Kylee 18 Months

Looking back it has been since Kylee’s 11 month old post that I really updated anything about her and where she is at in life. Reading back through that post I realize that she is doing so much now it is amazing to me. She is now in that stage of life in which she is becoming more and more independent. I am just waiting for her to look at us and say, “I do it”.

Kylee is walking/ running all over the place. She is getting more and more stable at her “higher” speeds. The only real issue is that she loves to wear shoes and there are a few shoes that she really doesn’t need to be running in. But it sometimes doesn’t stop her from trying even when she falls down. Without a doubt she thinks she is quite the big girl and feels like she needs to keep up with her older siblings.

We recently decided to take down the gate that prevented her from going down into the basement. I know that we were all happy to see it go. I will say we were a little concerned about her going downstairs and getting into all kinds of stuff. The one good thing that we have noticed (as long as we keep all the bedroom and bathroom doors closed) she won’t spend a whole lot of time down there when we are not down there. She has taken a few tumbles down the stairs. Most of which have just scared her a little bit and a few that she has just bounced right back up from. Too be honest I think that they scare us a little more than it scares her. Needless to say, when the kids are all down there playing she feels like she needs to be down there and in the middle of it all. Halee and Gavin do a good job of “dealing” with her when she is wanting to participate in whatever they are doing with their friends.

She is now eating just about anything that we are having and even wants to use a fork or spoon. She is getting better at using utencils, but still is much better at using her hands. We have now moved her from her high chair (she kept standing in it since the strap was broken.) and she is sitting at the bar in one of the stools. It is crazy how much older she looks when you see her sitting there with Halee and Gavin eating what they are eating. One of her favorite things to “eat” is anything that she needs to dip. Whether it is fries, carrots, or chips she loves dipping them into a dip or sauce and think just suck the sauce or dip off the food item. I would say she definitely double dips, or I guess you could say triple or quadruple dip. Sometimes I am not even sure that she takes a bite of the food until she has dipped it several times.

She has a smile that will light up a room. She has so many little teeth and will make some of the cutest little faces. Early on she understood that shaking her head back and forth meant no (she hasn’t said the word yet), she has finally added the nod of yes. Which is good she can now communicated what she likes and doesn’t like. Although she definitely goes to the “no” head shake more often than the “yes” head shake. She understands much of what we tell her and has her way of communicating with us. Sometime she will talk to you saying all kinds of different things without even a clue as to what she is saying. I usually just sit there and talk back without having any idea as to what she is trying to say to me.

There are a few words that she seems to say on a regular basis, but sometimes it seems that they might have multiple uses. One is Da which is what we think she uses for Dad. Ma for Mom. There are several things that I think she is saying in the form of phrases, but sometime I wonder if I am just hearing what I know she is trying to say. One example is she has a way of saying “shut the door”, (She loves closing the doors when they are open.) She is good at closing the door, and fortunately not able to open the doors yet.

It is amazing to see just how much she has grown and how many more things that she is doing everday. I am sure that I have left out a few things that we get to see on a regular basis. I hope to do more frequent updates to her developments as she continues to get older.


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