Update to Last Night

As you know last night was the first night that we started letting Halee go to bed without a night-night diaper. Well today I had to do a little extra laundry, if you know what I mean. She didn’t just wet 1 set of sheets but 2 sets, she wet the bed at about 3:30 am and then again this morning when she woke up. Despite having to get up and deal with changing sheets it was actually quite funny what she did. She came to my side of the bed wide awake and completely nude, so I knew what had happened. I went back to her room and had stripped all of her clothes off and also cleared off all of the wet stuff that was on her bed, except for the sheets, she couldn’t get those off. All of it was in a pile, so she wet the bed then took care of as much of the problem that she possibly could and then came and got me. Even though I was sleepy I had to laugh. I cleaned her up and put her back into the bed and she went back to sleep. This morning she woke me up again to just about the same scene, except she still had her underwear on and holding the blanket that was wet. Her clothes and anything else that was wet were laying in a pile on her floor. I will be interested to see how much longer till she comes and gets me to go to the bathroom.

We have finally got Gavin waving bye-bye, he just started doing it today. He was saying bye-bye to the Teletubbies on TV who were ending the show and waving bye.


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  1. Thats so funny… horrible that you have to clean it but funny still. just avoid letting her have water before bed.. that was my problem up till 2 years ago.lol just kidding!