Firefox Browser

I just found this out about Firefox Browser, I have been a Firefox user since just about the beginning of its mainstream existence. I discovered this neat feature from and its is a feature that is very useful for our website with all of the embedded media, you can use it on any given website. What it does is allow you to save those embedded media files to your computer which then allows you to do what you want with a media file. I find it useful if you see a video or see an image that you want to save to your computer and you can do it with the Firefox browser. I really think that this feature is a little known feature. I hope that anyone reading this post or viewing this our website is using Firefox (if you are using Windows), even though I am a Mac user I still have the Firefox browser on my machine that I do use occasionally. I also have a Windows machine that I do use every once in awhile and without a doubt I use Firefox all the time on it.

Anyways on to how to do it, you are viewing one of our movies that is embedded like the Dump Truck movie. Right click on your mouse and a little pop up menu gives you several different options, one of the last ones is “View Page Info”, not “View Page Source”, select the View Page Info option and a window pops up with all of the page info. One of the tabs is named media tab, it then list all of the media such as movies, images, or music that is contained within that page. So you select the image or movie in the Dump Truck case and it is highlighted and then you can select “Save As…” near the bottom of the page. It will pop up another menu that will ask you where you want to save the file to be downloaded. Name it what you want or keep it the same and save it wherever you want to on your computer. Now you can do what you want with any of the media files that you have downloaded. With the movies you can now watch them with your own media player such as QuickTime and resize it to your liking. (Resizing will most likely reduce that quality of the video or image, but you can resize within reason) I really think this is another awesome reason to use the Firefox browser.

One thing that I would recommend people doing is to upgrade to the latest release of Firefox which it 1.0.4, you can get it at the links in the post. I tried it using 1.0.2 and the option was there, but it wouldn’t work properly. I know there have been several times when I have seen a movie or image that I wanted to save and use, but couldn’t because it was embedded in the web page, now I have a way to save these media files and use them that way I want to.


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