Potty Training

Potty Training
We are now in week 2 of potty training with Kylee. I have to be honest in saying that last Monday when this all started I wasn’t all that excited that we were starting on my day with Kylee. But part of it was out of my control. She made the decision on the day after we got back from Colorado that she wanted to wear underwear and not a pull up. So obviously since she was ready, I had to be ready.

Day one she did quite well, except for an accident that was my fault. I put her down for a nap without a pull up. The 2nd accident was later in the day and it had been awhile since we had gone. The rest of the time we did a decent job, but it definitely felt like I was the one always asking if she needed to go. It had been so long since we had done this whole potty training thing that I had forgotten that the first couple of days was more of reminding her that she might need to go potty.

Fast forward to the rest of the week and she begins telling us that she needs to go. There have been a few times when she tells us, but she has already gone. But in reality those were very few incidents. The weekend went quite well with her coming to us more and more.

So as we begin week 2, I am far more optimistic as I have seen quite a bit of progress made. Even starting out today was great. She has done it all and just as she finished the week, you can see the excitement in her with going and using the potty.

I must admit, now that we have made great strides it has been really good to not have to deal with diapers. (other than nap and night-night) I know we will look forward to not spending as much money on buying diapers.

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