3 New Photo Albums

I have added 3 new photo albums.  No they are not from Easter.  I did not take any photos this Easter since the weather was bad.  It was cold and rainy so I figured that we would get the kids dressed up again once it is nice so we can get some nice Spring Photos.

The first one is of the the kids playing outside with their cousin Titus.  He had just started walking about a week before so we took him outside so he could walk around outside.

From Walking with Titus Outside

The 2nd one is from the kids riding their bike without training wheels. This was about their 3rd day riding. They were just getting the hang of starting off on their own.

From Riding Bikes

The 3rd one is of the kids riding their 4 wheeler & hummer again. It has been awhile since we last got these out, since their batteries are in desperate need of changing out.

From Cruising Hummer & 4-Wheeler

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