We have been getting out the Hummer everyday for the past few days and Gavin is finally over his fear of riding in the Hummer, but if you saw the way that Halee drove we all might be scared. He now laughs and smiles a lot while he is cruising around with his big sis. Halee is actually getting a little better at driving it, she doesn’t crash into things as much as she use to, and she is getting better at steering the car. I must admit that the steering wheel is definitely not power steering, it is a little hard to steer. She is understanding that she needs to let off the pedal so that she does not run into anything and she has also learned how to put it into reverse to get out of situations in which she cannot go forward. Halee begs me everyday, “Halee drive hummer, ok!!” she repeats that until she gets it through my head. Anyways it is good to see Gavin enjoy himself and Halee having an absolute blast drive it around the yard.


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