For those that don’t know I had my appendix taken out about 2 weeks ago. It was definitely a surprise to me. I was feeling a little discomfort in my lower right side, but tried to blow it off in hopes of it getting better. Although I didn’t put it off long, I tried to ignore it. I decided 2 weeks ago to go get it checked out after a night of little rest.

The doctor said that I wasn’t showing really much pain that is associated with appendicitis, but thought that maybe we caught it early. Before long I was getting x-rays and then a ct scan, and then soon after headed straight to the hospital for possible surgery that Thursday night.

The doctors said that it was inflamed and recommended taking it out. After a little thought and talking I decided it was probably the best thing to do. I had surgery and fortunately got it done laparoscopically so recover time hasn’t been too bad. Probably the two worse things about it had nothing to do with my stomach. I had some of the most intense pain in my shoulders for about 2 days following the surgery due to the air that was pumped into me to balloon me up. And the other thing which would affect anyone with surgery is the exhaustion. I could not believe how tired I was for several days following the surgery. I hate taking afternoon naps, but I had no problems taking naps and then going to bed early at night.

Needless to say I am doing much better now, I go in for my 2 week follow up tomorrow. I thank everyone for their prayers during this time, it has been quite the adventure, not the kind that I want to do again.


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