Kristee’s New Clinic

It just dawned on me that I haven’t updated the blog in some time and as I have been adding these videos I realized that I hadn’t mentioned much about the move to the new clinic. Kristee had been looking for a new location in Haysville for about a year and they finally found a place that was right down the road. What is great about this place is the fact that it’s visibility from the street is way better than he old location. There were still patients that would come in and say that they didn’t even know she was there. With her new building she has a great sign with awesome visibility along Main street in Haysville. This is a real blessing from God to get this new place. It is much bigger than her old location and allows for better flow through the clinic. Here is video footage of me moving a fridge from the old clinic to the new clinic that was only a couple blocks away. I think we could make a commercial out of this one. Roll video then ask “Are you dumb?” Come see Dopps Chiropractic for all your aches and pains for being an idiot.

Fridge from Josh Metts on Vimeo.

We couldn't get the fridge in the trailer when we moved Kristee to her new clinic. So I had to pull it down the road on a dolly.

Here are some photos that I took of the outside and inside.

Kristee's New Clinic


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