Kylee’s 1st Tooth

Halee noticed that Kylee was getting her 1st tooth just yesterday. She was carrying her to the car and Kylee opened her mouth enough for Halee to see a small white tooth poking through her lower gums. It is tough to see as she isn’t exactly cooperative. But you can definitely feel the tooth when you rub your finger across the gum. It also helps explain the past 2 nights and how little sleep Kristee was getting. Kylee got up at least 3-4 times during both nights.  I am posting a photo of a shot of her lower gums. You can’t really see anything just yet, and yes she wasn’t happy about me attempting to get a photo.

It will be interesting to see how she changes as the teeth all begin to come in. It amazes me how much teeth change the look of a baby.

Kylee's 1st tooth.
Kylee’s 1st tooth.
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Kylee Height & Weight Update

6 month appointment (7 months old)

Height 26.5 inches

Weight 15 lbs. 3 oz.

For comparison I found Halee’s 6 month appointment in which she was actually closer to 6 months old.

Height 25.5 inches

Weight 15 lbs. 10 oz.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find Gavin’ Height and Weight. I didn’t start logging them online when they were this young. There is a chance it is somewhere, but I am just not sure where. If I happen to come across it I will post it for comparison. I think she is closer to Gavin’s size if I remember correctly.

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Kids Camp 2014

I didn’t get a chance to write a post about our experience at Kids Camp. This was Halee’s second year to go to camp and Gavin’s 1st year to be able to attend. This was my 2nd year to go as a sponsor. I have so much fun being able to attend camp as a sponsor with my kids. I know that those years are few and at some point they might not want dad to come along. (I hope it doesn’t happen, but I know it is a possibility.)

Halee was apprehensive because she was going to be the only girl going with our church this year. Fortunately she really likes our children’s director and that helped with her being anxious about going. Another neat thing that happened was that she was in a room with another group of girls that attend Immanuel Baptist Church whch is right down the street from Metropolitan. She really hit it off with this group of girls. I often found her running off to go and hang out with them to play games or just talk.

Gavin was excited from the beginning he was going with his best friend so that obviously made things a lot easier. He was the one that said he didn’t want me to go this year. (Although I know he enjoyed me being there.) He had a great time with his friend and with the guys from the other church we shared a room with. He also ran into one of his friends that dates back to when he was going to school at Bethel Life. Gavin and Colby hung out with him and his friend from his church almost the entire time.

There were a couple of things that were neat for me to observe this year.

  1. I was ok with them going off and doing their own thing with their friends. It was fun to watch them interact with others their age.
  2. It was great to be in with them during our church group time. This was a time for us to not only talk about our day, but then also talk about things of God. The theme this year was “Unplugged”. We discussed things that distract us from God and it was neat to hear them be open and honest even though their “dad” was sitting right there with them.

They both walked away from the week with a desire to grow in their relationship with God. This is the desire that every parent should have when their kids return from camp. Now it is my job to follow up with them and do anything that I can to help them and give them the instruction and resources that they need to accomplish this desire in their heart.

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Kids Camp

Last week both Halee and Gavin got to go to Kids Camp. This was Halee’s 2nd year and Gavin’s 1st year. They both had a blast and really enjoyed the week. I used my phone to shoot some photos and videos of activities while we were there. Doing it this way Google took all the footage and photos and made a “story” about the trip.

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Kylee Crawling & Standing Up

This past week Kylee has become a little more mobile. She is beginning to get the hang crawlying around. She isn’t relying on it consitantly yet and tends to stand up on her feet as she attempts to crawl. Another thing that she has started doing is standing up while holding on to the couch or table. As we know the issue with this is that bumps and bruises also occur. Plus we have to make sure that we are keeping a closer eye on her. And time to start baby proofing the house. She has fallen and bumped several parts of her body, fortunately she rebounds quickly. I will be posting photos and videos shortly.

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God Wants You to Play…

This is a side post that really should have gone before the last post. It happened right before the very 1st basketball tournament of the season. Gavin’s coach was talking to the whole team with a couple of parents around, he was telling them when the games were going to be on the weekend. One of the games was going to be in the morning during church. We had already talked with Gavin about the fact that he was not going to be able to play in the games that were going on during church. As his coach was wrapping up the game time talk, Gavin raised his hand and said, “I won’t be able to be at the game on Sunday morning.” (I hadn’t gotten a chance to tell the coach other than at the beginning of the season that Sunday mornings wouldn’t work for us.) Coach asked why, and Gavin said, “I have church!” One of the dads who is helping coach looked at Gavin and said, “God wants you to play basketball.” Gavin looked up at him with a strange look and said, “Um, no.” and shook his head.

