Halee & Gavin’s 1st Week of School

It’s Friday, and we dropped the kids off for their last day of school this week. It has been a really good week, we really only had one thing happen with Halee that worried us a little bit due to the way last year ended. Yesterday, as we were driving to school everything was going very well, but as soon as I parked the car tears started coming down Halee’s face. I got her out of the car and she was clinging to my hand and kind of hiding behind me, probably embarrassed by her tears. She did that all the way into school, but stood in the hallway by herself while I got Gavin to his room. I took her to her room and she was still hanging on tight, but she did go put her moose binder up as I was leaving.

After picking them up everything went extremely well, they both had awesome days. They were both excited about what they were doing at school. Halee hasn’t had any homework yet, and I really think that she is excited and can’t wait to have her first homework assignment. (I just wonder how long that will last.) Gavin on his first day told me that he almost got a yellow card (warning I guess), but he assured me that he got a blue card for the day. He told me it was because he touch another boy with his hands that had germs, since he hadn’t washed his hands yet. Later he told me that they were learning about germs on the first day.

I am extremely glad that they both have had a good time at school and have really enjoyed getting back into going to school. They have both really adapted to the going to bed early and getting up early. They both get to see each other at school a decent amount throughout the day which is a big plus for the both of them. Kristee and I are both excited to see what the year is going to hold for the kids and look forward to seeing all that they will learn.

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