Things God is Teaching Me

I have felt recently a desire to start blogging about the things that God is teaching me or showing me. I don’t know what the format will ulitmately look like, whether it be once a week, several times a week, really I am unsure about it. I am excited, but yet don’t know all the details yet. I guess that is how God works at times on our lives. He prompts our hearts and says just get started and I will fill in as we go. Really I think it comes down to just being willing. The reality is I don’t even know who reads this blog since I haven’t posted anything in awhile. Part of me thinks this may just be a way for me to put what God is doing in me out there, not to promote me, but to promote Him. I am sure there will be gramatical errors, run on sentences, I am not going to go over it with a fine comb or toothbrush. (However you say that saying!!) It’s really God and my time with Him and what he is teaching me. May God get all the glory, may I be transparent with what He is showing and doing in me. Some of this may end up as a youth lesson or even a sermon. I am just saying “I will, and following where He leads.” (There are several songs that come to mind when I read that, but I won’t go there.)

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