Garage Sale Queen

Halee is the one running our garage sale. I have been quite impressed with her ability to organize and run the sale. And she really does enjoy doing it. I know in the beginning she couldn’t wait to be the cashier but the reality is that she has enjoyed every aspect of the sale.

I am very proud of how well she is doing at not only running the sale, but at her decision making, negotiations, and explanation of items and pricing.

Yes she is going to get to keep a portion of the money that she is making.

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Failed My Kids

By their age I had been to so many school skate parties. Roller skating was just something we did regularly. We may have to go to a real skating rink and get these kids to where they can actually skate.

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Kylee 7 Months Old

It is hard to believe that Kylee is now 7 months old. It is crazy to think of how fast time has flown by. She is so close to crawling, if she could get her arms moving forward she would have it. She does at least have the army crawl down and is very mobile. I need to shoot a couple of 7 month old photos and post them and get video of her attempting to crawl. She does this standing up on her feet with her butt up in the air and does a little dance. She just doesn’t quite get the coordination of moving her arms in sync with her legs.

The other thing that she has started doing which is a little bit of a shock is pulling herself up to a standing position. All she needs is something strong and stable to grab onto and then she is up. I will say that she doesn’t stay up very long before she falls back down, but she does get to a standing position.

One thing that she does that gets me everytime is a smile that will light up the room. Love seeing her smiling face in the morning or when I see her when I get home from work. She is always excited to see me. It is such a neat feeling when you see her smiling at you.

Halee and Gavin are both enjoying her more and more each day along with Kylee enjoying her older brother and sister. She is playing more and more each day and the kids like being able to play with her.

I will be posting photos and videos soon.

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Welcome Kylee

From Kylee's Arrival

Kylee Lynn joined our family on October 23rd at 5:16 pm via c-section. She caused a little bit of trouble coming into this world, but she has been more than worth it. She weighed in at 7lbs. 7oz. and was 19.75″ Long. She has been such a wonderful little baby girl. We are slowly getting her on some sort of a sleep schedule which is always nice.

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