Kylee Rejection

Today both Kristee and I both experienced a rejection from Kylee.

The first one came when I neede to pick her up from Kamra’s house. Usually Kamra drops her off at the house after picking up her kids, but today due to a meeting I couln’t pick her up until close to 5:45 pm. That means she had been hanging out with her cousins for most of the afternoon. I walked in and she was sitting around the table with the other kids and she was eating dinner. She leaned away from me and gave me a death stare. She was mad. She looked at me and told me to go away. She did not want to go with me at all. She made it very clear several times that she wanted me to leave without her so that she could hang with her cousins and aunt.

Kristee picked her up from childcare tonight at church about 15 minutes early. She was sitting around the table playing with playdough, her favorite thing. She did the exact same thing to Kristee. She leaned away, gave her the look and told her to come back later. She wasn’t happy because they had not had snacks yet. The teachers even tried to help telling her that she would probably have better snacks when she got home, but she wasn’t hearing it. Kylee still wanted Kristee to just come back later.

She is quite the independent little girl. I just have to laugh at her response to the both of us. She was rude acting there is no doubt about it, but it was cute, at least at this age.

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