Big Shoes/ Fat Lip…

We had an unfortunate incident happen yesterday to Halee. Halee had put on a pair of shoes that were too big for her feet and was wearing them around the house. (She doesn’t care about the size of her shoes or clothes) She came running down the hallway into our bedroom and as she turned the corner the toe of the shoe caught the carpet and she fell face first into the door molding. (She actually lead with her mouth) I saw the whole thing happen and it looked extremely painful. She was bleeding from the mouth and crying of course. We got her calmed down a little bit and put some ice on her lower lip where she busted it. I personally think we are lucky that she didn’t bust any teeth out with as hard as she hit the molding. Once the bleeding was under control and she stopped crying we looked at her bottom lip and there was one of the biggest gashes inside a mouth that I have ever seen. (Trust me I was an accident prone kid and had several busted lips, especially during the braces phase of my life.) Now I am not sure about other kids so I am only speaking for my own, but we have got some of the toughest kids that I have ever seen in my life. Just the size of the cut in her mouth made me hurt looking at it. She only really cried for a couple of minutes and then everything was better. She even ended up with a nice red line down her chin where she took the load of the impact. I thought that the next day she would really be affected by the injury, when eating certain foods, cuts in my mouth always burned with certain types of food. She hasn’t complained one bit about any type of pain. Today she did wake up with one fat lip. Both Halee and Gavin just amaze me as to how much pain they can endure, most of the time the just bounce right up and continue about their business, this case was a little more serious. And to think that after a few minutes of crying she was up and ready to go and do her own thing. I will say this much it didn’t stop her from wanting to put those shoes back on, even though she understood that they had helped cause the cut in her mouth. Their pain tolerance is absolutely incredible.


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  1. aww. poor Halee… hope she gets to be better. i remeber i ran into a wall once.. it does hurt…

  2. At least its not a toothbrush through the roof of the mouth, or a pebble stuck in her cheek, or having swallowed a couple of quarters, or a broken arm, or a severely sprained ankle. Man, Josh, I believe I could go on and on.