Halee and Gavin Update

Now onto to a post that really matters. Halee is really started to try to talk in a lot more sentences. It is funny because she knows the words that she wants to say, but she gets stuck on the first word and can’t quite get all the words flowing the first try. She will repeat the 1st word several times and you can tell she is thinking really hard about what word to say next and so on. She is pretty much repeating any word that she hears. (As long as it is not to complicated) It is really neat to see her talking get better and better as she gets older.

Gavin has just started pointing to things that he sees. I wish we had done this with Halee because if I remember correctly she was doing it at a younger age. Anyways he will see things on TV or in a book or on the computer and he will point and say uh, as if he is wanting you look at what he sees. He also really gets a kick out of reading books, he will laugh like crazy when we read to him. He really is starting to enjoy reading. They really are growing up!!!


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