Great Weekend

Man it seems like it has been awhile since my last post, even though it really hasn’t been. We had a great weekend, we rented a boat at a lake about 45 minutes from our house, Kristee’s parents came up and also Andrew, a friend of mine. I have had the itch to do a little wakeboarding for some time now and finally scratched the itch. It was a lot of fun despite the fact that our boat wasn’t the most powerful and we had to work really hard to get up on the wakeboard. It was also windy causing choppy water which also made us have to work once we were up on top of the water.

The kids had a blast although they were ready for naps mid-way through the day, we had the boat for 4 hours. Halee was the only one that got in the water, she absolutely loved it and did not want to get out. I decided to let her ride in the tube behind the boat, with me hanging off the back. I sat her down in the hole and she looked like she was falling asleep so then I turned her around to face the boat so that she could see everyone on the boat. She really like being pulled in the water behind the boat. Gavin is still a little too small for me to feel comfortable putting him in the tube. It was hilarious watching him walk around on the boat while we were idling. His little feet were rocking back and forth trying to keep himself balanced and I must say that he did a really good job at standing up despite the rocking of the boat. It was about 102 degrees out that day, but is wasn’t all that bad with the canopy on the boat and the wind blowing. Both of the kids really enjoyed looking around at all the other boats and watching us being pulled behind the boat. I have video of Halee in the tube I will hopefully get it up on the website soon.

I would have like to have had a boat with a bigger motor 115 horsepower just made it too hard to get up and really get going. We were able to get up and wakeboard, but after working so hard to get up we were exhausted then had to deal with the choppy water. Something else that we discovered this weekend had me even more excited was that Kansas City has a Cable Park. (There are only 4 in the U.S.) If you don’t know what it is, it is basically a skateboard park for wakeboards. Even better is the fact that you don’t need a boat. There is a cable system that runs around the lake and pulls up to 6 riders at once allowing you to wakeboard, wakeskate, ski, or kneeboard. You can go around as long as you can hold on. Andrew and I went and check it out on Friday and we had a blast, it was just a little different getting up than behind a boat, but pretty much the same once up and going. I will definitely be making a few visits to the cable park. Here is the website check it out if you are curious. KCWatersports Now I don’t have to rent a boat, although it is fun to be pulled behind a boat.


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