I just finished reading all of my brother’s post on his blog. For those of you who do not know his name is Jon and that is his blog in the links bar. First and foremost I must state that he is one of the biggest reason’s I have gotten into doing my own website and just being interested in computers period. He has far more knowledge about computers and everything associated with them, but I am learning. The whole blogging thing is fairly new, just really taking off in the past year. (That I know of) Anyways as I was reading through all of his post, it was interesting to me to read about what was going on in his life or mind at that particular day last year. I can’t wait for our website/ blog to become a year hold and be able to look back on what was going on in our lives on any particular day. I really do find the whole blog thing very interesting. I wanted to add this post to maybe enourage anyone who is reading these post to look into getting their own blog (a simple personal website). Some people may be slightly hesitant to create one because 1: they are embarrassed or 2: they think that no one cares about what they have going own or no one cares about what is going on in their lives, but that is not true. I know I for one enjoy reading blogs from different people, but enjoy it even more when I personally know the person who is writing the post. I have found it to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to let friends and family know what is going on in our lives. If nothing more it is a way for you to keep track of what is going on in your lives or accomplishments your kids are making. (As many of our friends have kids around Halee & Gavin’s age) But, it is also a simple way of sharing these events with friends and family. Anyone interested in creating their own blog, I use I am not getting paid to recommend this, I have looked into many different blogging programs and this one is by far the easiest and it is web-based so I can post from any computer with internet access. As for the website, that is a little more complicated. Blogger will host it and this all free!!! I have host my website and have just added the blog to the website. (That cost a little money) I don’t mean to sound like an advertisement, but I just wanted to let friends and family know how to build their own blog hoping to see more blogs that I would truly enjoy reading. Hope to see a few new blogs…


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  1. Thanks for the props on the geekery knowledge. I have much more to go on my own as well, but getting there is where the fun is.

  2. Sorry about the second post. The first one acted strange and I was not sure if it had gone through. Apparently it did, but oh well.