Prayer Time

Today I went to the kid’s school to be a part of their valentine parties. Gavin’s teacher had something to tell me, right when I got there. She said, that during this week since it is Gavin’s snack week he led in prayer time. She said that he prayed an incredible prayer today. They had talked about needs within the kid’s families earlier on in the week. They hadn’t gone over the prayer request today, but Gavin prayed for those who needed prayer from earlier on in the week. She was amazed at the fact that he remembered to pray for those specific things they had talked about earlier in the week.

Another one of the mom’s who was there earlier came and told me the exact same thing that his teacher had said. She said that it brought tears to her eyes to hear a 5 year old praying such a deep prayer. I think it is awesome to hear and see our kids praying at such a young age and I hope they continue to make that an important part of their lives.


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