Kylee the Thief

Another incident happened today after being rejected when I was picking her up. I had finally convinced her to come with me and was trying to get her to put her shoes on so that we could leave. She had this little purple spikey ball that apparently did not belong to her. She placed it in one of her shoes and then worked to get her foot in with this little ball under her foot. It took her a little while but she got it in there hidden. Then she walked before putting on her other shoe and was walking funny, obviously. She sat down to put on the other shoe and I told Kamra that I think she was trying to get away with the little spikey ball that she must have gotten from one of the kids.

Again, not good, but too cute when she is that little, but it is amazing how such a little girl thinks she needs to hide something to get away with it. Honestly a little scary for this dad.

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