Swimming Lessons

Since summer has arrived and swimming is on top of the kids list of things to do, we decided to get them in some swimming lessons. This is their first swimming lessons and they started them last night. We are doing them at the YMCA, they run for the next 2 weeks each day M-Th for 45 minutes in the evening. They both were a little nervous to go, although Gavin was really just excited about going while Halee was more of the nervous one. They both came out all excited and had a blast. They spent the first part evaluating them to put them into their respective classes. Then they started learning various techniques from floating to kicking to strokes. I think this will be really good for them to not only learn to swim, but also interact with some of the other kids that are in their classes. I hope that they can learn the basics and can get the hang of it and then maybe I can take over and continue to work with them.


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