It’s Here!

Yes this is my 1st official post from my new iMac G5. It arrived yesterday just before we left to come to Wichita to see Bill, Nancee, Kamra and Ian. Since I didn’t have a chance to open it up there I decided that I would just bring it along to show off and setup. I must say it is the most portable desktop computer that I have ever used. This is one amazing computer in it’s all in one design. For those of you who do not know what an iMac G5 is, it is a computer that is built into the monitor, so you don’t have a big tower setting next to the monitor. I have a 400 Gig hard drive which is nice because I was running out of space on my iBook G4. I will take some pics soon and post them to the blog. (At least it is a computer and not a chair, Jon)

Onto more important things, we arrived yesterday at about 5:30pm, and of course everyone was excited to see Halee and Gavin. Not as much to see Kristee and I, but we are use to it by now. The kids were both really excited to see everyone also, they were running around checking things out and having a blast. I have told Kristee recently that I thought Gavin was on the verge of saying many different words, and he really kicked it into gear yesterday evening, which really made the grandparents happy and very, very proud. He has been saying everything from diaper to Thank-you, No-No, ball of course. I honestly felt like I needed a note pad to keep track of all the things that he was saying. I wanted to get on and post it all last night, but after a busy day of mowing the grass then driving down here and spending time with family I was exhausted. He said even more little words here and there and is starting to get to the point in which he tries to mimic what he hears others say. I must say it is very cute. Halee is still developing her words into sentences and in my opinion getting easier to understand, but I’ll admit me being around her all the time I probably understand her the best. So someone else, who isn’t around as much, would have to be the judge. She still likes to be the center of attention, because whenever someone makes a comment about what Gavin was doing she jumps right in there and tries to take the spotlight away from him.

I would like to say one more thing. As any proud father wanting his son to grow up to be a professional athlete, Gavin sure has a very natural golf swing. (Ok, it wasn’t exactly a “natural golf swing”, rather a hammering swing. (they have got to start somewhere, right?) You should have seen the way he was beating on Kristee last night, it was hilarious!!!)


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