Kids Growing Up

The kids are growing up so fast, it is hard to believe that Halee is 2 years old and Gavin is almost 11 months old. Gavin has four teeth that have appeared and we can see another one on his upper gums coming in. Just in the past week he has started saying “uh-oh”, not sure that is an actual word, but it is very cute. He has been saying mama and dada for several months, but not using it in the correct context. He is also on the verge of walking, he has been walking while holding on to things for a couple of months now. In just the past couple of days he has started letting go and trying to stand there. Last night and this morning he would actually let go and try to walk to another piece of furniture, falling each time. This morning he was actually successful in walking between two items that were 3 feet apart. Halee is of course in her terrible 2’s, testing any and every limit that she can. Although she is an extremely sweet and wonderful helper when she wants to, she has her moments of pushing the limits. She is definitely demonstrating her independence, she thinks that she can do anything that we do and very rarely wants our help. She shows her independence in the bathroom, she no longer wants us in there. After turning on the lights for her she tells us to “Get Back” and sometimes wanting the door closed. She is just about fully potty trained, still wearing night, night diapers, but we will soon be ending those. It is hard to believe just how old they are both getting and how fast they are growing up. It seems just like yesturday we were expecting Halee…

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1st Entry

I am pretty excited about adding the blog page to our website. It will add another way for us to communicate with all of our friends and family. If you do not know what a blog is, it is anything that anyone person wants it to be. The best way to descibe it is that it is an online journal. I will be using it for many different purposes, but the main purpose as mentioned in the title is to post any accomplishments or milestones that Halee & Gavin achieve. I want to encourage people who view any of the post to make comments about the post or post comments about what is going on in your lives so that we can keep up with everyone. I will try my best to post to the blog on a regular basis. Also on the page I will have links to things that interest me or other friends websites or blogs, if you have a website or blog please let me know and I will create a link to your page. Hope to hear from you soon!

Talk to you later

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