This day in age society looks at Sunday just like it is a Saturday. Sports have started to bleed over into Sundays. I am glad that we can be an example of not giving into the way that society wants to do things. It is even greater to see my son stand up amongst peers and adults and boldly stand for what he believes. May he continue to be bold as he gets older, standing up for what is right, ultimately standing up for His Lord and Savior.

On another note, they have a new coach that is a college student that has come into start helping the head coach. This past weekend he said, that he wasn’t going to be able to make it because he had church. It is great to see that Gavin won’t be alone in it, but it is neat that Gavin was fine with missing even if he was the only one.

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Summer Basketball

This past weekend was quite crazy for Gavin. He is involved with a team that strictly plays in tournaments during the summer. So far he has played in 2 tournaments, but this was the first one that lasted Friday-Sunday. This season has been fairly tough for the team as they are younger and smaller than most of the other teams. His team is beginning to look better and better with each game and practice that goes by. What I specifically wanted to write about was the game that Gavin had this past Sunday morning.

At first we weren’t sure whether or not Gavin would be able to go and play because it did fall on a Sunday. I told the coach up front that Sunday mornings would be uncertain because of our commitment to going to church. This past Sunday ended up working out for us to be able to and be a part of the game, because it started at 8. I knew it was going to be a rush just to finish the game and get to church on time, but I thought it would be worth it if we could make it.

They were scheduled to play the one team that they match up with the best so I also hated to miss an opportunity to get a win. The game was close the entire time. It went back and forth throughout the game without any one team looking like they had the advantage. Coming down to the end of the game it was extremely close, I believe there was something like 48 seconds left in the game and Gavin’s team was down by 3 points. His coach called a timeout and basically set up a play for either Gavin or this other player Sammy to take the 3 thinking they had the best opportunity to hit it. Sammy is the point guard for the team and Gavin was the one in-bounding the ball. Sammy got the ball but was quickly covered and passed the ball back to Gavin at the 3 point line. Gavin got the ball and without hesitating went up for the 3. He didn’t make it, but they fouled him in the act of shooting.

Now this is the point where I got a little nervous I so much wanted him to at least hit one the free throws and cut the game to a 2 point game. Gavin got into his free throw routine. Dribble 3 times, spin the ball in his hands and shoots the ball. He banks it in, and I am ecstatic. Then he does the same thing the 2nd time, he banks the 2nd one in. I am jumping and screaming inside!! (I know how to act civilized on the outside, but my insides were going crazy!!) Then he sets up to shoot his 3rd free throw shot. And again he banks it in!!!! The game is tied and everyone was going crazy at that point.

The other team brings the ball down runs a little time off the clock and then puts up a shot from the side and it goes in. Bummer!! But there is still plenty of time to take the ball down and get another score. Gavin’s team gets it down the floor, one of the low post players gets a shot up and it doesn’t go in, but Gavin was right there in front of the basket for a rebound. Gavin puts it back up the ball hits the rim 3 times before falling off the rim into the other teams hands. At that point they are headed back down the floor Gavin had the heads up play to foul the guy with the ball, but unfortunately that was his 5th and final foul. It did give his team a chance to get the ball back if the guy missed his free throws. He did miss, but there was only 6 seconds left in the game at that point. They fell 2 points short of a win.

It was an awesome game and without a doubt the best game they have played to date. It is great to see them improving each and every game, even when they are playing teams with kids quite a bit older and bigger than they are.

After the game was over there was a mom from the other team that came up to Gavin and said, “Can I get your autograh?” That, of course, made him feel pretty good, even though they lost. The same mom saw us walking out toward the parking lot and said, “I bet your proud of him!!” Words can’t even explain how proud and excited I was for him in that moment.

Later in the car I asked him about banking the shots in. I said, “you never bank it in from the free throw line intentionally.” He told me that he was nervous getting up to the line and thought the best chance he had of getting it in the hoop was to hit the square and go for the bank shot. I really didn’t think it was intentional, but he said it was. I thought that was pretty funny. It was so much fun and exciting to be a part of that game and I am glad that we were still able to make it even though it was on a Sunday.

And yes we did make it to church on time, barely, but we made it.

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Downward Dog

Kylee is so close to crawling, but this is her pose to get things moving. She gets her feet moving from this position, but doesn’t move her arms so she goes no where. It is so cute to see her do it in person.

If only I could do yoga as well as she can!

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