance to play on the 8 hole par 3 golf course at the neighborhood park. That was a lot of fun. Gavin loved going with me, he is really enthusiastic about playing golf and had a blast watching me. (he was a fun little caddy)

We got to go and watch the Wichita Wranglers play baseball, both the kids loved it. We also got the chance last Saturday, to go down to the River Festival and let the kids ride some of the kiddie rides. On Sunday, after church, we ended up going out to the new amusement park in Park City called Wild West World. Although it wasn’t very big there were plenty of rides that the kids had a lot of fun riding, and they look forward to getting to go back again sometime this summer.

I also had the chance to get out and go play a real round of golf for the first time since Halee was 6 months old. (about 4 years) It was a lot of fun to get the chance to get back on the golf course. Gavin wanted to go so bad, but I am glad that I didn’t take him since it ended up being a lot warmer than I thought it was going to be. I look forward to taking him with me sometime, but will have to rent a cart, I forgot just how tiring it can be walking the course. Kristee and I both got the chance to play on the Metropolitan Baptist Church softball team on Monday night. It was the first time that Kristee had played since High School and my first time since Gavin was born. It was a lot of fun to get out and play softball together, I really enjoyed it a lot.

We also celebrated Gavin’s birthday while we were there so that Nana, Papa, Kami & Ian could be a part of his 3rd birthday. It is hard to believe that he is going to be 3 years old tomorrow, wow!! Anyways, he got a ice cream birthday cake. He also got a little baseball and baseball glove, a real electric guitar, and there was a new set of real golf clubs sitting on our front porch when we got back to Lees Summit. He was all excited about getting to have a real guitar and real golf clubs, guess he was getting tired of the “fake” toy ones, haha!! We will still have a little family birthday party for him tomorrow on his birthday, but he already got most of his presents.

Since we were gone for 2.5 weeks and got a lot of rain, our grass was in desperate need of being harvested. Fortunately someone in our neighborhood realized we were gone and mowed our front yard for us so it wasn’t as bad. (Wish I knew who it was, would really like to thank them.) Our backyard was an unbelievable sight to see. I took some photos of it with the kids and thought I would share them with everyone, it is crazy how tall it was. I finally got it under control today, it only took me 4 times to mow the backyard to get it back to normal. I mowed twice last night and twice today and yes I am tired. Really what I needed was a big tractor. Enjoy the photos, don’t ever let your grass go for 2 and a half weeks, trust me.

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2 New Videos

I have added 2 new videos to the website today. I forgot about the video that we took back in December when we got quite a bit of snow in our area. We had a really fun time sledding down our little hill in our front yard. Kristee, the kids and I were all out there having a blast. I added music from Fall Out Boy “Dance, Dance” to the video. I have also uploaded video we took from Halee’s 4th birthday this past weekend. It is video of her opening her presents and blowing out the candles on her Princess ice cream cake. Hope you all enjoy!!!
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Halee’s Birthday

I hope to put together some footage from Halee’s 4th birthday soon. We had a great time! Nana, Papa, Kami and Ian all came up to spend the weekend with us to celebrate her birthday. She was so excited to be turning 4, it was quite funny. I can’t believe that she is already 4 years old, it just doesn’t seem possible. Anyways I hope to put together some footage of her opening a few gifts and blowing out the candles on her princess ice cream cake.

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Happy Birthday Big Boy!

I just wanted to wish Gavin a happy birthday, it is really hard to believe that he is already 2 years old. The funny thing is when I wished him a happy birthday this morning he looked at me and said, “No Birthday, no birthday!” I tried to explain to him that today was his birthday and he was 2 years old, but he didn’t want anything to do with it. Despite his lack of interest, it is his birthday and we will have a good time celebrating today. I Love You, Man!!!!


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Happy Birthday!!

I want to wish Kristee a Happy Birthday!! I hope that you have a wonderful day today, I can’t believe how old you are. Just kidding, you know I have to give you a hard time just because I am younger than you and I will probably do that for the rest of our lives. I Love You with all my heart and hope that I can do anything that you want to make this day a special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETIE!!!


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Great Birthday

Halee had a really great 3rd birthday. We had Nana, Papa, Kami and Ian come up to visit us this past weekend to celebrate her birthday. She got to go to one of her favorite restaurants, Rainforest Cafe, both the kids love to eat there just because of all the animals and jungle sounds. She was given a big volcano birthday brownie and ice cream desert and the waiters sang Happy Birthday to her. She really got a kick out of it!!! We got some photos and I will put them up as soon as I get a chance. She got all kinds of stuff ranging from books to clothes of course. One big gift that she got was a little kitchen that she can play with in her room and she thoroughly enjoys going in there and cooking a meal. This was the first year that she was truly excited about her birthday and couldn’t stop talking about it the entire weekend long plus the week before. It was fun to see her enthusiasm about her big day when she turned 3.

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Happy Birthday Halee!!

I wanted to wish Halee a big Happy BIrthday as she turns 3 today!!!! I can’t beleive that Halee is 3 years old, it seems like she has just grown faster than I ever would have imagined. I am so extremely proud to be her father and am thankful that she is a part of my life. She amazes me with everything that she does and how helpful and nice she is at this age. Halee can really bring a huge smile to my face whenever I look at her smiling little face. This is the first year that she has been so excited about her birthday. And we hope to give her a wonderful birthday today.


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Happy Birthday Mom!

I wanted to wish Mom a Happy Birthday and hope that she has a wonderful day. I wish we could be there to celebrate the big 50, but we look forward to seeing you in the middle of October. I know I already called but also wanted to send a Happy Birthday through the blog.

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I must say congrats before I go to bed tonight to 2 people. 1st and foremost I would like to congratulate Kristee on finishing her finals and passing all of her classes this past semester, I know that she is extremely excited to be done. Now she can relax for the next several weeks without having to think about studying for her classes. She did very well this semester and I know that is was difficult at times and having a family makes things even harder at times. Anyways, Congrats to my incredible wife for completing another semester and hopefully I can help you to relax during your break.

I also want say Happy Birthday to Dad, I guess technically it was yesterday. Don’t worry I called him yesterday and wished him a happy birthday and this isn’t a late attempt. I hope that he had a good day and enjoyed his birthday. Happy Birthday and We Love You, Gramps!!!

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Gavin’s Birthday

As I mentioned in the previous post today is Gavin’s Birthday. I think he had a good day at least from what I could tell. We pretty much just played all day and went to the store to get some things for his birthday dinner. We also made him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and he thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be putting pictures and a short video of him digging in and smelling it, I think. We are not sure what he was doing, I guess you will just have to see for yourself and make your own judgment as to what he was doing. Kristee and I were talking today and we thought about what we were doing this time last year, welcoming him into our family. It is amazing to think that it has already been a year. Today of course Halee kept thinking it was her birthday and her cake, oh well. Gavin has already called it a day and gone to bed, I guess we played pretty hard today. Overall it has been a good day.

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